[Top 10] Guild Wars 2 Best Story Characters (Ranked)

Never forget the characters that stayed with you along your journey in Guild Wars 2's storyline. These characters showcase tons of personality that fans love.
Never forget the characters that stayed with you along your journey in Guild Wars 2's storyline. These characters showcase tons of personality that fans love.

The story of Guild Wars 2 tells a tale of friendship, camaraderie, triumph and loss all tied in the decade-long Dragon Cycle. While that specific story has ended, we have met tons of unique and awesome characters along the way. Upon asking the community, they revealed their thoughts on who the best story characters are in Guild Wars 2, so let’s take a look if some of our favorites are in the list.


10. Blish - Unique Golemite

Blish is the NPC that resembles a Mark 1 Golemite with a distinct appearance as if it wears a lab coat. This is due to the fact that this golemite is in fact an Asura that has placed its consciousness within it as a means to get around the degenerative disease that was hinted at in the story. While his time with us was short, Blish was always a joy to be around and their shared story with Taimi and Gorrik will be remembered by his fans.

Where Blish was first met

  • Living World Season 4, Episode 2: A Bug in the System

Notes regarding Blish

  • As stated previously, Blish was an asura but has now taken the form of a Mark 1 Golemite with a distinct lab coat and has his own theme music which can be heard here: link
  • Blish assists the player character raise their rollerbeetle affectionately named Petey and in creating the saddle, which they will be using while riding their awesome new mount.
  • Blish selflessly sacrifices his own life by lying to the player character, making them go as far away as possible and mentioning that they will power up the tracker with their golem body so that they can pursue Kralkatorrik.


9. Trahearne - Sylvari Pact Marshal

Trahearne is one of the first of twelve Firstborn Sylvari: the first batch of the Sylvari race that came from the Pale Tree to learn about the world around them and become an inspiration to the Secondborn. Trahearne has always been a loyal protector and leader of the Pact, and has continued to assist the Commander in fighting against the Elder Dragons, up to his unfortunate end. His legacy is that of an individual who overcame their initial doubts and fears to become a brave and charismatic leader of like minded individuals.

Where Trahearne was first met

  • Depending on what race you choose, he may appear later on during the beginning of the Pact story missions in the core game, or as an NPC during the early Sylvari-race storyline.

Notes regarding Trahearne

  • Trahearne has a growth in character, from being the reluctant scholar to being the Pact leader. 
  • Trahearne confides in the player character, no matter their race and looks to them for strength.
  • Despite Trahearne once being hated due to having an almost similar route to Kormir and how Guild Wars 1 players soured on her character, Trahearne has slowly lost his haters when players took a second look at his overall personality, deeds, and overall story.
  • His noble sacrifice ensured that Mordremoth couldn’t be revived in his body by allowing the player character to slay him while Mordremoth was inside his mind.


8. Taimi - Asuran Prodigy and Member of Dragon’s Watch

Taimi was once like this hyper kid that was super curious but was actually a really cool genius and can pilot a mech. While players get to see her growth as a person and as a character during the events of the Living Stories and expansions, she is the embodiment of never giving up despite having disabilities. Taimi may be small in stature, but she makes up for it with her excellent mind, tenacity, and the power of the friends she has learned to forge along the way.

Where Taimi was first met

  • Taimi was met during Living Story Season 2, after the story of Scarlet Briar concluded.

Notes regarding Taimi

  • If you take a close look at Taimi’s character design, her size and stature changes after every Living Story ever so slightly until we get to modern day where she is finally the size of a normal Asura.
  • Taimi’s initial golem, Scruffy, sacrifices itself to allow the player character’s party to enter Rata Novus during the thirteenth (13) chapter of Heart of Thorns story. It was replaced with Scruffy 2.0 which featured a larger cockpit that can house Taimi for transport and for combat.
  • As Taimi grows, she loses her hair bow and slowly shows shorter hair, showing her maturity and becoming more serious with her work in Dragon’s Watch despite having a degenerative disease.


7. Kasmeer Meade - Dragon’s Watch Mesmer

Kasmeer Meade is not just a pretty face nor the sweetheart of Marjory Delaqua for she is a powerful mesmer of high caliber. She is not a lady to mess with despite her wonderful smile and cheerful demeanor for she packs quite a punch if you get on her bad side. Despite her slight confidence issue she had during the story, she overcomes this to become a more mature woman that players know her to this day, and finally gets together with the love of her life.

