[Top 10] Guild Wars 2 Best Legendary Weapons To Have

Legendary Weapons in Guild Wars 2 are a great way to showcase your determination in setting a goal, completing objectives, and earning a powerful reward that is unlocked for your entire account.
Legendary Weapons in Guild Wars 2 are a great way to showcase your determination in setting a goal, completing objectives, and earning a powerful reward that is unlocked for your entire account.

Legendary Weapons have been a staple of MMORPGs and are awesome pieces of equipment that have unique skins and special effects that make them stand out from the rest of the weapons. Guild Wars 2 is no different with their legendaries with the exception that they do not provide ridiculous stat buffs like other MMORPGs and instead focus on making some of the most aesthetically pleasing skins that can rival the skins players use for Fashion Wars. Which among the weapons stand head and shoulders above the rest, however, as we take a close eye on Guild Wars 2's awesome legendary weapons?

Note on Legendary Weapons

Legendary Weapons, whether they came from the first, second, third, or future generations, all feature similar abilities and functions and only differ in how they were acquired. The first and third generation legendaries can be crafted by combining a precursor weapon and other items into the Mystic Forge or bought from the Trading Post. The second generation legendaries, however, can only be crafted, making them a bit rarer and thus more exclusive.


  • Legendary equipment can freely switch between a wide selection of stat attributes as long as they are out of combat and are not suffering from any harmful debuffs.
  • Legendaries can also freely switch their appearances if ever the player wants to switch the skins without the need to use a Transmutation Stone.
  • Legendary weapons are stored in the Legendary Armory and can be freely used by any level 80 character the player has in their account as long as they can use said weapon. The Legendary Armory can hold up 2 to 4 copies of a legendary weapon depending on what it is and how many slots it can be equipped by a character.


10. The Binding of Ipos (Second Generation)

We start off the list strong with perhaps one of the strangest legendary weapons to date: The Binding of Ipos and its eerie aesthetics. The Binding of Ipos finds its home amongst players that often have equally dark aesthetics or necromancers that are looking to fulfill a very specific look. You have to admit though that wielding this badass legendary focus is one of the best means of intimidation.

What makes The Binding of Ipos sought after?

  • The Binding of Ipos is a legendary focus designed with a very sinister and evil aesthetic that gives off Lovecraftian vibes, from its unsheathing animations to the void-like aura the focus is enveloped in, as well as transforming your arm into an evil claw.
  • The text on the tome glows a sinister violet and can be seen while in the dark.
  • You may or may not hear faint, ominous whispering while The Binding of Ipos is being wielded so only the bravest among players should use this weapon.
  • Your character leaves behind small pools of dark liquid footfalls as you wield The Binding of Ipos.
  • All of the projectiles that come from this weapon are changed from the standard model to being that of a creepy eye with a sinister viscous dark violet energy trailing effect.

How to get The Binding of Ipos:

Combine the following at a Mystic Forge:

  • Ars Goetia - Precursor weapon
  • Gift of Ipos
  • Mystic Tribute
  • Gift of Maguuma or Desert Mastery

See The Binding of Ipos in action


9. Exordium (Second Generation)

If you were to tell a player with the original three legendary greatswords that they may need to wait for a better looking legendary, they may have slapped you across the back of the head for insulting their awesome weaponry. Enter the Exordium and its radiant glow as it morphs itself according to what function the user needs it to become. 

What makes Exordium sought after?

  • Exordium is an especially unique legendary weapon due to its special ability to shape shift based on what weapon skill the player uses.
  • This beautiful legendary greatsword has toppled player’s preference for the original three greatswords, Twilight, Sunrise, and their combination, Eternity with its unique shape shifting ability and ornate crystalline design.
  • Upon wielding Exordium, a gleaming burst of white and gold light erupts from the greatsword which dematerialized upon being stowed.
  • Whenever the player uses a skill that involves launching projectiles from Exordium, the projectile takes the form of a four-pointed star that almost resembles a crystalline Fuuma shuriken.

How to get Exordium:

Combine the following at a Mystic Forge:

  • Exitare - Precursor weapon
  • Gift of Exordium
  • Mystic Tribute
  • Gift of Maguuma or Desert Mastery

See Exordium in action


8. The Shining Blade (Second Generation)

The Shining Blade is more than just the Krytan Queen's royal guards, but the name of the actual legendary sword that was gifted by the Seer to the faction. It has been used to slay the remaining Mursaat enemies and eventually as a means to bind the sacred Oath of Confidence ritual. 

What makes The Shining Blade sought after?

  • The Shining Blade is an ebony and gold sword with a superb design with its sleek, pointed features that, when unsheathed, purple and gold energy erupts from the sword as the player's arm glows with energy.
  • When The Shining Blade is sheathed, the crossguard forms the emblem of the Shining Blade.
  • Players that wield The Shining Blade leave the shimmering emblem of the faction as footfalls while they move across the field and whenever you swing the weapon, they leave a trail of purple and gold energy behind.
  • All of the projectiles that come from this weapon are changed from the standard model to being that of The Shining Blade.

