[Top 10] GW2 Best Solo Classes To Play Right Now

Guild wars 2 best solo class

The beauty of Guild Wars 2 gameplay is the variety of it - even if you just play PvE, you still have a lot to choose from. 

Open World, (Living World) Story, Fractals, Raids, or Meta events... Heck, even farming crafting materials can be fun. 

None of your friends online? Don’t worry, we will show you the best Solo professions you can play in 2021.

I know you are itching to get to the ranking list, first we need to understand what are the criteria that make a great Solo class:

  • Sustainability (you need to stand your ground – if you are squishy, you won’t get very far)
  • Damage output / DPS (while not the most important, we don’t want to take ages to kill that HP champ, do we?)
  • Anti-CC / Stunbreaks & mobility (there are tons of mobs that stun, cripple or make you miserably in other ways, especially in the expansion maps *screechy pocket raptor noises*)

‘Nuff said, let’s get to it!

10. Staff Daredevil

The Staff Daredevil - Do your do-jo and brush the teeth of your enemies with your staff!The Staff Daredevil - Do your do-jo and brush the teeth of your enemies with your staff!

Oh yeah, the Dojo thief as we used to call it. Staff Daredevil (DD) gets to number 10. While it sure is awesome to mash foes with a staff like potatoes (Come on! It is a melee staff, that’s cool), this thief build is rather squishy. 

With only 11.645 Base HP, you can get into trouble very quickly and if you are not careful you may find yourself down-stated quite often. 

On the other hand, the damage output for the effort involved is pretty good (mostly Auto Attack rotations – how easy is that) and his evasive ability is pretty significant, especially with the extra dodge the DD spec gives you.

So yes, DPS is okay and Daredevil has the moves, but unless you want to *ehm* hit-run-repeat, you won’t enjoy taking down that Mushroom King. (Although if you like stealth, then maybe scratch that)

All that being said, Staff Daredevil is no match in terms of Solo play compared to the big players on this list.

So in conclusion:

Why Staff Daredevil is good for Solo:

  • Respectable damage output without much effort
  • One of the highest mobility professions out there
  • Can play Stealth game (you have lots of it at your disposal using Utility skills)

Pick Staff Daredevil if:

  • You need to stay highly mobile and/or stealthy (e.g. lots of enemies to avoid)
  • You can rely on your survivability through the point above, NOT health (Thief, in general, belongs to the category of very low base health and there is barely any healing)
  • You like to involve mobility tactics (mostly dodge and dodge skills) in your rotation (as should be obvious by now, DD is quite squishy so you can’t tank and fight head-on)

9. Power Scrapper

The Power Scrapper - Learn how to use technology to outsmart your foes... Or simply bash them to the ground!The Power Scrapper - Learn how to use technology to outsmart your foes... Or simply bash them to the ground!

Okay, okay. Scrapper is the less adored brother to Holosmith when it comes to Engineer blood, I get it. While Holosmith has higher damage and generally looks more appealing to the eye, Scrapper offers way better sustainability and you don’t feel so much as a glass cannon (granted it is a very shiny glass cannon). 

So if you are only after aesthetics, by all means, play Holosmith. If you want to Solo Open world content with relative ease and comfort, welcome the Scrapper to your roster.

Important: Always make sure you run Firearms specialisation! This will make sure that your Critical chance is rather high and also give you a bunch of Fury. 

Make sure you optimise the use of your kits, these can be found in your Utility skill slots and this indeed gives you access to a lot of Utility, which in turn grants you lots of AoEs (always useful in Open World) as well as hard CCs for breaking def bars (Very important)

Why Power Scrapper is good for Solo:

  • Decent damage output - thanks to fury/crit. chance + base damage
  • Loads (and I mean loads) of Utility - coming from the Engi kits
  • Varied gameplay -  in terms of dealing damage and doing your rotation you can generally optimise it to your own preference
  • Decent sustain coming from utilities - situational, very easy to switch

Pick Power Scrapper if:

  • You like varied gameplay with lots of possibilities
  • You are a resourceful player not afraid of more complicated rotations
  • You want to look bad-ass with a hammer! (yeah…)
  • You like to put down loads of AoEs
  • You want to understand your character the same as a driver understands their car

8. Celestial Tempest

The Celestial Tempest - Call upon the wind to aid you in the battlefield!The Celestial Tempest - Call upon the wind to aid you in the battlefield!

