[Top 10] Guild Wars 2 Best PvP Class - What's the Best Class for PvP?

Guild Wars 2 Best PvP Class
Join the arena and fight against your opponents!

When it comes to PvP in Guild Wars 2, you can pick any profession and make it great.

The real art happens when you go into what is Meta and what isn’t.

In this article we are going to talk about just that - Meta PvP builds, our rating for them and why we think they deserve to make the Top list.

10. Strength Dagger Spellbreaker

The Spellbreaker - a mighty warrior capable of blocking incoming attacks

The Spellbreaker - a mighty warrior capable of blocking incoming attacks

This build focuses mainly on two aspects: DPS while being Tanky enough to confidently take on enemies.

Why Strength Dagger Spellbreaker is great for PvP:

  • Access to Full Counter - to counter attacks
  • Access to Brawler’s Recovery and Warrior’s Sprint - to cleanse conditions
  • Dealing damage while tanking

Pick Strength Dagger Spellbreaker if:

  • You want to be immersed in battle
  • Like to plan your gameplay and outsmart your enemies
  • If you prefer melee combat style

9. Power Survival Ranger (Core)

The Power Ranger - not so much of a mystic force...

The Power Ranger - not so much of a mystic force...

This build focuses on dealing direct damage while keeping enough survivability to sustain themselves in the battle and endure the fights when the battle gets more intense.

Why Power Survival Ranger is great for PvP:

  • Great for skirmishing smaller groups
  • Extended reach in the form of a pet
  • Both melee and ranged are an option

Pick Power Survival Ranger if:

  • You like short skirmishing-type battles
  • You prefer side battles to divert the attention of an enemy team
  • You like swapping between melee and ranged

8. Valkyrie Ranger (Core)

The Valkyrie Ranger - use your pet to cripple your enemiesThe Valkyrie Ranger - use your pet to cripple your enemies

Yet another Power Ranger, this one focused on Valkyrie stats, which trade the Berserker's Precision for more Vitality, eventually putting even more focus on sustainability.

The rotation is also a bit different, making it a bit more viable for longer fights with larger groups of people.

Why Valkyrie Ranger is great for PvP:

  • Great sustain in battles
  • Bigger HP without major loss in DPS
  • Can use the pet to cause distraction

Pick Valkyrie Ranger if:

  • You like more HP available to you
  • You favor melee over ranged
  • You like to surprise and flank your enemies

7. Condition Fire Weaver

The Fire Weaver - weave the fire element into mighty attacksThe Fire Weaver - weave the fire element into mighty attacks

This Elementalist build utilises Condition damage and is also capable of burst damage since most of the damage is in for of Burning, the burstiest of the damage conditions.

Why Condition Fire Weaver is great for PvP:

  • Great bursty Condition damage
  • Very difficult to shake off
  • Can use 2 Elements at a time allowing for varied and situation tailored gameplay

Pick Condition Fire Weaver if:

  • You like bursty rotations
  • You like to cast fire spells and cause anguish
  • You don't mind weapon (and element) swapping

6. Shortbow Shiro Renegade

The Renegade - return from the Mists to haunt your foesThe Renegade - return from the Mists to haunt your foes

Unlike most PvE based Shortbow Renegades, this Revenant favors direct Power damage rather than Condition damage.

Use the power of your inner Revenant and channel mighty Legends to aid you in battle.

Why Shortbow Shiro Renegade is great for PvP:

  • Very decent burst damage
  • Can take on foes from afar
  • Can pin foes down with CC abilities

Pick Shortbow Shiro Renegade if:

  • You prefer ranged combat
  • You like to strategically plan your next move
  • You feel like taking on two battlefronts (not recommended unless expert)

5. Dagger/Pistol Daredevil

The Thief - agile and stealthy!The Thief - agile and stealthy!

This Thief gained its well-deserved reputation and popularity for its versatility, ability to put enemies under constant pressure as well as the utility it can bring to battle.

Why D/P Daredevil is great for PvP:

  • Constantly puts pressure on its enemies
  • Incredible utility in the form of high mobility and stealth
  • Great map control abilities

Pick D/P Daredevil if:

  • You like quick and action-packed fights
  • You like making decisions as you go
  • You like fast-paced PvP gameplay

4. Shout Support Guardian (Core)

The Guardian - be there for your team!

The Guardian - be there for your team!

As it is often expected from the Core Guardian profession, this build utilizes great Team Support through the use of shouts and relies on granting Stability and Protection to its allies.

Why Shout Support Guardian is great for PvP:

  • Great Support for teammates
  • Provides strong defensive boons
  • Has access to group cleansing and heal

Pick Shout Support Guardian if:

  • You like to provide boons and bring value to your whole team
  • You don't mind sacrificing some DPS for a major Support increase
  • You like to be the pillar of support your teammates can rely upon

3. Condition Necromancer (Core)

The Condi Necro - Corrupt everyone who stands in your wayThe Condi Necro - Corrupt everyone who stands in your way

A condition based Necromancer build using the Core profession.

This one is arguably the best option for F2P PvP players looking to deal damage over time (condition) rather than burst damage.

Why Condition Necromancer is great for PvP:

  • Causes heavy Boon corruption
  • Offers a reliable team gameplay
  • Lots of AoE effects at your disposal, coming mostly from the use of Well skills and Staff

Pick Condition Necromancer if:

  • You prefer strategic gameplay (AoE placement) and longer fights (condition damage, low burst)
  • You like access to various utility skills
  • You want a great PvP class that can be used in F2P as well

2. Support Holosmith

Support Holo - engineer a victory for your allies!Support Holo - engineer a victory for your allies!

This build is Highly capable of Support while keeping the perks of high damage, making the 2nd place on our list.

Why Support Holosmith is great for PvP:

  • Great combination of Damage and Support roles
  • Very decent Tank ability
  • Excellent one-on-one duelist

Pick Support Holosmith if:

  • You want to be capable of filling practically any role in a PvP scenario
  • You like a lot of access to utility skills, suck as Engineer kits and Elixir skills
  • You like fun and varied gameplay

1. Support Scourge

The Support Scourge - carry yaour teammates on your mighty back

The Support Scourge - carry yaour teammates on your mighty back

And here comes the big shot. At number one spot, Support Scourge wins the race.

It's no wonder - the Necromancer elite specializations have been taking first spots in top lists quite often recently.

Especially when paired with another Supporter, this build excels at keeping enemies at bay with a ton of boon removals, team buffs and tanky nature.

Why Support Scourge is great for PvP:

  • Great Tank and sustain capability
  • Best Boom removal/corruption in the game as of right now
  • Provides superior Support for allies snd self

Pick Support Scourge if:

  • You want to shine in Supporting your teammates
  • You like to keep enemies in check with great CC and boon removal
  • You appreciate being extra Tanky and sustain yourself on the battlefield


There you are!

Now you are better equipped with knowledge on which class to play for PvP wins.

Do you agree with our picks? Did we forget to mention your favorite class or build?

Let us know in the comment section down below.

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