[Top 10] Guild Wars 2 Best Rifle Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

When you want a reliable long-ranged weapon in Guild Wars 2 that can conquer the battlefield with its booming presence, you need to rock a powerful rifle with these freaking awesome skins.
When you want a reliable long-ranged weapon in Guild Wars 2 that can conquer the battlefield with its booming presence, you need to rock a powerful rifle with these freaking awesome skins.

Rifles in Guild Wars 2 can be considered the single-target equivalent of the longbow, which has access to more area-of-effect skills. While not necessarily a totally popular choice, there are those who see great potential with the weapon and, as such, want to look freaking awesome while wielding it. Let us take a much-needed look at some of the awesome rifle skins that the player base deems the best.


10. Scarlet’s Rainbow

Scarlet Briar was the villainous female Sylvari that caused chaos around Tyria and was the catalyst for awakening the Elder Dragon, Mordremoth, from its slumber. She was defeated by the Pact Commander and their allies from the soon-to-be Dragon’s Watch, and the holographic version of her iconic rifle, Scarlet’s Kiss, can be claimed by players. Torment your enemies while wielding this menacing holographic weapon and make sure they remember the very name this weapon was named after.

Why it is awesome

  • It is basically the same skin as a similar weapon, the Scarlet’s Kiss rifle, only holographic.
  • It makes for a great rifle for Holosmiths and their aesthetic. The holographic nature of the rifle fits with the theming of the profession.
  • The size of Scarlet's Kiss resembles a smaller version of the Charrzooka which will be discussed in a bit, and can be a bit massive on smaller races.

See Scarlet’s Rainbow in action:

AuroraPeachy’s video - 5:25 YouTube

How to get Scarlet’s Rainbow: 

  • Gnashblade Zephyrite Supply Box - available only during the Festival of the Four Winds event.
  • Zephyrite Curio Boxes (reward track or Blessing of the Four Winds Achievement)
  • Zephyrite Supply Box (random chance)
  • Can be purchased from the trading post for up to 60-120 gold.


9. Super Rifle Skin

The Super Adventure Box is an annual event where players from all over come to Rata Sum to partake in some silly, retro, arcade-y platforming across various worlds that resemble a low-polygonal game. It is a fun distraction from the chaos and destruction the story of the main game often tells, and is a celebration of yesteryears. Take the time in collecting tons of baubles and equip yourself with this retro blaster to conquer your enemies.

Why it is awesome

  • The retro design fits with the event that it first appeared in and represents the games of yesteryear. It is a call-back to an earlier time of hanging out with friends and family, putting coins into machines, and all the boops and sounds of the arcades.
  • It also replaces the sound effects of the rifle firing into a more video game-y sound effect.
  • The Super Rifle and the other weapons are the first versions and come in other colors that were added during the other Super Adventure Box events.

See the Super Rifle in action:

Dulfy’s video - YouTube

How to get the Super Rifle: 

  • Reward from the temporary repeatable reward track during the annual Super Adventure Box events, the Super Adventure Reward Track.
  • Sold by the NPC, Super Adventure Box Weaponsmith at Hooligan’s Route in Lion’s Arch, Creator’s Commons at Rata Sum, and the Hub of the lobby world of Super Adventure Box for 35 Bauble Bubble and 1 gold.
  • It can also be purchased from the trading post for roughly 7-12 gold.


8. Ironsight Bolt Thrower

The Ironsight Bolt Thrower is a rifle skin inspired from the Charr High Legions and their ingenuity to come up with weapons of mass destruction. It is part of a larger collection achievement known as Merchandise Collector that unlocks a cool little chestpiece skin for your wardrobe that resembles a rock T-shirt. Show your support for Metal Legion and party even harder.

Why it is awesome

  • This quirky rifle resembles a miniaturized version of a ballista and an anti-tank cannon that was used during wartime.
  • When the “rifle” is fired, it uses a unique sound effect akin to a bolt being released at a high velocity.
  • It also replaces the model of the projectiles fired into an arrow to represent a bolt.

See Ironsight Bolt Thrower in action:

Stainless’ video - YouTube

How to get the Ironsight Bolt Thrower: 

  • “Recovered” Charr Artifact (random chance)
  • Grothmar Legionnaire Weapon Requisition (random chance)
  • Grothmar Legionnaire Weapon Cache (random chance)
  • The skin can also be purchased from the trading post for roughly 9-15 gold.


7. Aetherized Rifle Skin

Have you ever wanted to have a rifle-sized revolver that can destroy your enemies from a good distance away? The Aetheraized Rifle is an oldie but a goodie and can take your foes down in style. If you somehow got the other Aetherized weapons, you simply need to find some steampunk-esque armor, and get ready for some serious in-game cosplay.

