Is Guild Wars 2 Still Alive in 2024?

Guild Wars 2 Still Alive in 2024
Does Tyria still stand strong, or has it fallen in the wake of the Elder Dragons?

Guild Wars 2 released over a decade ago, and has since released a steady flow of action packed story, world expansions, flashy combat, and—best of all—cuddly companions. Despite being less renowned than its competitors like Elder Scrolls Online and the age-old Warcraft, it has maintained a regular release of content updates and expansions almost yearly, all without the monthly subscriptions many MMOs require.

With the End of Dragons release now two years past, putting an end to the game’s main decade-long plot, many may question if the world of Tyria is finally drawing to an end. Is Guild Wars 2 finally a dying game?

The answer is a resounding—no! 

Dive back into the Mists with the Secrets of the Obscure!

Those returning to Tyria after an extended hiatus will find a much changed world. The Elder Dragons have been defeated, leaving a void of power in their absence. Into this void, the enigmatic Mists between worlds have opened, and new demonic threats have poured forth!

Adventurers will have the opportunity to explore a new outpost: The Wizard’s tower, suspended high in the sky over Tyria. They will likewise face new demonic threats of the Kryptis demonic forces, but not without new tricks, as weapon proficiencies and movesets have been expanded across all of the game’s classes. Best of all, the process for acquiring the Skyscale, the game’s most maneuverable flying dragon mount, has been streamlined to allow newer players a faster and more mobile method of exploring the game’s vast world.

Exciting new content and holiday fun keep players coming back for more

Adventure with friends in small parties or squads of up to 50 players!

With such a regular release of content, the player base has remained startlingly consistent throughout the years. Well over 300,000 active players have played the game consistently over the past five years, with the average between peaks coming out closer to 400,000. While there has been little upward trajectory apart from peaks around expansions, the playerbase has shown no sign of dropping of the game as of yet.

A playerbase is nothing without an active community, and as the name of the game implies, the thousands of player lead guilds form the foundation of the game’s social sphere. Players can team up with friends to found their own guild hall, then go on weekly scavenger hunts, boss missions, and minigames for extra loot. Even without a guild, the helpful Looking for Group (LFG) network helps solo players find a squad for the game’s more difficult content, such as the gold rich Fractals of the Mists dungeon, the short but intensive Strike Missions, or the high difficulty Raids.

New weapons, new style, and new chapters!

Continue the battle against the forces that threaten the world of Tyira!

With an open Beta currently underway, allowing players the chance to try a new weapon skill set for every class, Guild Wars 2 is as lively as ever. New armor and mount skins keep the “Fashion Wars” alive and leave veteran players hungry for new style. The second chapter of the expansion, “Through the Veil” released just earlier this month; while the content won’t be going anywhere, players should be sure to hop online to enjoy the releases at peak!


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