[Top 10] Guild Wars 2 Best Fishing Spots

Take your fishing rod, bait, and lures with you in these wonderful fishing spots and watch your profits grow.
Take your fishing rod, bait, and lures with you in these wonderful fishing spots and watch your profits grow.

Players who wanted fishing to become a part of Guild Wars 2 became ecstatic when it was announced that it would finally arrive during the End of Dragons expansion. It brought two specific masteries that would tie together and be very valuable to would-be fishermen: the skiff piloting and fishing masteries. Fishing provides new crafting materials and sources of gold which players love to farm for. With that in mind, let us take a good look at which maps in Guild Wars 2 are the best fishing spots to see where you can land the next big one.


10. Western Boiling Sea - Draconis Mons

What kind of insane fisherman travels to a superheated ocean within an erupting volcano to fish? Those that brave these perilous waters will learn the hard way not to swim in these areas due to the high water temperatures.Somehow, a person riding a skiff or Skimmer mount is unaffected. Leaps in logic aside, players who attempt to fish in these areas will be surprised that: 

1. There are fish surviving and thriving in such a hellscape, and

2. The profits gained from fishing within the area are decent. 

Why the Western Boiling Sea is a great fishing spot

  • The Stone Guiyu and Magma Ray fish are sought after, making the loot gained from them highly prized. You may need to boost both your fishing power and Magic Find to get them first.
  • The Volcanic Fish nodes are spread apart within the area, making players trek a bit more for profit, but it is worth it in the end.
  • Players may need to carry a lot of Lava Beetle bait and Amber Lures before going on a fishing trip in Draconic Mons, but once there, it is quite calm because there are no enemies in the water other than the boiling-hot water itself. Don’t attempt to Skimmer mount and then try to summon the skiff. You will be taking damage, blocking your chances of summoning it in time to save yourself. Beware of some enemies on land where some of the nodes spawn close. There are several enemies that may reach you with long-range attacks.

How to get there:

You need to unlock the map by having the Living World Story, Flashpoint. As the first parts of the story move along, you will eventually reach the new map. Simply use your skiff to travel north from your destination and hug the northwesterly edge of the map while being careful not to go off the map.


9. Sulfurous Deep - Ember Bay

The numerous thermal tubes that can shoot players into the sky as well as the numerous lava pits that can be found everywhere indicate that this scorching region is situated around the Ring of Fire Islands. It is home to the ever-dangerous (and equally difficult) jumping puzzle appropriately named "Chalice of Tears," and those courageous enough to face the waters can earn a very reasonable sum of profit for the day by farming the Coastal Fish nodes in the area.

Why Sulfurous Deep is a great fishing spot

  • Coastal Fish nodes are spread very evenly within the area and players can easily navigate through them will little to no effort needed.
  • The profits are respectable and the NPC needed to buy the Lava Beetle bait is nearby. They can be found within Shipwreck Beach and are sold by the Circus Castaway. 
  • You need to find only two fish in the area: the Dunkleosteus and the Scorpion Fish. 

How to get there:

You need to first unlock the map by doing the Living World Story, Rising Flames, and make your way to the Promontory Waypoint below the center of the map. It is also where the player first enters the map. Players may also opt to use the Ember Bay Portal Scroll if they have unlocked the map on a previous alt and received this useful item. They may also use a Teleport To A Friend item if a friend is in the area and they are in the same party.


8. Watchful Fjord - Frostgorge Sound

Ice fishing has never looked better, and Guild Wars 2 allows you to test your abilities in Frostgorge Sound's freezing Norn regions. Although the forces of Jormag may call this place home, only a fool would attempt to disturb your peace of mind while fishing. Because it is close to the Honor of the Waves dungeon, you may even take a party there afterward.

Why Watchful Fjord is a great fishing spot

  • There are only seven fishing nodes spread along the area, making it a quick and efficient farmable spot.
  • The enemies are unable to reach you as most of them are underneath the water and far from your skiff. Whatever you do, don’t use your skiff 4 skill, Depth Charges, on them or you will aggro most of them.
  • The area is best farmed during the daytime with the Ramshorn Snail bait for more profit.