How to get The Shining Blade:

Combine the following at a Mystic Forge:

  • Save The Queen - Precursor weapon
  • Gift of The Blade
  • Mystic Tribute
  • Gift of Maguuma or Desert Mastery

See The Shining Blade in action


7. Predator (First Generation)

Rifles in Guild Wars 2 mostly resemble the vintage M1 Garand in real life and have needed a more modern aesthetic to please the type of players that love collecting skins. In comes the Predator legendary rifle with its awesome Charr-inspired design and its sniper rifle aesthetics. 

What makes Predator sought after?

  • The Predator is a first generation legendary weapon and is one of the more modern-looking sniper rifles among all the other rifles in Guild Wars 2.
  • When Predator is fired, a burst of fire is released from the Charr head, or the barrel of the rifle.
  • When wielded, the user is enveloped in a fiery aura and wherever they walk, they leave explosive footfalls.
  • Every time The Predator fires a round, it makes a unique sci-fi sound effect, letting every enemy around it know it is now your prey.

How to get the Predator:

Combine the following at a Mystic Forge:

  • The Hunter - Precursor weapon
  • Gift of The Predator
  • Gift of Fortune
  • Gift of Mastery
  • Alternatively, you can purchase the weapon from the trading post for roughly 1,750-2,098 gold.

See Predator in action


6. Chuka and Champawat (Second Generation)

The Legendary Short bow, Chuka and Champawat, is the embodiment of the old saying that "The destination is not the reward but the journey itself." The way you need to craft the precursor involves players interacting with adorable tiger cubs and doing specific activities in order to teach them how to become tigers. Your reward is the culmination of all of your struggles and a mighty new short bow you can show off to your in-game friends!

What makes Chuka and Champawat sought after?

  • Chuka and Champawat is a marvelous shortbow that grants users a crimson aura surrounding their chest.
  • When the player unsheathes this legendary weapon, two spectral tigers leap into you and power up your weapon as swirling, flaming scratch mark particle effects surround you and vanish into the air.
  • Players that wield this legendary weapon leave behind glowing, red-orange tiger paw marks on the ground, and whenever you shoot with this weapon, your projectiles are transformed into spectral orange tigers that maul your enemies.

How to get Chuka and Champawat:

Combine the following at a Mystic Forge:

  • Tigris - Precursor weapon
  • Gift of Chuka and Champawat
  • Mystic Tribute
  • Gift of Maguuma

See Chuka and Champawat in action


5. Kudzu (First Generation)

The Legendary longbow, Kudzu, was said to be born from the noble sacrifice of a young Secondborn Sylvari which sprouted on the very ground where they fell. The journey in crafting Kudzu tells a tale of the beauty of nature, how we need to preserve it both in-game as well as in real life, and appreciating even the simplest joys in life. 

What makes Kudzu sought after?

  • Kudzu is a first generation legendary weapon that is still sought after to this very day by many longbow users due to its beautiful, nature-inspired design.
  • If you take a close look at the riser of Kudzu, you can see what seems to be a miniature Sylvari holding in place the arrows that the weapon fires. This may be the Secondborn Sylvari, Lonicera, who sacrificed herself to save the Pale Tree according to the lore, who continues to protect it and the player as a bow.
  • Players that unsheath Kudzu will see plant life growing beneath their feet as they also begin to hear bird songs. The very same plant life can be seen sprouting beneath the feet of players as they move across the battlefield, albeit in a smaller fashion as footfalls.
  • The projectiles fired from Kudzu are not arrows but spears that are held by the tiny Sylvari model and in some way confirms that technically we did have inland spears since the very start of the game, but it is just that they are not what we initially expected.

How to get Kudzu:

Combine the following at a Mystic Forge:

  • Leaf of Kudzu - Precursor weapon
  • Gift of Kudzu
  • Gift of Fortune
  • Gift of Mastery
  • Alternatively, you can purchase the weapon from the trading post for roughly 1,800-2,190 gold.

See Kudu in action


4. Bolt (First Generation)

Imagine wielding a sword that crackles with electrifying power, with every swing leaving behind a trail of lightning. It's not just a weapon; it's an embodiment of sheer elemental force, giving you the feeling that you control the very storm itself. That is the power that Bolt gives its players as they supercharge their attacks with elemental fury.

What makes Bolt sought after?

  • The immaculate design and sheer awesomeness of wielding lightning at the palm of your hands has always been a factor into Bolt being a favorite amongst players in Guild Wars 2 since the beginning of the game.
  • Bolt’s design is reminiscent of four interwoven dragons, twisting together and forming the actual blade, and while you wield it, you leave behind electrical footfalls with each step.
  • Whenever you release projectiles with this legendary weapon, they are transformed into electricity, although some skills will show you throwing Bolt instead.

