[Top 10] The Best Guild Wars 2 Dailies To Do That Are Quick And Easy

See any of these random dailies appear on your to-do list? Do not hesitate and be sure to finish them to be rewarded with goodies.
See any of these random dailies appear on your to-do list? Do not hesitate and be sure to finish them to be rewarded with goodies.

One mainstay in modern MMOs is the mechanic known as the Daily Mission which Guild Wars 2 was quick to implement back in the day to reward players who log-in everyday. What’s great about them is that when you are able to complete three tasks, no matter which game mode it is, you will earn 2 gold, spirit shards, and 10 achievement points. Here are some of the fun, quick, and easy dailies you can do right now in Guild Wars 2 and get rewarded immediately after finishing them!


10. Daily PvP Rated Game Winner - Structured PvP

Teamwork is absolutely key in the fast-paced realm of Structured Player versus Player or sPvP. It can be a frantic tussle to see your allies fight valiantly against the opposing team and coming in clutch to win the entire game. At the end of the day, it is an exciting game mode that competitive players should try and do the respective dailies attached to them such as the Daily PvP Rated Game Winner.

What makes it quick and easy for PvP

  • Unless you are really at a high player rank, you should be able to win at least the minimum amount needed, or dominate in the lower ranks.
  • Eventually, you will win a round even if you are a total beginner at PvP. It just takes some practice and/or a great team that can carry you to victory.

Tips on how to get it quicker 

  • All you really have to do is go to the PvP arena from your player menu and fight.
  • It helps to choose a strong PvP build for your profession, one that can either pick off opponents from afar (Ranger) or is strong when they are together with an ally (Elementalist).


9. Daily Jumping Puzzle (Various Maps) - Open World PvE

One of the many side activities you can do alongside your friends and guild mates are various challenges in the core game known as Jumping Puzzles. These fun areas challenge players to explore certain areas where mounts and gliding are forbidden, allowing only their skills in platforming to take them to the end of the trail. What awaits them is a treasure chest with some useful loot for your adventures ahead.

What makes it quick and easy for PvE

  • Depending on which jumping puzzle is required, it can range from really easy to difficult without a proper guide. Luckily enough, only the core Tyria jump puzzles are included. Sorry, Chalice of Tears. No victims for you.
  • As previously mentioned, jump puzzles all have loot at the end. For more information, you can check out this link about the various jump puzzles.

Tips on how to get it quicker

  • Players with access to multiple characters can simply park their alt characters at various end points of jumping puzzles and log-in to that character when that daily is present again.
  • Hope and pray you get one of the easier jumping puzzles like Shaman’s Rookery, Urmaug’s Secret, and Spelunker’s Delve. Those can be done rather quickly even by beginner players of the game with enough practice.
  • Another method relies on hoping there is a Mesmer player on the map who can portal you to the end immediately.


8. Daily WvW Land Claimer - World versus World

In the competitive game mode, "World versus World," you need to capture key points around the map and grow your overall influence across the map. By capturing various points, you can see the colors change on the map to your team's and allies’ server colors. This daily is rather easy on certain servers that aren’t keen on doing WvW much, and certain areas can be captured without a fight.

What makes it quick and easy for World versus World

  • You only need to capture a point for this daily to take effect. You can get ones leading to keeps, supplies, or even Stonemist Castle.
  • As previously mentioned, if you are fighting against certain servers that are inactive in WvW, it can be a piece of cake to capture any point.

Tips on how to get it quicker 

  • There are various nodes across the map where all you need to do is just stand in a circle to capture them. Be absolutely sure that you are with some allies, have a stealth build, or can run away quickly to deter ambushes. They will be looking for a quick kill against players trying to do an easy daily mission.
  • If you aren’t confident in your skills or are new to WvW, just go with a nearby commander and follow them for a bit. Eventually they will attempt to capture areas with other players and you will get this quickly.
  • It helps to be a very mobile profession that can quickly evade enemies when the worst happens. Thieves, their elite specialization the Daredevil, and Mesmers come to mind.