Where Kasmeer Meade was first met

  • Living World Season 1, Episode 2 - Sky Pirates

Notes regarding Kasmeer Meade

  • In the beginning, Kasmeer Meade had a nervous tic in the form of hiccups whenever she was experiencing severe forms of stress and anxiety which seems to have died down as her character developed in the story.
  • Kasmeer has always been the bright, cheery bubble of positivity during the gloomy storyline of Guild Wars 2’s Living Stories, but had a change in perspective ever since the reveal of the human god, Balthazar, being one of the big bads of the story. 
  • A very interesting note regarding Kasmeer’s outfit is how she emphasizes that she is a Mesmer, much like the Queen and who knows if she is actually wearing her armor, implying she may be wearing something completely different or nothing at all.
  • According to the Guild Wars 2 wiki, Kasmeer Meade was used as a literal unit of measurement during Living World Season 2.


6. Palawa Joko - Hail Joko

Praise Joko, he is love and he is life, for while you are a resident of the Elonian Desert, you will either follow and revere him, or be snuffed out by his undead army. The charismatic yet evil sovereign ruler has been a force to deal with ever since the good old days of Guild Wars 1 and has been seen as a lesser of two evils back then, although you could do something about it now. Whatever you do, if you are a supporter of Palawa Joko, avoid opening the windows and doors for any hungry baby dragons looking for magic to eat as they are super effective against supposed all-powerful undead liches.

Where Palawa Joko was first met

  • Living Story 4, Episode 1 - Daybreak

Notes regarding Palawa Joko

  • Palawa Joko is the undead lich who goes by many names and was a character who came from the original Guild Wars 1 game.  
  • Despite being a character of pure evil and malice, one cannot deny his charisma and hamminess. Whenever he is on-screen, his performance puts a smile on your face even when he is mercilessly putting the hurt on your player character.
  • Praise Joko indeed, for his voice actor is Nolan North, ever since Guild Wars 1 up to the sequel.


5. Canach - Sassy Sylvari Casino Owner

Canach, when you first meet him, may seem like an ordinary Sylvari in the beginning, but when the story begins to unfold, you will see just how much personality this character has. From being this troublemaking ruffian to being one of your closest compatriots with the Shining Blade, Canach has had a great face turn and continues to show why he is one cool cat. Just be sure to steer clear from his bombs and explosives next time, Commander, and direct them toward the enemies.

Where Canach was first met

  • Living World Season 1 - Southsun Cove

Notes regarding Canach

  • Canach is a Secondborn Sylvari that had been experimented on by an evil asura which gave him a bit of trauma.
  • Players love Canach’s sassy, give-no-f*cks attitude ever since his introduction to the story and how he has gone from antagonist to beloved anti-hero who has his own casino in Arborstone named Club Canach.


4. Rytlock Brimstone - Blood Legion Tribune

There is no other badass character from the cast of Destiny’s Edge that has left a lasting impact in the hearts and minds of the player base than Rytlock Brimstone. This charr legionnaire has literally leaped into the Mists to recover what was his and become an even stronger version of himself and has evolved from simply being a charr Warrior to a badass Revenant capable of channeling legendary heroes. Where his story goes next, one can only hope to follow suit.

Where Rytlock Brimstone was first met

  • Depending on what race you choose at the beginning, if you are a Charr, you will meet him during the Prologue, aiding you as you take down the ghost of OR later on in the story during the introduction of Destiny’s Edge.

Notes regarding Rytlock Brimstone

  • During the story of core Tyria and if you go to his instance in the Black Citadel, you can see him in his normal Warrior armor set and not his present-day Revenant garb. Speaking of which…
  • Rytlock becomes a Revenant after heading into the Mists as he chases after his sword, Sohothin, and returns during the Heart of Thorns story, emerging through a portal and assaulting the nearby Mordrem with his new powers.
  • Speaking of Rytlock’s sword, Sohothin, players can unlock a similar looking sword named the Fiery Dragon Sword if they played the original Guild Wars 1 and acquired at least 10 Hall of Monument rewards points.
  • Among the members of Destiny’s Edge, Rytlock Brimstone is the most beloved character among the five and becomes a pseudo member of Dragon’s Watch and has seen more screen time than any other Destiny’s Edge member. This is proven with Rytlock having his own “advertisement” for the first Super Adventure Box event.