How to get Bolt:

Combine the following at a Mystic Forge:

  • Zap - Precursor weapon
  • Gift of Bolt
  • Gift of Fortune
  • Gift of Mastery
  • Alternatively, you can purchase the weapon from the trading post for roughly 1,780-2000 gold.

See Bolt in action


3. Nevermore (Second Generation)

The eerie, ethereal, yet stunning second generation legendary staff, Nevermore, has found its way into the hearts of many staff-wielding players with its awesome aesthetics, gorgeous special effects, and its aura of mysticism. As you wield this mighty branch, the Norn Spirit of the Wild, Raven, imbues it with its powers and turns it into a lethal weapon to help fend off those that wish to do harm upon its wielder. Only those that have caught the eye of the Spirit of the Raven are worthy of this mighty arcane staff.

What makes Nevermore sought after?

  • Nevermore features the spirit of the Raven which envelops a huge branch, perching atop it and transforming it into a powerful and mystical raven-inspired staff with glowing spheres hovering overhead.
  • When Nevermore is unsheathed, the glowing spheres attach themselves to the spirit of Raven as it merges with the staff, now glowing a spectral blue while perched as a flock of ravens soar above you.
  • Players wielding Nevermore notice their right hand becoming covered in a dark aura and raven's feathers and they leave behind spectral wispy feathers as footfalls as you move across the field.
  • An additional effect that you have from using Nevermore is that every time you kill an enemy, you can see a spirit of raven shoot out from the corpse of the enemy.
  • Every time you fire a shot from Nevermore, the projectiles transform into spectral ravens.

How to get Nevermore:

Combine the following at a Mystic Forge:

  • The Raven Staff- Precursor weapon
  • Gift of Nevermore
  • Mystic Tribute
  • Gift of Maguuma

See Nevermore in action


2. Astralaria (Second Generation)

If the devs of Guild Wars 2 put a ton of effort into one specific legendary weapon, the award would most certainly go into arguably the most beloved amongst the second generation legendaries, Astralaria. The legendary axe combines both beauty and brawn into one cosmic package and showcases the power and might of a legendary weapon with the stunning beauty of space itself. It can even go so far as to toppling even the once beloved Twilight, Sunrise, and Eternity legendary first generation greatsword legendaries.

What makes Astralaria sought after?

  • Astralaria was one of the most sought after legendary weapons prior to the introduction of the Aurene-inspired Legendary Weapon Set due to its aesthetics and effects.
  • This formidable legendary axe shares a common motif with Twilight and Sunrise being they are a glimpse into the cosmos.
  • Every bit of Astralaria has clearly been designed to be filled with unique detail, from the centerpiece to the pommel, all the way to its footfalls.
  • The arm that wields Astralaria becomes enveloped in a cosmic effect similar to the axe blade.
  • Astralaria features a cosmic trail effect that becomes evident whenever the weapon is swung around.

How to get Astralaria:

Combine the following at a Mystic Forge:

  • The Mechanism- Precursor weapon
  • Gift of Astralaria
  • Mystic Tribute
  • Gift of Maguuma

See Astralaria in action


1. Aurene-inspired Legendary Weapons

The Aurene-inspired Legendary Weapon Set was introduced during the third expansion, End of Dragons, and featured a set with a beautiful prismatic theme that resembled the newest Elder Dragon who will save the world by filtering the world's magic. The legendary weapon set is not just about being a cool legendary with flashy effects and designs, but has ties to the overall narrative and lore of the story. By crafting and wielding one of the weapons in this set, you are not just carrying around a mythical weapon that your peers admire, but a piece of the in-game world's history as well.

What makes the third generation legendary weapons sought after?

  • The Aurene-inspired Legendary Weapons, or third generation legendaries, by themselves, all have similar motifs: prismatic light-themed weapons with an ethereal feather design that shimmers and features a swooping prismatic dragon descending into the player when they wield said weapons.
  • Aside from the beautiful design of the legendary weapons, a bonus feature they have is its ability to change its form depending on the Elder Dragon you wish to base it after by collecting additional items and finishing certain Collection Achievements.
  • The third generation legendary weapons all feature the same unique kill effect of a burst of light bursting from the fallen enemies, and the shimmering trail effect whenever the weapon is swung around.

How to get the third generation legendary weapons:

Combine the following at a Mystic Forge:

  • Dragon’s (specific precursor to be crafted or found in specific chests) - Precursor weapon
  • Gift of Aurene’s (name of specific legendary weapon)
  • Draconic Tribute
  • Gift of Jade Mastery
  • Alternatively, you can purchase the weapon from the trading post for roughly 1,965-2,400 gold.

See the third generation legendary weapons in action


Closing Thoughts

Legendary Weapons aren't just awesomely designed skins with a bunch of cool effects, but are also tied to the lore of the world of Tyria and the many side stories. They aren't just for show or for a power boost, but an investment for your account in the long term. How you choose to spend said investment is up to you to decide, as long as you have tons of fun while doing so, Commander.

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