Okay. It is getting interesting…. and a bit polarising actually. You see, the Elementalist has one big flaw - it is the squishiest of the squishiest. And when I say squishy I mean soap bubble squishy. So watch your step!

If that weren’t the case, it would be way up there in the TOP 3 I reckon. 

Since weaver is very, very hard to master, I decided to go with the tempest. I read somewhere that the Elementalist is like a piano… and the weaver is the orchestral pipe organ. 

So keep that in mind, this class may be frustrating to get a grip on it, let alone master it.

I think Celestial gear is up there with the Condi set-up, only it is a little more interesting. So yes, if you hate Celestial, consider Condi Tempest. However, Celestial now gives Concentration and Expertise as well, so… you might want to give it a try.

Why Celestial Tempest is good for Solo:

  • High Damage - nothing to add here, simply put: High burst of condi/power damage
  • Can prove itself to be very sustainable - requires a tremendous amount of skill, though
  • The AoE can be very satisfying - there is this thing with Tempests called “Overload” - check it out

Pick Celestial Tempest if:

  • You are eager to take on a challenge - seriously, you will be frustrated sometimes, it is worth it in the end though, trust me
  • You don’t mind experimenting a little - the key with this profession is the right adjustment, keep the food and boosts in mind
  • You like to see HEAVY splats of damage - yes, albeit a glass cannon, ele is still a damn huge cannon…firing bloody bombshells...yeah

7. Condition Mirage

The Condition Mirage - Dazzle your enemies and let them despair in their woes!The Condition Mirage - Dazzle your enemies and let them despair in their woes!

Ah! The ANet’s beloved Mesmers… These tricky illusionists offer a wide range of skills that help them confuse their enemies. So expect to see stuff like teleports, clones, and the Mirage dodge ability - Mirage Cloak. Mirage is played like chess - you need to look at the battlefield like you would look at a board. Place your clones/phantasms strategically and time your skills (and their cooldowns) well. 

If you do all this right, then you can feel what it is like to be untouchable… for a while, that is.

If you are in a longer fight, make sure you always have all your clones up - this will help you shake aggro off yourself.

Why Condition Mirage is good for Solo:

  • Great evasive abilities
  • Very decent sustain damage - conditions
  • Aggro-shakes - clones help you shake off aggro / splits attention
  • Decent sustain and self-heal

Pick Condition Mirage if:

  • You like mind-game playstyle - you can learn to trick your enemies very easily (Mobs can be very stupid in this game, lol)
  • Are a patient player - since this is a sustain damage (condition) build, the damage ramp-up can be a bit steadier
  • You are a narcissistic egomaniac - okay, jokes aside, you will see a lot of yourself (as in the clones you spawn)
  • You like purple! - no jokes this time, this class spawns purple a lot… it is the mesmer’s signature after all
  • You like to try something new - this class is nowhere else to be found, only Guild Wars has this gem

6. Power Spellbreaker

The Power Spellbreaker - Oh, what was that? You think you can hit me?The Power Spellbreaker - Oh, what was that? You think you can hit me?

Moving up the ladder! The next one on our list is what used to be the most played profession at launch - the Warrior. Specifically, the Spellbreaker specialisation. The Melee go to class - you can rest assured this fellow will deliver what he promises and more. 

Do you want to bash and smash everything in your way? This is the profession for you.

I decided to go with Spellbreaker as my choice, as it is the most power-oriented out of the bunch (others being core warrior and berserker) and offers insane sustainability if used right.

You see, the spellbreaker is very, VERY good at blocks, especially with the F2 skill - Full Counter.

I recommend using Dual Axes and a Greatsword for the highest mobility and damage output.

Remember to utilise the Discipline and Arms traitline if you are running Axes. Also, the Banners offer HUGE support, even if playing solo.

Why Power Spellbreaker is good for Solo:

  • Full Counter - this bad boy of a skill fully block whatever damage you would receive and damages foes around you
  • Very high burst damage output - Greatsword skill 2 (aka the “Hundred Blades) and Axes skill 4 (aka the “Whirling Axe”) - check ‘em out!
  • Very straightforward, easy-to-learn rotation
  • Self-sufficient support - Banners + Might & Fury uptime

Pick Power Spellbreaker if:

  • You like not to mess around - the simple straightforward melee damage dealer
  • You like burst damage - again Greatsword 2 and Axes 4
  • You enjoy some parry-like gameplay (Use F2 skill - “Full Counter” at the right moment - note: not as hard as it may seem, don’t get discouraged when I say parry)
  • Like to see your character getting out there and physical (I mean, as in fighting… you naughty)

5. Condition Scourge

The Condition Scourge - Summon the veil of shadows to torment your foes - they have nowhere to hide!The Condition Scourge - Summon the veil of shadows to torment your foes - they have nowhere to hide!