How to get there:

The location is around the area close to the Honor of the Waves (HotW) dungeon’s waypoint. It is located on the northern part of the map while sticking close to the center. If you are entering the map through Fireheart Rise, simply travel northwest from the entrance until you see the waypoint to the HotW dungeon.


7. Ministry Ward - New Kaineng City

Neutral enemies abound in New Kaineng's bustling downtown business sector. When certain events begin, several become aggressive although they are easily defeated. Enemies, however, won't be able to easily attack you in the water while these events are on-going.

Why Ministry Ward is a great fishing spot

  • It is a compact location with 7-16 available fishing nodes.
  • You only need to fish at night within the area to gain the most profit.
  • You may need to occasionally fight or lend a hand during some of the meta events nearby but think of it as additional sources of income.

How to get there:

From the entrance of New Kaineng City, simply travel to the central region of the map or teleport to the Ministry Ward Waypoint.


6. Kaineng Docks - New Kaineng City

Aside from being the area where you first hear about Jade Bots and perhaps obtain one, Kaineng is a big, technologically advanced city with danger lurking around every corner. When you've had enough of fighting the local enemies, grab your fishing rod and sail to the docks for some fishing fun. Just be sure to have tons of bait and lure available.

Why Kaineng Docks is a great fishing spot

  • It is a relatively peaceful location with hardly any enemy out to surprise you with range attacks, disrupting your fishing activities.
  • Bluefin Tuna is the fish you will be looking to get your hands on, and around these waters, you will be able to find them any time of the day. You may need to grab tons of Mackarel bait from the nearby fishmonger NPCs, however.
  • Aside from the Bluefish Tuna which can be caught anytime, Swordfish can also be caught but only during the daytime. These two legendary fish can quickly give you tons of gold as long as you have the fishing power to catch them.

How to get there:

You can gain access to the Kaineng Docks by sailing to the northeastern part of the Seitung Province Map or northeast from the Haiju Docks Waypoint. The alternate route is by using the item, Arborstone Portal Scroll, to teleport to Arborstone if you don’t have Cantha unlocked on your alternate characters yet. Once you do, you can simply teleport to the Junkyard Waypoint, which is near the entrance to Echovald Wilds, to reach New Kaineng City. Once there, simply travel all the way west until you reach the starting area of the map, which is near the Promenade Waypoint.


5. Benthic Kelp Beds - Mount Maelstrom

This quaint part of Mount Maelstrom is a walk away from the nearby meta event that people occasionally join in and do boss farms. With the nearby Inquest facility both on the ground and underwater, there are dangers here that may disrupt a would-be fisher if they aren’t careful. These enemies can be dispatched rather easily, however, and only add to your gold when dealt with.

Why Benthic Kelp Beds is a Great Fishing Spot

  • It is a great place to hang out while you are waiting for the Inquest Golem meta event to begin.
  • It is a quiet location that not too many players have farmed in yet. You may need some help raising your Fishing Party buff, but you can do it alone.
  • Be wary of the nearby underwater Inquest location as you may occasionally aggro some if you aren’t being careful. No using Depth Charges.

How to get there:

You can travel to the Benthic Kelp Beds by traveling all the way to the southeast part of the map. It is located above the Judgement Waypoint and below the Old Sledge Site Waypoint, where the Inquest Golem Mark II meta event takes place nearby.


4. Althoma - Sandswept Isles

The Olmakhan Charr welcome you and your quest for the best fishing spots. The area is teeming with opportunities to fish alongside the harpoon gun-wielding Charr as they fling coelacanths towards land. It is a welcome respite from the fight going on in the story mission and can bag players some good profits along the way.

Why Althoma is a Great Fishing Spot

  • The fishing spot is very thematic and fits with the lore of the Olmakhan. There are several nodes around the area but may need to navigate carefully.
  • You can gain a good amount of fish within the area so be ready to catch them, especially the Beluga. Keep a good amount of Fish Egg bait handy just in case.
  • It is a relatively safe area to farm within. Just watch out for the Olmakhan fisher NPCs using their harpoons to catch their own fish.

How to get there:

You unlock this map by taking part in the Living World Story, A Bug in the System, and gaining access to the Althoma Waypoint nearby. The fishing spot is in the western area, close to where you spawn or go to what looks like the fishing docks.