7. Daily WvW Caravan Disruptor - World versus World

Sun Tzu once said in the Art of War, that if the enemy is taking their ease, harass them by cutting off their supplies to be starved out and be forced to move out. Cutting off the enemies’ supply has always been a valid tactic to disrupt their movement during wartime, and is just as valid in WvW. Supply dolyaks deliver various goods to towers, keeps, and Stonemist Castle, which houses supplies, and capture nodes guarded by enemy players and NPCs. 

What makes it quick and easy for World versus World

  • Supply caravans are relatively easy to destroy by yourself as long as it is out in the open and there are no enemy players escorting them.
  • Without any upgrades, the player only needs to defeat the dolyak to gain credit for the daily. If there are NPC guards, they may need to deal with them first.
  • If the tactic “Invulnerable Dolyaks” is triggered by enemy players, the next dolyak sent will not be killable, so you need to find another one.

Tips on how to get it quicker 

  • You can attempt to wait at various locations like resource camps and destroy caravans as they make their way to towers, keeps, and Stonemist Castle.
  • It becomes so much easier to disrupt them when following a zerg, but you may need to tag the dolyak immediately.


6. Daily WvW Big Spender - World versus World

In order to make some headway in WvW, players need to use various siege weaponry and traps to defeat their enemies. To get said items, however, they either need to get them as rewards while ranking up or purchase them through various NPCs in their bases. For this daily, you only need to spend a minimum amount of Badges of Honor for it to be completed.

What makes it quick and easy for World versus World

  • This daily becomes incredibly easy to do because you will most likely have to spend badges if you are even slightly active in the game mode.

  • Most likely, if you are a commander who doesn’t mind spending their badges to purchase items, you will achieve this immediately.

Tips on how to get it quicker 

  • Upon entering any of the WvW Borderlands, go to any NPC that accepts Badges of Honor, preferably Siege Masters and Davis the Survivor in various Guild Halls, and purchase a minimum of 25 Badges. 


5. Daily PvP Player Kills - Structured PvP

Conquering the PvP arena entails battling it out against other players of varying skill levels. It is a fun game mode that challenges your ability to adapt on the fly and showcase your prowess based on your profession and the build you decide to bring to the table. Defeat your foes, get this daily off your list, and rise to the top of the ranks.

What makes it quick and easy for PvP

  • The previous PvP daily tasks you in winning a match, but for this one, you just need to kill players by any means necessary. In this case, you need to defeat at least three to clear this daily.
  • Your teammates can help you fight against enemy players and pile on them for added pressure on their side, making them fallback and commit mistakes.

Tips on how to get it quicker 

  • Choose professions that can hit hard and fast while staying light on your feet to evade enemies when the worst case scenario hits.
  • If you aren’t feeling confident enough to roam solo, team up with an ally or take on a support role and follow your teammates around the map.
  • It helps to also play with friends and team up against other players. If you are a tight unit and can communicate with one another easily, you can plan your moves ahead of the other team.


4. Daily World Boss - Open World PvE

Guild Wars 2 features large scale fights as group meta events in various maps across core Tyria, the Living Story, and expansion maps that feature large world bosses. These encounters need players from across the server to cooperate and vanquish these large enemies and get the really good loot. Some players even get lucky and get the chance to score precious items like precursors and even ascended weapon chests. 

What makes it quick and easy for PvE

  • World bosses are always fought be players and can be counted upon to be swarmed during their waking hours. It can be hard for player who are awake when others are asleep, though.
  • Players make use of the GW2 Wiki’s event timer or the one from GW2Timer.com so they know beforehand which of the bosses are almost up.

Tips on how to get it quicker 

  • Not all world bosses are as strong as the others, so going for the ones that are weaker, like those in low-level maps like Shadow Behemoth, Svanir Shaman, The Great Jungle Wurm, and the Fire Elemental can be defeated rather easily.
  • As mentioned previously, depending on which world boss you need to defeat for the daily, look up when it will be available and go to its spawn location once the time is near.
  • If you want to gain more valuable loot, though, you could go for the harder ones like Tequatl the Sunless, The Claw of Jormag, or The Shatterer.
  • Speaking of loot, some offer highly prized items like the Shadow Behemoth and the staff weapon that looks like a giant scythe, Final Rest. Look up the Guild Wars 2 wiki to see what fun and unique weapons each world boss can potentially give you and conquer them for the daily and a chance to get said weapons.


