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Doing good deeds in Guild Wars 2 rewards you more than just the ordinary loot and gold as it provides the all-important unique currency, Karma.
Doing good deeds in Guild Wars 2 rewards you more than just the ordinary loot and gold as it provides the all-important unique currency, Karma.

In Guild Wars 2, Karma is a unique currency that is given to players as a reward for completing various objectives like random quests, Renown Hearts, Meta Events, exploration (points of interest and vistas), and many other factors. You even get Karma if you fail, although it provides only a small amount when doing it this way, so you might as well try your best to complete objectives.


Why is Karma so important?

Karma is a lot harder to get because you can only get them by doing objectives. You cannot really buy Karma with gold because you earn them by actually playing the game. This unique currency can be used to earn you some great items that can be turned into gold during specific festivals like Wintersday. Speaking of which…


5. Wintersday Farm (Seasonal Festival)

Wintersday is a much-awaited seasonal festival that takes place around December and is the in-game equivalent to Christmas for Guild Wars 2. The festival features fun events that will only take place in this season and the rewards can give good amounts of Karma. Make sure to participate in all of them, especially in giving children goodies to increase your Karma even further.

Location of the Karma farm

  • Divinity’s Reach - Human player characters’ homeland

Mechanics of the Wintersday farm

  • Many players will be participating in the Bell Choir instance in the hopes of making tons of gold, so avoid doing that activity when it is the option for the Daily.
  • Players can also make bank on the Winter Wonderland jump puzzle and earn some good amounts of gold and karma. They can choose several paths to the end but need to be both quick enough to make it to the checkpoint and to the end to prevent themselves from getting downed by the cold.

  • Another activity that gives players Karma during this festival is giving the orphan NPCs a Wrapped Gift item. While this was nerfed by the developers, it is still a good way to earn Karma during Wintersday and can be increased with boosters, food, utilities, and specific guild banners.


4. Fractals

Did you know that not only are Fractals one of the original hard endgame content of Guild Wars 2, but that it is also one of the best ways to farm for both gold and karma? It features multiple mini-dungeons with a difficult boss fight at the end, encapsulated by an overarching story that relates to the current story within said fractal. With many flavors of adventures to choose from, you can run several of them back-to-back or run a certain one on repeat.

Location of the Karma farm

  • Lion’s Arch - Fort Marriner

Mechanics of the Fractals Karma farm

  • Players often choose easy-to-do fractals that they can confidently beat with decent difficulty and simply do it over and over again. The most run fractals are the Tier 4 Fractals with the challenge mode nodes activated for even more loot.
  • Depending on which fractals they do, players need to have the equipment that can take them all the way to the end boss, where they need to have sufficient Agony resistance in the event they get hit with specific attacks. The more Agony resistance you have, the more chances you have to survive those deadly attacks at higher tiers.


3. The Specimen Chamber Meta - Sandswept Isles

The Inquest have once again caused trouble and are wreaking havoc on the Sandswept Isles. The people need your help to disrupt their activities, and they will shower you with lots of Karma and loot. 

Location of the Karma farm

  • Sandswept Isles - Western Complex

Mechanics of The Specimen Chamber Meta farm

  • A 15-minute countdown will spawn at the start of the event, and once it reaches zero, portals will appear in several parts of Rata Primus. The fight begins once you step inside the portal and are teleported to the designated area.
  • Upon entering, get ready to defend the outer perimeter of the specimen chamber from the incoming Inquest security that will attempt to stop the players.
  • Once they have been defeated, you will now have to defeat one of six simalcrum enemies within 15 minutes. 
  • After defeating a random simulacrum enemy, you will then have to defeat two bosses at the same time. The good news is, you only really need to beat one of them because they have a weird buff called Synchronized Vitality, which shares the health of both enemies.


2. Tequatl the Sunless

A massive favorite among the community, the Tequatl superboss fight challenges players to work in unison to tackle one of Zhaitan’s champions head-on. Battle this monstrosity on the beaches, arm the heavy artillery, and lay waste to the hordes of undead looking to grow their numbers. Your efforts will be rewarded with tons of loot, Karma, and maybe a precursor weapon if you are one of the lucky ones, Commander.

Location of the Karma farm

  • Sparkfly Fen - Splintered Coast

Mechanics of the Tequatl farm

  • There needs to be two large groups: one for attacking Tequatl head-on and one for the players manning and protecting the cannons that will be firing at the boss.
  • As the boss’ HP drops, it will then fly off as new objectives become active. The players will need to split in # and defend the cannons from the Risen attempting to destroy them. If ANY of the cannons are destroyed, the entire meta-event will fail, as there will not be enough to kill Tequatl.
  • Once the additional objective is finished, Teqatl will land, and players need to do large amounts of damage to the boss until it flies off again. Players need to time their buffs at this point to do large amounts of damage while the cannoneers provide covering fire. Rinse and repeat until Tequatl is defeated, collect your loot, and hop onto the next map that is doing the event.


1. Dragonfall

The Elder Dragon, Kralkatorrik, is down but still stirring as you and the pact fleet converge to strike it down while it is trapped. You swarm around various nodes and attack the foul dragon on its weak spots to vanquish your foe and successfully defeat it. Your peers and comrades shower you with praises as they give you tons of Karma for all of your efforts.

Location of the Karma farm

  • Dragonfall - Living World Season 4 Map

Mechanics of the Dragonfall farm

  • If you will be attempting the Dragonfall meta farm, it is highly advised to purchase the maximum amount of Karmic Retribution buffs for the map to increase the amount of Karma you will be receiving while doing the events and randomly defeating foes.
  • The entire map is timed and will close out if the events aren’t successful, as some parts will be closed off. The camps around the map will need to be raised to Tier 4 by completing several quests nearby and defending them until the actual meta event starts.
  • The entire meta surrounds breaking the various nodes on Kralkatorrik’s body, hacking away at it, leaving to defend the camps, and eventually going back to do it all over again until the dragon is defeated.


Closing Thoughts

You can think of Karma as the goodwill of the people as your reward for doing righteous, valiant actions for the people around you. Who knew that being a good, courageous individual in-game would amount to a unique currency that can be used to get you tons of gold in Guild Wars 2? Maybe in the future, we can cover an article that will do just that, but for now, let us know if you know of other great methods to farm for Karma, dear readers.

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