3. Strait of Sacrilege - Straits of Devastation

You wouldn’t expect the Orrian areas to be filled with any fish due to the undead nature of the area, but you would be mistaken. It is a lively fishing spot with opportunities to be had in the Straits of Devastation. Just be careful about aggroing the undead within the area, or you will have to contend with the constant interruptions.

Why Strait of Sacrilege is a great fishing spot

  • There are plenty of Offshore Fish nodes in the area where you can catch all sorts of fish, most preferably at night.
  • Despite Orr being a rather dangerous location with the undead enemies possibly aggroing toward your position, it is a rather lucrative fishing zone located within the core map.
  • The Shipwreck Moray can be found in this area and its loot can be sold for a high price. It can also help completionists look for this elusive fish. Be sure to pack tons of sardine bait prior or going on your fishing escapade.

How to get there:

From Sparkfly Fen, head all the way down south until you reach the Brackwater Waypoint, near the Renown Heart NPC. Go south until you reach the exit. Alternatively, you can teleport to the Darkweather Waypoint and head south. Once at the Straits of Devastation map, head west until you reach the large body of water. Use your skiff to sail towards the Strait of Sacrilege point of interest, which is located west of the Vesper Bell Waypoint.


2. Eastern Front - Domain of Kourna

The Domain of Kourna is the best fishing spot in all of Guild Wars 2 in terms of the potential gold per hour you can attain. The amount of legendary and ascended fish you can catch with enough Fishing Power makes it all worthwhile. It is currently at the top of the list of fishing farms in-game, however, there are only two things it currently lacks, which drop it to the number two spot on our list. Nevertheless, if you are only going for the best place to fish, this is your go-to spot.

Why Eastern Front is a great fishing spot

  • You need scorpions as bait to fish in this area, and they can be easily bought.
  • The number of fishing nodes available is spread evenly around the water with less need to move a great distance.
  • There are at least 9-10 fishing nodes where you can potentially get the legendary Vundu and Giant Paddlefish.
  • The fish you need to get can be caught during the day and you have plenty of time to do so.

How to get there:

In order to get to the Domain of Kourna, you need to first have access to the Living World Story, Long Live The Lich, to gain access to this Path of Fire map. Alternatively, you can use the Domain of Kourna Portal Scroll to teleport to the location or Teleport To A Friend. The place you have to get to is the lower right corner of the map below the Apizmic Grounds Waypoint and to the southeast of the Gandara Main Approach point of interest.


1. Bay of Elon - Crystal Oasis

Surprisingly enough, the best fishing spot is what others would consider being second only to Domain of Kourna as mentioned in the [fast] Farming Community. While it is true that the map is second in terms of gold per hour, you can farm indefinitely within the area, store your loot at a nearby bank, or sell them at a trading post and claim the profits in one location. It also helps that the fishing route can be done in a circle if you farm properly.

Why Bay of Elon is a great fishing spot:

  • It is very close to a trading post and bank storage in case you need to sell your goods and store some items.
  • It has proven to be very lucrative during the daytime due to the number of fishing nodes that spawn around the waters to the west of the map.
  • A lot of players can be found and are ready to help you with their 99 stacks of Fishing Party buffs.
  • You can easily stock up on Scorpion bait and lures nearby and fish indefinitely.

How to get there:

This fishing location is located to the west of the waypoint, near the starting point of the map. For players with the Path of Fire expansion, you may need to do the story quest first to unlock the map. Alternatively, if you are on an alt character but have the expansion and have fully unlocked the Griffon mount, you will have the item. It is given to you during the quest to gain the Griffon mount and allows you to teleport to the Sunspear. Find your way back to Crystal Oasis. 


Closing Thoughts

Much like with the majority of farms, when it comes to where to do so, location remains king. If the fishing spot has many great fishing nodes that are closer to each other and can be farmed any time of the day, it will bring tons of profit for players. Having a vendor nearby to help you restock, as well as a trading post and bank, is simply the icing on the cake. What do you think, dear reader, do you agree with our fishing spot locations? Do you have other spots in mind? Let us know down below, and we may update our best fishing spots in Guild Wars 2 in the future.

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