3. Daily Event Completer - Open World PvE

Guild Wars 2’s various open maps take on a life of their own with the various events that can take place. These replace the static fetch quests and monster slaying that you have to go to an NPC to activate. Succeed or fail, you will finish the event as long as you participate in them and try your best.

What makes it quick and easy for PvE

  • This is a quick and easy daily for PvE because it is something that every player will be doing, no matter the map. Players need the Karma and experience for all sorts of things in-game after all.
  • No matter where you go in the world, there is no shortage of fun and exciting events in the game,  as long as you constantly roam the map. 

Tips on how to get it quicker 

  • This daily can be done quite passively as you roam around the map and just doing all sorts of quests that are randomly available.
  • Depending on the region the daily takes place in, stick with the easy quests that involve killing enemies if you are currently using a DPS build.
  • Another quick type of event are the ones that involve defeating enemies in a certain area. Turn your bloodlust toward your enemies and gain loot on the side.
  • Speaking of the events, beware. If too many players do the events, they can scale up, forcing you to do the event longer to accommodate additional players. These are best done solo if you are just looking to finish your daily.


2. Daily Gatherer - Open World PvE

In order to craft anything in Guild Wars 2 with any of the crafting disciplines, you first need to gather resources. From various tree, ore, and plant nodes scattered all throughout the map, you can gain valuable items from each one. Grab your trusty sickle, pickaxe, and logging axe, and start farming those nodes!

What makes it quick and easy for PvE

  • You can run into a gathering node just by simply walking around the maps in PvE and WvW. They will spawn consistently in various places and will respawn a day later.
  • You only need to interact with the node, have the appropriate gathering tool, and have space in your inventory to collect the items. 

Tips on how to get it quicker 

  • If you can afford it, it helps to get at least one of each of the infinite axe, pickaxe, and sickle items in the gem store and three shared inventories, so once you are done using it on a specific character, you can give it to another.
  • It helps to have a farming route, and the ones from the [fast] Farming Community is a great resource.
  • Use professions with easy access to swiftness and quickness boons to speed up the process of gettingg to nodes and getting them.


1. Daily Vista Viewer - Open World PvE

Guild Wars 2 has many beautiful and grand locations that are incredibly picturesque and can take your breath away. Vistas function as cool camera animations that show off the beauty of an area. This daily mission tasks you to find one of these and activate it.

What makes it quick and easy for PvE

  • This daily mission is so simple, all you have to do is find any of the vistas around the chosen region of Tyria and interact with it.
  • The possible regions you could get this are as follows: Ascalon, Kryta, Shiverpeak Mountains, Maguuma, Maguuma Wastes, Orr, Desert, or Heart of Maguuma.
  • The vistas you can interact with are not restricted to just the explorable areas but also the various home cities.

Tips on how to get it quicker 

  • Depending on which region is randomly given to you, choose the vista near waypoints so you can just race toward them and get this easy achievement.
  • If you haven’t been exploring much and if it is one of the home regions of a race, for example, Kryta, all you have to do is go into their home city and grab any of their vistas, as they are simpler to get than other maps.
  • Having unlocked the various mounts from the Path of Fire expansion makes this a breeze as well, allowing you to reach them from almost anywhere unless it is located in a place where mounts cannot be used.


Closing Thoughts

The dailies in Guild Wars 2 are some of the easiest things to complete as long as the ones given to you randomly are straightforward enough. You can accomplish the dailies on our list at your own pace or do them as quickly as you’d like, but do enjoy the process as well. What do you guys think though, are there any other easy ones that you love doing that is not on our list? Do let your comments be seen and we’ll possibly make a follow-up in the future.

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