3. Order Mentors (Forgal of the Vigil, Sieran of the Durmand Priory, and Tybalt of the Order of Whispers)

As you progress to the core game story, you will be paired up with an order mentor who will guide you into the goings-on of the various orders. Forgal Kernsson is the tough, disciplined veteran of the Vigil, Tybalt Leftpaw is the sly yet friendly partner of yours in the Order of Whispers, and Sieran is the ever-curious scholar of the Durmand Priory. Whichever order you choose to join, you will have a grand time with your mentor and forge memories with them. I mean, what’s the worst that could go wrong if you become invested in their story after all?

Where the Order Mentors were first met

  • Warmaster Forgal Kernsson - Mentor of the player character if they join the Vigil.
  • Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw - Mentor of the player character if they join the Order of Whispers.
  • Magister Sieran - Mentor of the player character if they join the Durmand Priory

Notes regarding the Order Mentors

  • Warmaster Forgal lost his wife prior to joining the Vigil and initially sees the player as a rookie who needs to prove themselves despite already being a hero to their people. In the end, they eventually see the player character as a friend they can confide in.
  • Warmaster Forgal has an ascended trinket that is tied to his lore, the Warmaster’s Family Heirloom, which was said to honor his late father and the last of the Dolyak Shamans.
  • According to the lore of the Order of Whispers, Tybalt Leftpaw designed the security system of their base. Tybalt is also one of the more beloved NPCs due to his unusual love for apples and how he somehow used said fruits to outsmart an enemy during the story mission where he and the player character defend Demmi Beetlestone.
  • Magister Sieran is a highly-curious and cheery Sylvari who often gets into trouble. She means well and her self-sacrifice made her a hero in the eyes of the Durmand Priory. 


2. General Almorra Soulkeeper - Pact Leader

When you need a tough cookie to get you through conflict, you need a battle-hardened veteran who has seen all that war brings. That one person is General Almorra Soulkeeper, the leader of the Vigil and pseudo leader of the Pact while the Commander is off slaying Elder Dragons. Her legacy is that of courage, sacrifice, and an unyielding, indomitable will that the future Pact and Vigil soldiers will follow.

Where General Almorra Soulkeeper was first met

  • General Almorra Soulkeeper is the founder and leader of the Vigil that the player can choose to join. 

Notes regarding General Almorra Soulkeeper

  • Later on in the Living World Stories, Almorra took the leadership role for the Pact as the Commander removed themselves from duty although she mentioned that they can keep the role of Commander for life.
  • General Almorra Soulkeeper’s warband was killed by Kralkatorrik and since then, she has wanted vengeance upon the Elder Dragon. During the events of Living Story 4, she was present during the Battle of Dragonfall and witnessed the defeat of Kralkatorrik and has since felt her warband was finally avenged.
  • Despite her untimely demise at the hands of Bangar Ruinbringer, General Almorra Soulkeeper’s legacy brought her allies together to take down Bangar and his Dominion forces.


1. You

The story cannot move forward without its main protagonist, the player character. Your actions from the beginning up to the story of Secrets of the Obscure shaped what happened to the world around you. No matter the story, you were always a part of the narrative and your character’s often witty and sassy comments added to your personality.

Where the Player Character was first met

  • You are the player character that you created during the character creation screen. 

Notes regarding the Player Character

  • No matter what race you are, the profession you choose, or the order you joined, your actions and choices define your character.
  • The player character has had the most development of their character; from being the plucky, naive beginner to the grizzled and battle-hardened Commander-Wayfinder.
  • Depending on your character’s race, they may have some rather unique insights in the story quests. For example, if you were playing through the Heart of Thorns story missions and were a Sylvari, you will see your character struggling against Mordremoth’s Mind Control, but due to their strong will, breaks through it.


Closing Thoughts

Guild Wars 2’s story is filled with wonderful characters that players can interact with, but as seen with the list above, even your player character has their own time to shine as well. They overcome struggles that seem unbearable to some and somehow find a way to survive through insurmountable odds and somehow come back swinging against their foes. No matter where the story goes, these characters will always have a soft spot for players, and with Secrets of the Obscure currently along the way, we will see if they will be able to find their way on this list soon.

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