[Top 15] Guild Wars 2 Must Have Gem Store Items

Majority of the Gem Story items in game provide tons of quality-of-life goodies that can make your game more enjoyable like the following items on our list.
Majority of the Gem Story items in game provide tons of quality-of-life goodies that can make your game more enjoyable like the following items on our list.

There are so many Gem Store items in Guild Wars 2 that provide players with tons of quality-of-life enhancements to their games, and amazing upgrades to their various accounts. The following Gem Store Items are some of the must-have trinkets the community has chosen for multiple reasons. Which of these will claim the top spot, however; we must take a closer look at the items and see why the community has chosen them specifically.


15. World Boss Portal Device (400 gems)

The World Boss Portal Device is one of the most useful items a would-be farmer needs in Guild Wars 2. Imagine trying to get to the World Boss fight but the waypoint is always getting contested. This awesome device allows for a speedy fast-travel to between meta events as long as you are not yet within the area.

What is the World Boss Portal Device Great For:

  • The World Boss Portal Device allows players to teleport to the location where the current World Boss is either imminent, active, or approaching status.
  • The World Boss Portal Device is one of the must-have items for those who love to farm and do the many core Tyria World Boss meta events, the Drakkar meta, and Dragonstorm meta events.
  • Unlike teleporting to a nearby waypoint where the World Boss spawns, it costs 0 coin to teleport, making this item one of the items in the long run for farmers.


14. Skins (Equipment, Mounts, etc)

Fashion Wars has always been the true endgame according to the majority of the player base as they flaunt their awesome mix-and-matched armor pieces and dyes. Having access to multiple skins from the Gem Store gives you exclusive items that can only be purchased that look freaking awesome. Whether you are looking for that cool helmet, weapon skin, outfit, or even a cute plushie skin for your ferocious mount, there is so much to choose from.

What are Skins Great For:

  • Skins are the cosmetic items that make your character go from looking like a plain, ordinary rookie in crusty armor to one of the most badass individuals with their awesome-looking armor pieces.
  • Skins aren’t just for your equipment as they extend to your mounts, jade bots, and even your trusty skiff.
  • Skins are the bread and butter for Fashion Wars and make or break everything. It is all up to you on how you create a look that defines your imagination.


13. Bag Slot Expansion

What is a farmer if they don’t have the inventory space to hold all the goodies in their pockets? Bag Slot Expansions are the way to go, and gives farmers all the space they could ever hope to have during their many, many farming sessions in the game. All that remains are the proper builds for them to quickly tag and destroy their enemies and gather up all of their loot in one fell swoop as they rampage across maps with their peers.

What is the Bag Slot Expansion Great For:

  • The Bag Slot Expansion is perhaps the most important gem store upgrade for anybody who even thinks of attempting to farm with their favorite characters in the game.
  • The Bag Slot Expansion provides players with an additional bag slot, and all you have to do next is to craft a decent-sized bag for all of your goodies.
  • The Bag Slot Expansion is also a great tool when you are using a character that usually does WvW on and has tons of Blueprints, Traps, and plates of food laying around.


12. Template Expansions (Build [300 gems] and Equipment [500 gems])

Guild Wars 2 allows players to use their characters in many situations and freely swap their equipment and builds on the fly, as long as they aren’t in the middle of a battle. It can be a massive pain in the backside, however, if you have to constantly move your equipment pieces just to switch between builds, and going back and forth selecting the right traitlines and perks. Luckily for us, the devs decided to add Build and Equipment templates so you don’t have to painstakingly equip items one by one or select traits when you can just save a preset of your current build and switch between those. The Template Expansion items gives you even more storage for said builds, opening your character up for more potential roles and equipment stats.

What are Template Expansions Great For:

  • The Build and Equipment Template Expansions are cool additions for players who want to be able to switch into more builds for their professions but don’t want to manually input the traits and switch equipment back and forth.
  • It is highly recommended to only use these items for the professions you play a lot, or the one that you consider your main.
  • Template Expansions let you also swap into your more fashionable gear in the event you want to flaunt your awesome mix-and-match equipment pieces and dye jobs among your peers.


11. Recharging Teleport to Friend (640 gems)

Imagine you and your friend are trying to get to this one, really challenging part of a jump puzzle and they are the mesmer, not you. They continuously guide you all the way in a certain volcanic jumping puzzle known to be a nightmare without a guide. All of a sudden, you lose your way and can’t find your buddy and they are too far ahead. To make things worse, you ran out of Teleport to a Friend item but still have 640 gems at your disposal. Enter the Recharging Teleport to Friend gadget and its amazing utility to be used infinitely (albeit with a 1-hour recharge timer)!

What is the Recharging Teleport to Friend Great For:

  • The Recharging Teleport to Friend item is a bit of a niche item and can be useful in specific circumstances, like when you are trying to help your friends out in certain PvE maps as a Mesmer and they want to do jump puzzles.
  • This fantastic item can also be useful when your friend is at a meta event when you happen to log on and they immediately tell you to teleport to them.
  • Another cool usage for the item is when you want to unlock a specific Living World Season map for your character but are too lazy to do the story missions to unlock them. All you have to do is to politely ask if you can add a player on the map who has the specific map unlocked as a friend and teleport to their location once they are in said map.