Okay, before I start - you need some power with this bad boy - so I highly recommend Viper stats. The Condition Scourge really changes a lot in terms of playstyle as opposed to Core Necro.

The Shroud turns into a Desert Shroud and is focused on your Shades rather than on yourself.

You essentially “plant” these “traps” called shades and all your profession skills apply AoEs around you as well as around these Shades. Very viable option with a lot of self-sustain.

Necromancers have amazing survivability with the highest Base HP available - 19,212.

Why Condition Scourge is good for Solo:

  • HUGE self-sustain - the amount of barrier you can put out is amazing
  • Decent damage output, albeit condition once again - this actually is a pro too as you don’t need to focus on dealing damage so actively as with Power/burst damage builds.
  • Many, many AoEs - this can be refreshing for a lot of players, it may feel like you are in control of the battlefield

Pick Condition Scourge if:

  • You like the Dark arts - this really does seem like you are utilising death force to do your bidding
  • You like to go about your business, hardly ever scratched - you have tons of HP, barrier, and other survival skills at your disposal
  • You want to feel like you have come to take life from anything that opposes you

4. Condition Firebrand

The Condition Firebrand - Recite from your tomes and cause your foes to burn!The Condition Firebrand - Recite from your tomes and cause your foes to burn!

Okay, real talk now. Even though this is a Condi build using full Viper’s, the Condi used here is Burning, which is essentially as bursty as Power/Burst damage. So you don’t need to worry about the Condi ramp-up times with this one.

Firebrand is a class that burns. Literary. If you ever played Core Guardian, you know that it is among the professions with the least amount of HP (along with Elementalis and Thief). 

This, however, becomes less of a problem rather than a nuisance - it is not that you will fear to die, no, but you sometimes may feel like pushing it way past the limits. You can do that only to the point where the limit is your health pool, unfortunately.

Regardless of its limited base HP, Condi Firebrand offers a wide range of sustainability and self-heal through the use of one of their Tomes - profession skills.

Celestial stats are also a very viable hybrid (condi/power) option.

Important: Make sure you charge your Mantra skills before heading to battle!

Why Condition Firebrand is good for Solo:

  • Massive bursty Condition damage - burning; make sure you maximise burning duration (e.g. Runes of Balthazar/Baelfire)
  • Very high utility - Tomes
  • Great sustain, self-heal, support and stability
  • Varied gameplay, can fill out nearly any role (even if it is Solo)

Pick Condition Firebrand if:

  • Virtue speaks to you - you sort of feel like a protector of peace with all the Tome and Mantra skills
  • If you like to purge - No, I don’t mean to perform a criminal activity without being punished. Still, it does feel kind of satisfying to burn down things.
  • If you want to be self-sufficient - you kind of feel like you can support yourself all on your own

3. Soulbeast

The Soubleast - Two become one! - Merge your soul with your companion's to gain their powerThe Soubleast - Two become one! - Merge your soul with your companion's to gain their power

The one with nature - Ranger. Soulbeast is particularly fun to play as it offers 2 play modes: Merged and unmerged. What that means is that you merge “your soul” with your pet’s. This gives you nice boosts, new abilities, and also an aura around you to let everyone know how cool you are. 

Seriously though, the only time you want to unmerge is when you really need that aggro-shake (sometimes those Jacarandas just won’t go away…) - your pet can help you tank.

Soulbeast is a very strong damage dealer. You can go any focus - Power, Condition, or Hybrid. What I find most effective is Condi, as the Elite profession utilises that focus very well.

Why Soulbeast is good for Solo:

  • Very high sustain/burst damage output (one of the best in-game, period)- you will see constant and big damage splashes once you learn the right rotation
  • Very sustainable - lots of evades and sustain-oriented skills, plus you can always unmerge and use pet for aggro-shake / attention-split as needed
  • low HP is usually never a problem - unless you run into a LOT of trouble

Pick Soulbeast if:

  • Even though you play Solo, you want to feel like Duo - you have a pet, yay!
  • You simply like an all-round great and versatile profession
  • You like to be able to switch between Melee and Range (e.g. dual daggers/shortbow)
  • You feel like also playing Pokemon - catch ‘em all those pets (actually a very enjoyable pastime)

2. Shortbow Condition Renegade

The Shortbow Condition Renegade - Launch devastating missile at your target and call the legendary warband to your aid!The Shortbow Condition Renegade - Launch devastating missile at your target and call the legendary warband to your aid!

