[Top 5] Guild Wars 2 Best Fractal Builds (Ranked)

Ready for a wild time? Fractals of the Mists is one of the more challenging 5-man endgame content in core Tyria that you and your friends can
Ready for a wild time? Fractals of the Mists is one of the more challenging 5-man endgame content in core Tyria that you and your friends can

Fractals of the Mists is one of Guild Wars 2’s prominent endgame content that has been around since the beginning of the game. It used to be just unique mini-dungeon with its own mini-stories that players can finish without breaking a sweat. Now, it is one of the most challenging, often hair-pulling content in the game with the addition of challenge modes and the ever-growing amounts of agony. If you want to look for fun builds that can survive in a team or with randoms in Fractals, you have come to the right place, commander.


5. Power Bladesworn

When you think of DPS, the Bladesworn should always rank among the highest in any tier simply because of the raw power they possess. They cleave through their enemies with their high damage potential and attack power from a fully-charged Dragon Slash. When a Bladesworn joins the party for your Fractal run, let them run amok while you support their efforts from afar.

Why this is one of the best Fractal builds

  • The Power Bladesworn boasts pure power from the start, thanks in part to its being a Warrior and all the boosts it can give itself and its allies.
  • Speaking of power, they have an alternate build that shares their boons with their allies while sacrificing a portion of their strength to help their teammates.
  • They may be a glass cannon, but in the hands of a skilled Warrior or Bladesworn-main, they can simply dodge or block any dangerous attack. After all, the best defense is a superior offense.
  • The Quickness Banner variant can gain near-permanent Quickness buff uptime on itself, making it deal constant, fast damage.
  • Its Dragon Slash attacks can be used whether the boss is in close, mid, or long range with its three variations of the same attack. You are looking to deal with the close-range version or the 1 skill since it deals a ton more damage.

How to build this Fractal class

AoE Power Score: 82 / 100


4. Weaver

The Weaver continues to shine in endgame content with its potent skills capable of destroying foes with ease. It requires a high-skill level due to its complex skill-rotations and a calm mind to switch between elements with ease. In a master Weaver’s skilled hands, they can juggle elements and skills as if it were nothing.

Why this is one of the best Fractal builds

  • The Weaver can be played in one of two ways: pure power or condition damage. Whichever you choose will easily defeat enemies either way.
  • The Power DPS variant focuses on switching elements constantly and making use of their Dual Attack skills for maximum amounts of damage.
  • The Condition DPS variant relies on its team for an assist, making it more of a team player. Because Fractals need cooperation, it is often a better choice.
  • Both variants require being quick on your feet and even quicker thinking, traits that experienced Weavers need because of all the elements they have to juggle while performing their skill rotations.
  • Despite the Condition DPS variant having a lengthier skill rotation, it is actually the less complex version. If all else fails, press everything until it is all on cooldown then switch.

How to build this Fractal class

AoE Power Score: 87 / 100


3. Scourge

The Scourge continues to dominate in the realm of condition damage and obliterates their foes with debuff after debuff, melting them until there is nothing left. They even shield their allies with nifty sand barriers, mitigating damage for the team. They have always frequented endgame content and turned them into its playground, and Fractals is no different.

Why this is one of the best Fractal builds

  • The Scourge is one of the best condition damage professions, melting their foes with a mixture of Bleeding, Poison, Torment, Vulnerability, and other debilitating debuffs.
  • They have access to the Sand Shroud ability which can pulse barriers for itself and nearby allies.
  • MightyTeapot’s version can spread conditions to other enemies with its use of the Epidemic skill while also spreading Vulnerability debuffs.
  • The Superior Runes for both variants are rather easy to come by and are possibly the cheapest ones to get in the entire list.
  • With proper Life Force maintenance, you can time you F5 skill to give you an emergency barrier in an attempt to tank a massive hit.

How to build this Fractal class

AoE Power Score: 90 / 100


2. Power Renegade

The Renegade charges forward with a lethal build capable of taking on Fractals of the Mists with its friends. It isn’t afraid of duking it out with enemies in melee range and takes the fight to them every single time. When things get dicey, whip out the staff and stand your ground.

Why this is one of the best Fractal builds

  • The Power Renegade, unlike its brethren, the Condi Renegade, isn’t heavily reliant on its Legends to do massive damage or is weakened upon swapping them.
  • This powerful build has amazing carry potential in the hands of a skilled Revenant player.
  • It provides the always useful Alacrity buff, shortening the cooldown of skills for itself and its allies.
  • Power Renegades have access to powerful CC attacks on both weapon sets. Their priority, however, is to save staff 5 until the break bar appears, switch into it, and unleash the skill.
  • If the boss is somehow too far, you can blink nearer to it with your sword 5 attack and Legendary Assassin, Shiro’s Phase Traversal.

How to build this Fractal class

AoE Power Score: 93 / 100


1. Heal Firebrand

The Heal Firebrand, or Healbrand for short, has been a popular build in multiple content, from raids, strikes, open world PvE, and even the competitive game modes. It has made its presence known everywhere and has found its way to Fractals. 

Why this is one of the best Fractal builds 

  • It has multiple access to support skills, from healing, to condition cleanses, and even reflect build into its Tome skills alone.
  • The Healbrand can easily support its team while providing cover fire with its scorching flames, causing Burning damage and debuffs on enemies,
  • There are so many ways variations to the build, but they always focus around Virtues, and maintaining the Loremaster perk.
  • Healbrands are always a welcome sight in any game content and can have multiples of them to make it easier.
  • Healbrands can work alone or with a team to support the team and maintain buffs when necessary.

How to build this Fractal class

For the Heal brand specifically, there are two ways to build it depending on whether or not you are using Consecrations or not.

AoE Power Score: 95 /100


Closing Thoughts

Fractals of the Mists is a high-difficulty, endgame content that constantly challenges those who enter its realm but rewards those who stick with it in the long run. With these builds, you can survive much longer but it all comes down to your own skill level, so practice at the lower Fractal levels before eventually climbing up the ranks. What do you guys think, did we include your favorite builds and professions in our list? Let your voice be heard and place your lovely suggestions down below.

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