10. Home Gathering Nodes and Unlimited Gathering Tools

A home instance in Guild Wars 2 is not a home unless you have filled it with some intricate goodies that makes your stay worthwhile. There are many Home Gathering Nodes to choose from that you can place that allows you to gather materials in your own home without heading out into the dangerous world outside the walls of your home city. To top it all off, you also need some rather efficient tools that can gather said nodes that don’t seem to ever run out of usage.

What are Home Gathering Nodes and Unlimited Gathering Tools Great For:

  • There are various Home Gathering Nodes you can purchase; each giving players the ability to gather certain items in their home instances instead of going to certain maps to find them.
  • The Unlimited Gathering Tools are beneficial for players who love to farm across multiple maps and don’t want to continuously purchase tools, although the best types are those with fun and unique animations and not the plain boring versions.
  • A serious farmer will have the nodes for themselves to use, and can invite other players into their home instance so they too can gather the goodies.


9. Living World Seasons

Not everyone was able to unlock specific Living World Seasons, nor the Icebrood Saga stories. Some may have taken a break from the game due to burn out or from being too busy with IRL stuff to play constantly. It is a great thing then that the devs decided to give players that missed those chapters a chance to claim the stories for themselves.

What are Living World Seasons Great For:

  • In the event that you missed any of the Living World Seasons or Icebrood Saga stories, you can just purchase them and experience the story.
  • Certain Living World Season stories provide players with unique rewards that will greatly help equip them with ascended goodies in various maps, such as Bloodstone Fen in the Living World Season 3 episode, Out of the Shadows.
  • Aside from learning the extended lore and gaining cool gear, you can also gain additional mastery points that will eventually help you along the way and raise your mastery level for all to see.


8. Bank Tab Expansion

There will be one of those days when you find yourself running out of storage space because you have done specific achievements in the game that gives you a nifty gadget that quickly runs out of usage. If you, like me, are a collector of sorts and don’t want to simply get rid of them, you should try to find some space for it in your Bank. What happens though if you run out of space for your bank and your pack mule’s inventory is also currently full? Enter the Bank Tab Expansion as it saves you from the unnecessary creation of yet another pack mule that is destined to carry your many unused gadgets and books.

What is the Bank Tab Expansion Great For:

  • The Bank Tab Expansion is an awesome item to have if you are constantly running out of space in your inventory due to having tons of junk on your characters and have no place to put them.
  • The tabs let you put those books that you don’t want to get rid off, especially if you are invested in the lore of Guild Wars 2 and want to keep them in a safe place.
  • The storage you create will become the home of many of your unused boosters, precursor weapons, Black Lion items, and many more that you can’t just put on other characters.


7. Storage Expander

Not everyone can handle carrying all of these extra Mithril Ingots they have crafted, nor could they deposit it in their banks due to it being full. The Storage Expander comes to their rescue and provides players with more room to drop their materials in. Say goodbye to always having to sell them off to some NPC or in the Trading Post if you cannot keep them on you!

What is the Storage Expander Great For:

  • If you are keen on gathering tons of materials and fear constantly of running out of space, the Storage Expander is the best for you and your mega farming needs.
  • The Storage Expander increases the materials you deposit into your bank by 250 and you can purchase up to 29 of these, unlocking a whopping 2500 if you include your current material storage.
  • The Storage Expander can be a bit overkill, so only get up to a desired amount and increase only when necessary.


6. Shared Inventory Slot (700 gems)

Do you hate having to go to your bank just to let your Necromancer play around with the gadgets your Warrior holds onto? Getting tired of having to get multiples of your food items when you wish you could have an inventory slot that is accessible to every character of yours? The Shared Inventory Slot is the savior for those of you that have cried out for a unique solution that needed a shared inventory space between characters.

What is the Shared Inventory Slot Great For:

  • The Shared Inventory Slot is a special type of inventory that can be accessed by all of your characters, but is limited to a certain amount (29 slots).
  • Items that are to be placed in a Shared Inventory Slot must not be soulbound and can be one of the many gadgets that fill up the banks of many players, such as the many Living World Season Tomes that lets you teleport to certain maps, the Prototype Position Rewinder, and many others.
  • One of the best uses for the Shared Inventory Slots are for holding the Salvage-o-Matics and Unlimited Gathering Equipment so you don’t have to keep going to your bank to use them.


5. Character Slot Expansion (800 gems)

The old adage still rings true today: It is more fun if you can play all the roles in Guild Wars 2 without having to delete your characters over and over again. The Character Slot Expansion is perhaps one of the more important upgrades for players and is potentially one of the first upgrades you will make if you value being able to play as EVERY profession in the game. We will get to the additional reasons for getting Character Slot Expansion shortly, so be sure to at least get one slot per profession to start things off.

