[Top 10] Guild Wars 2 Best Dye Combinations

Armor combination alone won't let you win in Fashion Wars.
Armor combination alone won't let you win in Fashion Wars.

Guild Wars 2’s other endgame, Fashion Wars, is serious business. Many players have crafted their character’s looks from the very moment they were first created and have spent tons of gold crafting their precious armor and weapon pieces. While they have the equipment sorted, they are left with the monumental task of choosing the right dyes to provide color to their online avatars. While the “best dye combination” is purely subjective, there have been many combinations that the player base love to use and these are just some of them that you can try for yourselves.


10. Night Shade / Abyss / Midnight Ice + Celestial / Crushed Bone

Sometimes, the best dye jobs come in the form of the most basic color palettes and don't really need much tweaking. One is the absence of color while the other is the mixture of all said colors. What this means for people is up for their interpretations after all.

Why it is great

  • While they are called different names, the colors black and white will always make for a great, basic combination that looks awesome on almost every armor set, weight, and profession.
  • Almost every variety of the black dyes can be used in conjunction with Celestial to make a contrasting color scheme with them.
  • Both dye colors can be used for the theme of “Yin and Yan” or the balance of nature and canmake use of the Equinox Weapon skins for that very purpose.


9. Ruby + White or Black Dyes

Black on red has always been one of the classic edgy looks for players opening up to becoming more aware of their fashion statements in-game. While it is still a popular choice among players, some specific dyes are necessary to pull off effects that other shades can’t quite produce. 

Why it is great

  • The almost blood red color of Ruby is a great dark contrast to more lighter colors such as White and pastel colors.
  • Ruby goes equally great with Black dyes as details, providing an edgier, sinister look, especially on heavy armor.
  • Black on red is also often seen on some science fiction aesthetics, making some of the more hi-tech looking armor pieces 


8. Various Gold Dyes + Cinder / Charred 

Gold is a fun color to play around with to match your weapons and armor pieces with but may take some careful analysis to get just right. Not every color can go with gold, but those who can pull off this awesome shade tend to become favorites for a long time. 

Why it is great

  • Both the Cinder and Charred dyes can be used to color metals and give it a steel finish, making armors look realistic. Although it gives any metal a more earthy-look, if you are going for a realistic 
  • The two dyes go hand in hand with any of the gold dyes to make the golden parts stand out from the other metal bits.
  • Think of how gold-tinted armor-clad holy knights are depicted and see how the dyes match perfectly with them in various sources of media.


7. Steel + Midnight Blue

Nothing beats cold hard steel when making an awesome metallic armor set while turning up the wow factor up to eleven. Steel dye with Midnight Blue is a very big favorite among the heavy armor professions for very good reasons. Aside from making metals look the way they should, the sheen it gives to them is simply icing on the cake.

Why it is great

  • The dye combination is a perfect mix for players looking to make their metallic armor combinations look intimidating. The Steel gives off the lighter shade for the armor while the Midnight Blue is for the accents, details, and non-metallic pieces.
  • A fun idea to use the dye combination on is for making a sci-fi Warrior, Guardian, or Revenant since the combination is usually used for heavy armored professions.


6. Charred + Scourge

If you want to rock a color style that feels more natural and can be used on light and medium professions, Charred and Scourge dyes (and their variants) are your best friends. They turn even the most awkward armor piece combinations into something akin to what a forest witch may use (assuming you have the right look of course!) Be sure to get the laughs out of the way for playing as a Scourge wearing all Scourge dye equipment and leave the jokes to the professionals.

Why it is great

  • Charred and Scourge make for a great combination if you are looking for earthy colors with darker shades or are looking for a good piece for leather armor.
  • Most of the time, players who pick this color scheme may play either Ranger or Thief professions looking to have a more grounded feel and aesthetic.
  • The color combination makes for some excellent camouflage if you plan to play in the Heart of Thorns maps or basically anywhere in the Maguuma Jungle thanks to its color palette.