Now this one is a machine! It is personally my favourite (no bias here) Open World profession/elite spec period. You feel like you are in the flow of battle.

Like you feel the wind brace against your mighty arms as you press those keybinds on your keyboard. The experience with this one is absolutely phenomenal. 

I remember this very vividly, as this was the first class I enjoyed Solo gameplay with. I highly recommend running either Condition / Hybrid and always have a Shortbow. 

This real key to success with this class is the “Battle Scars” trait - basically a Life Siphon. You want to capitalise on this trait.

Don’t forget Renegade has access to summon skills, which are its utilities that summon Kalla’s warband members from the Mists. They do have an HP pool and can shake off aggro in dire need.

Why Shortbow Condition Renegade is good for Solo:

  • Simply a badass with HUGE self-sustain potential - “Battle Stars” trait, check it out
  • Takes down even the hardest Solo Open world content easily (If you know what you’re doing)
  • Reasonable damage output - not where it shines though
  • Can provide Alacrity to self (and others. too) - this Boon decreases skill recharge times (cooldowns) by 25%, this is a big deal

Pick Shortbow Condition Renegade if:

  • You want to feel like everything is running from you - that is the sort of aura you radiate when you are in combat, it feels like a rage
  • You want to contently and proudly smile when taking on a Group Event all by yourself with ease (oh yeah, feels nice)
  • You are angry with those Champion mobs, that took you down in the past - time to exact sweet revenge
  • Don’t mind hearing voices of powerful allies from the Mists, whom you channel power from - you might feel like losing your mind sometimes, it’s okay though, no one notices

1. Minion Reaper

The Minion Reaper - Launch fear into the souls of your enemies as the screams of your minions reach their ears!The Minion Reaper - Launch fear into the souls of your enemies as the screams of your minions reach their ears!

You are alone… in the dark… You feel as if someone or something was staring at your back. You feel the cold breeze envelop you whole. You suddenly hear the scythe (or a Greatsword) being sharpened, it is the sign of the ominous Reaper - there is no escape, death has come for you.

Yeah, I imagine that is how all those mobs feel as I approach them in my Reaper Shroud. You are the fear incarnate, a fancy executioner who is after a bounty. 

Speaking of which, soloing Legendary Bounties? Pshh, piece of cake…

You have access to the Reaper Shroud (F1 skill by default), which essentially acts as a second HP pool. One good tip: this is actually INCREASED with Vitality, so you might consider going full Valkyrie (Power, Vitality and Ferocity) if you need extra HP (useful for swapping to a secondary build).

Reaper is granted the gift of the most HP in the game (19,212 Base HP + Reaper Shroud).

In addition to that, people often forget about the Elite Skill called “Lich Form” (available to all Necros), which transforms you into a giant Lich with a new set of skills and a new MASSIVE HP pool (+1000 Vitality, +1000 Precision and constant Stability) for 20 seconds. Yeah, beat that…

Power Reaper is also a very viable damage dealer, especially in Reaper Shroud (Skill 1 and Skill 4) and a “Gravedigger” (Greatsword skill 2). 

Bear in mind that Gravedigger has NO COOLDOWN if it successfully hits a target below 50% health threshold! (this means you can hit 4 targets with it, as long as just one is below 50% HP, there is no cooldown and you can spam it)

Reaper (as any other Necromancer) has access to Minions, which are essentially summoned pets to fight at your side, dividing attention and shaking aggro off you.

Nothing else to say - Reaper always wins when it comes to Solo Open World gameplay.

Why Minion Reaper is good for Solo:

  • All-round amazing
  • Access to HIGHEST HP in the entire game. PERIOD.
  • Very competitive damage output
  • Up to 6 minions at your command to aid in battle and shake aggro - summoned by Utility skills
  • Very simple and straightforward playstyle / gameplay

Pick Minion Reaper if:

  • You want to hunt everything down like a predator hunts its prey
  • You seek to instil fear into enemies, literally (Shroud skill 3, among others)
  • You simply want an effortless (mostly) way of playing Solo content in Guild Wars 2
  • You like scythes!


That is all from me today, I hoped you enjoyed reading through our TOP 10 Guild Wars 2 Best Solo Classes in 2021. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment down below or hit me up with a private message. I will be happy to help.


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