Why it is awesome

  • It is an aesthetically pleasing hammer with an emerald lock and key design. The handle and grip is the key while the hammer head is the lock.
  • It has a beautifully intricate design and a gorgeous metallic finish on the head and claw of the hammer.
  • After every shot, you can see the cylinder of the rifle rotate, giving it some much-needed realism.

See the Aetherized Rifle in action:

Dulfy’s video - YouTube

How to get the Aetherized Rifle: 

  • Cracked Fractal Encryption - random chance
  • Can be purchased from the trading post for roughly 13-20 gold.


6. Charrzooka

The Charr really do make some fascinating weaponry, don’t they? Some of them, however, make unintentionally hilarious gems like the Charrzooka, a humongous rifle that looks good on Charr players, but in the hands of other smaller races, you’d be hard-pressed to find one that can realistically lift this behemoth of a rifle. It does, however, bring smiles to the faces of players who see this hilarious rifle in action. What's next, a catapult that fires cows at enemies? Even that kind of weapon would be absolutely absurd... right? What's next, a catapult that fires cows at enemies? Even that kind of weapon would be absolutely absurd... right?

Why it is awesome

  • The Charzooka is not to be confused with the Charr’s racial elite ability to summon a Charrzooka that fires missiles. This comically massive Charr rifle is less missile launcher and more blunderbuss, shooting not a huge cannonball or missile but plain, ordinary rifle rounds, much to the disbelief of player characters.
  • This gigantic rifle clips onto the ground due to its massive size and dwarfs Humans, Sylvari, and the Asuran races.
  • Despite its comical design, it is a fan favorite among players because of the hilarity of the weapon and usually makes its home among the race that built it, the Charr, or players that want to meme around for a bit.

See the Charrzooka in action:

Dj Dragon’s video - YouTube

How to get the Charrzooka: 

  • Random chance to get it from opening any container from enemies.
  • Purchasable from the trading post at fluctuating prices.
  • Combine four random exotic equipment, preferably rifles, in the Mystic Forge and have a random chance of receiving it.


5. Pact Fleet Rifle Skin

Commemorate the journey of the Pact Fleet as it soared the Maguuma Jungle with the Pact Fleet Rifle and its weapon set. The weapon set takes inspiration from the Pact Airships that have been used since the fight against the Death Magic Elder Dragon, Zhaitan, and can be yours in your future conquest.

Why it is awesome

  • As previously mentioned, the skin represents the Pact Airships which you, the Commander, used against the fight against Zhaitan.
  • The rifle has a sci-fi feel to it coming from the blueish tint on the underside of the weapon, as well as the intricate detailing along the barrel of the fun.
  • The “rudders” of the ship appear to move after each shot as a subtle animation.

See the Pact Fleet Rifle in action:

Dulfy’s video - YouTube

How to get the Pact Fleet Rifle: 

  • Pact Fleet Weapon Cache - reward for completing the achievements Return to Dry Top 1 and 2, and Return to Silverwastes 1 and 2.
  • Vintage Black Lion Weapon Box - random chance


4. Zafirah’s Rifle Skin

There is no shortage of awesome rifle skins that turn your plain, ordinary, blunderbuss-looking weapon into a deadly sniper rifle. Zafirah’s Rifle is one sweet skin that proves that looks can kill. Roam the sands of Elona and take your enemies by surprise as you drop them from far away.

Why it is awesome

  • It is a beautifully crafted sniper rifle that fits the skills of the lethal sniper of Elona, Zafirah, that you can wield for yourself.
  • From the sniper’s scope to the rifle barrier, it’s color combination makes any trip to the desert into big game hunting time.
  • This modern-looking rifle would make the collection of any collector get with the times and move up from the blunderbusses and shotgun aesthetic.

See Zafirah’s Rifle in action:

Quoundo Games’ video - 2:40 YouTube

How to get Zafirah’s Rifle: 

  • Recovered Black Lion Goods - random chance of getting this weapon skin unlock after getting a Suspicious Package.
  • Guaranteed Weapon / Wardrobe Unlock - random chance to get this weapon skin if it is one of the weapon skins you haven’t unlocked yet. They cost 15 Black Lion Statuettes and are sold by three NPCs, the Black Lion Chest Merchant in various home cities, Lion’s Arch, and Arborstone, the Black Lion Representative in Thousand Seas Pavillion, and by interacting with a Black Lion Statuette.