5. Antique Bronze + Oil Slick 

Do not let the name fool you: Oil slick may be one slippery dye to use which may not see some use outside medium armor professions, but in the right creative hands, it will light a fire in you to make something awesome outside of the norm. Whether it is combined with the Antique Bronze dye or the like, the pair will make an awesome bronzen warrior march to the battlefield or an earthen elementalist ready their guard.

Why it is great

  • If you choose to go with a more realistic aesthetic with heavy armor, you can’t go wrong with this dye combination as it makes it look rugged and used in battle.
  • The color combination makes metallic armor look gritty and real especially on various types of heavy armor available in the base game.


4. Iron + Glint Variant Dyes

Similar to the Steel dye combination, Iron has seen its fair usage with heavy armor professions due to its color scheme. The difference is in how it can be used with the Glint dyes to give fun new looks to players who are willing to use contrasting colors to their armor pieces. Dare to defy what is conventional and find what dyes work for you.

Why it is great

  • Iron by itself is a common dye used by most for metal armors and makes them look realistic.
  • The various Glint dyes make a great contrast to the darker Iron dye and are excellent for enhancing the details or armor sets.
  • Together, Iron and the many Glint dyes provide excellent contrasts between one another to make armors more vibrant.


3. Avocado / Enameled Jungle + Night Shade / Midnight Variants

Green is a color that is not always used unless you happen to be a Necromancer, a Ranger, or a Sylvari player. With this dye combination, however, it will ensure that it has a place among any profession looking to have a more natural tone to their equipment.

Why it is great

  • Avocado or any green dye variant mixed with any of the black dye variants give a dark, sinister aesthetic, easily making a color scheme for any Necromancer to put on their armor sets.
  • The color scheme goes well on dark knights and enchantresses (preferably Sylvari Mesmers with the same color scheme) with several of the Halloween weaponry.
  • Enameled Jungle is a great dye to use on non-metallic surfaces to contrast the actual metallic bits of armor.
  • A close runner-up to black dyes are Swampgrass and Olive Yew as they provide more earthy tones instead of simply dark shades.


2. Electro Blue + Permafrost

The electro dye set brings vibrant, almost neon-y colors to the scene and with the Permafrost dye, the colors pop off the screen. The vibrance of Electro Blue in particular matches so well with Permafrost that it is a firm favorite with players looking for an ice-themed character, a righteous paladin, or even a glowing magical girl. However you choose to use the dye combination, be sure to pick armor pieces that make the colors stand out even more.

Why it is great

  • The two colors combined provide a vibrant, icy vibe to your armor due to how electro blue mixes with permafrost.
  • The dye combination works well on Elementalists as well as Guardians to some extent because of their motifs, skills, and effects.
  • Speaking of Guardians, you can even throw a bit of Cobalt dye as a third dye option for the armor details to make both colors pop even more, although this is more subjective.


1. Permafrost + Rose Gold 

Permafrost is a massive favorite dye that has surpassed Celestial. It knocks it over by being even more vibrant than its predecessor and costs way more, giving players an awesome dye to play around with. Rose Gold, in particular, makes for a great combo to give off a more muted gold instead of the overly radiant versions, making it feel more refined. 

Why it is great

  • The combination of one of the brightest white dyes and a beautiful, faded rose makes for an awesome palette that can be used by almost any profession and any armor.
  • The mixture of a bright white and pastel pink color is pleasing to the eyes and doesn’t wear you out whenever you see it on screen.
  • It can portray a more fantastical character as it fits with the majority of light armor while still being able to give a holy armored knight like character.


Closing Thoughts

Elevate your armor pieces by using these awesome dye combinations and stand out from the crowd. As previously mentioned, the dye combinations are entirely subjective and whatever color scheme and combination you wish to use is entirely up to you. What are some of the dye combinations that you love to use in-game for your characters, dear readers? Do tell us and share your favorite looks down below so that we may admire your in-game creations and become inspired to create something just as majestic.

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