What is the Character Slot Expansion Great For:

  • Character Slot Expansions give players extra slots in their main menu to create an additional character and is vital if you want to play the game with the nine playable starting professions (assuming you have the expansions to unlock the Revenant).
  • The character you create, assuming you have more than 9, can be used as a nifty bank slot, turning them into a pack mule if you equip them with 4 additional 20+ slot bags.
  • Having additional characters with different levels while opening certain champion bags can give level specific loot and can potentially give you tons of profits.


4. Candy Corn (300 gems) / Snowflake (400 gems) / Zhaitaffy Gobbler (400 gems)

When the holidays come, so do the festivities and the many seasonal loot they bring. From candy corn to snowflakes, and Zhaitaffy, these things can clog up our inventory, material storage, and bank storages if we are a bit too good with our farming. That is where the various Gobbler items come in to consume said items if we can't seem to get rid of them all in one fell swoop.

What are the Candy Corn, Snowflake, and Zhaitaffy Gobbler Great For:

  • The Candy Corn Gobbler, Snowflake Gobbler, and Zhaitaffy Gobbler function in the same practical way: these three gadgets consume either of the three items and provide either transformations, an experience buff, or gives an item.
  • The Candy Corn Gobbler is only available during the Halloween event and either provides a random boost or transforms the player into a Halloween-themed monster for 3 Candy Corn in their inventory.
  • The Snowflake Gobbler is only available during Wintersday and either provides players at a cost of 5 Snowflakes with a Wintersday Gift, or a Festival Gobbler Boost (increases exp and gold from killing monsters, and reward track gains for both PvP and WvW) which can be stacked until 24 hours.
  • The Zhaitaffy Gobbler is only available during the Dragon Bash festival and either provides players at a cost of 25 Zhaitaffy with a Dragon Coffer or a Festival Gobbler Boost (increases exp and gold from killing monsters, and reward track gains for both PvP and WvW) which can be stacked until 24 hours.


3. Lounge Passkeys (150 gems 2 weeks, 1000 gems permanent)

You can take a trip to your favorite home city or even Lions Arch if you want to do a bit of crafting, do a bit of trading, or use the Mystic Forge, but you'd have to travel some distance to get from one amenity to another. This is where the many Lounge/Lobby Passes come into play to make your trips less of a hassle. There are several lobbies to choose from, namely: Captain’s Airship Pass (Gendarran Fields), Mistlock Sanctuary (a favorite among the community), Noble’s Folly (Verdant Brink), Royal Pass (Divinity’s Reach), Armistice Bastion (Neutral Ground in World versus World), Lava Lounge (Ember Bay), and the Thousand Seas Pavilion (The Mists).

What are Lounge Passkeys Great For:

  • The Lounge Passkeys offer great ways for players to access the special lobbies where players can find useful amenities within close proximity within one another.
  • There are two types of Lounge Passkeys: the normal 2-week variant, and the permanent ones which go on sale rarely. When those types of sales occur with the lobby that you want, go for the permanent version immediately.
  • While the various lounges all function the same exact way and are completely subjective, the lounge that players often pick is the Mistlock Sanctuary due to its compact size, the nearness of the amenities, and of course, SPAAAAACE!


2. Runecrafter’s Salvage-o-Matic (600 gems)

Sometimes you just want to salvage an item completely and that includes the upgrades found within the equipment. The Runecrafter's Salvage-o-Matic effectively salvages equipment into materials and even salvages the runes and sigils that came with it. Do not make the mistake of thinking this is the same as a Black Lion Salvage Kit that salvages an item BUT does not salvage the upgrade.

What is the Runecrafter’s Salvage-o-Matic Great For:

  • The Runecrafter’s Salvage-o-Matic is a souped up version of the Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic that not only salvages equipment, but also the upgrades within it.
  • The upgrades that will be salvaged are simply the runes and sigils, and in its place, players will receive the various Lucent Motes or Charms.
  • Upgrades that cannot be salvaged such as gemstones will be recovered, and whenever you try to salvage Rare and Exotic-tier equipment, there is a 20% chance to receive Glob of Ectoplasm.


1. Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic (800 gems)

The Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic is indeed the single most used item in the community and is one of the first items they will get assuming they also have the Shared Inventory Slot. It functions as an infinite salvage kit that will always be used whether you are farming or simply trying to clear your inventory. The Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic is mostly used in favor of ithe Silver-Fed Salvage-o-Matic because you can just use a Mystic Salvage Kit as a much cheaper alternative.

What is the Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic Great For:

  • The Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic is the go-to salvage kit that everyone must invest in because it eliminates the need to constantly purchase Basic Salvage Kits.
  • It uses a small bit of coin, 8 to be exact, in order to salvage equipment pieces and is equivalent to the Basic Salvage Kit.
  • It is great for farmers when they try to make more room in their inventory and get rid of low rarity equipment that just fills it up.


Closing Thoughts

No matter which items you choose to get from the Gem Store, these items will always find some good use for you. Whether you choose to invest first in Character Slots, some Shared Inventory, or even the Living World Stories, they are all worth your investment as they will only add to your enjoyment of the game.

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