3. Velocitas Eradico

If you want an awesome-looking rifle that is more similar to a railgun, look no further than the Velocitas Eradico. It launches shots that will obliterate its foes from its electrified barrel and onto their soon-to-be lifeless husks. This rifle offers a lot more style and tech points for players who are into sci-fi-leaning weapon skins.

Why it is awesome

  • Along the barrel of the rifle, you can see surging electricity coursing through it, waiting to be used on an unsuspecting enemy after each shot.
  • The rifle itself looks like an oversized mix between a railgun and a taser, and can fit player characters with a sci-fi feel to them.
  • Whenever you stow away the Velocitas Eradico, you can see it slowly activate its mechanized parts and fold various parts of the rifle, making it slightly more compact on your back.
  • The weapon has a stat prefix of Berserker (power + precision +ferocity) of the exotic rarity, making it a perfect weapon for a DPS user that needs it, preferably a Holosmith or Deadeye.

See Velocitas Eradico in action:

Stainless’ video - YouTube

How to get Velocitas Eradico: 

  • You can get this rifle skin from the Guaranteed Weapon Unlock at a random chance.
  • You may also purchase the weapon in the trading post for roughly 3-5 gold.


2. Aurene’s Persuasion

The newest Elder Dragon, Aurene, is the ally of all Tyrians, and seeks to bring balance to the flow of magic. She is honored by the weapons the players can choose to wield, with the rifle, Aurene’s Persuasion, being an awesome third-generation legendary you can craft. 

Why it is awesome

As legendary equipment itself:

  • Once unlocked in the Legendary Armory upon receiving this weapon, it can instantly be shared among your other characters.
  • It doesn’t need to use an upgrade extractor to take out Superior Sigils from the weapon.
  • You can also freely change its skin to any other you may choose without using a Transmutation Stone.

It can also change its stat prefix while out of combat.

As a skin itself:

  • Aurene’s Persuasion is similar to the other Prismatic Dragon’s legendary weapon set where, upon being wielded, rays of prismatic light descend onto your character and explode with crystal shards.
  • It is designed like a radiant, crystalline rifle with faint, glowing feathers, bringing an air of elegance to the weapon.
  • Whenever you deal a killing blow to enemies, a burst of light strikes them, leaving a crystal crater.
  • Wherever your character moves, tiny shining crystals form as your footfalls.
  • As your character moves, the rifle leaves a shimmering rainbow trail.

See Aurene’s Persuasion in action:

SpicyBagel’s video - YouTube

How to get Aurene’s Persuasion:

  • You can craft this legendary weapon by either crafting first the precursor weapon, Dragon’s Persuasion, purchasing it from the trading post, randomly looted from containers at the end of Strike Missions, or from the Prismatic Precursor Selection Box.
  • Once you have the precursor weapon, combine it with a Gift of Jade Mastery, a Draconic Tribute, and a Gift of Aurene’s Persuasion in the Mystic Forge.
  • You can also just purchase this legendary weapon from the Trading Post for roughly 2,100-2,400 gold.


1. The Predator

There really is no replacing what is basically the best rifle in the game that everyone can enjoy. From its animations, to its footfalls, this legendary rifle is the best rifle skin by a wide margin, and for good reason. Hunt down big game and know why they call you and your weapon, The Predator.

Why it is awesome

  • Aside from the previous statements about the useful abilities of legendary weapons, as a skin, Predator has the following effects:
  • When you want a rifle that really looks like an awesome sniper rifle, Predator will always be the top choice amongst rifle-users. The design is superb and is the product of the proud Charr race.
  • Speaking of Charr, when fired, a burst of fire is released from the Charr head, or the barrel of the rifle.
  • When wielded, the user is enveloped in a fiery aura and wherever they walk, they leave explosive footfalls.
  • Every time The Predator fires a round, it makes a unique sci-fi sound effect, letting every enemy around it know it is now your prey.

See Predator in action:

EndieM8’s video - YouTube

How to get The Predator: 

  • You can craft this legendary weapon by either finding first the precursor weapon, The Hunter, randomly while looting enemies, purchasing it from the trading post, or crafting the precursor weapon.
  • Once you have the precursor weapon, combine it with a Gift of Fortune, a Gift of Mastery, and a Gift of The Predator in the Mystic Forge.
  • You can also just purchase this legendary weapon from the Trading Post for around 1,750-2150 gold.


Closing Thoughts

Though the rifle is not that popular of a weapon and is only used by certain professions full time like the Engineer, it doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve awesome skins. These beautifully crafted rifle skins showcase the coolness of the weapon and prove that they deserve your love and attention. Now tell us, dear reader, what your favorite rifle skin is down below and why it should make our list.

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