[Top 5] Best GW2 Addons Every Player Needs (2021 Edition)

Best guild wars 2 Addons
Use these add-ons to improve the looks and quality of your gameplay!

Hi there! 

So, add-ons - essential for some, redundant for others. 

In this article, we are going to take a look at which ones should you consider using.

For those of you that don’t know, an add-on is an addition to the game, usually external, to improve the quality of life, visual aesthetics or effectiveness of your gameplay.

Notice: Please, bear in mind that while ArenaNet does not condemn the use of these add-ons, it is strictly up to your own discretion and you use them at your own risk!

5. GW2 Hook (ReShade)

GW2 Hook - Enhance your graphics with this simple add-on!GW2 Hook - Enhance your graphics with this simple add-on!

This is a graphical add-on. 

It helps you turn your gameplay into a smooth visual and aesthetic experience. 

It enhances the graphics while keeping the FPS stable, or even increasing it at times.

Why you need GW2 Hook:

  • To enhance your visual experience
  • Customize all the details for tailored postprocessing
  • Prepare the environment for dramatic screenshots or video streams

Get GW2 Hook here: https://04348.github.io/Gw2Hook/

4. Arc DPS

Arc DPS - Monitor your combat progress with this tool!

Arc DPS - Monitor your combat progress with this tool!

Arc DPS is a very useful add-on that lets you monitor various outputs, like DPS, Boon uptime and more. It is essentially the most popular and supported DPS meter out there.

Why you need Arc DPS:

  • To monitor your team’s or your own DPS, Boon uptimes, kill times...
  • To aid you in training and improving your own combat prowess
  • To save logs and keep track of your progress, be it in a solo or team gameplay

Get Arc DPS here. https://www.deltaconnected.com/arcdps/

3. Radial Mount Menu

Radial Mount Menu - Switch your mounts with ease!Radial Mount Menu - Switch your mounts with ease!

Radial Mount Menu is an add-on that provides you with quality of life service. Ever wanted to effortlessly and easily mount up onto any Mount with the press of a single button? 

All it takes is a simple set-up and you are good to go.

This can also be a life-saver in certain situations, especially when you get just a split of a second before entering combat, so you can mount and take flight… or jump… or leap…

...You get the idea

Why you need Radial Mount Menu:

  • So you can mount up any mount using one button (see picture above)
  • You can quickly switch between mounts (unfortunately, you cannot switch directly. However it is still so much easier and faster than normally)
  • So you don’t have to set up complicated keybinds for difficult mount-switching scenarios

Get Radial Mount Menu here: https://github.com/Friendly0Fire/GW2Radial/releases/tag/v0.2

2. D912pxy

D912pxy - make your game run smoother with this mod!D912pxy - make your game run smoother with this mod!

Yeah, we will wait while you try to pronounce this one. Actually, how is it even pronounced?

D912pxy is an add-on that lets your Guild Wars 2 client use DirectX 12, instead of DirectX 9.

This brings a promise of a great FPS increase, which is essential for any Guild Wars 2 gameplay.

Why you need D912pxy:

  • To increase your FPS
  • Ummm… to increase your FPS? Hello?
  • Come on! What are you even waiting for? If you are not using it already, you are seriously missing out.

Get D912pxy here: https://github.com/megai2/d912pxy/releases

1. TacO (Tactical Overlay)

TacO - Never get lost again with this Tactical Overlay!TacO - Never get lost again with this Tactical Overlay!

The number one pick is GW2 TacO (or Tactical Overlay) for rather obvious reasons. This add-on, with a rather iconic Taco bell icon, opens a world of possibilities for you.

Ever got lost? Not anymore.

Wished there was a guide just for you? Here you are.

Why you need TacO:

  • To help you navigate around Tyria
  • To help you Map Complete faster (hello, keys!)
  • To guide you through jumping puzzles, farm runs and many more

Get GW2 TacO here: http://www.gw2taco.com/


So, this is our list of Top 5 Most useful add-ons. 

Have we missed your favourite? Do you have suggestions on what other topic to cover next?

Write it down in the comment section below!


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