[Top 10] Guild Wars 2 Best Longbow Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

Pierce through your enemies' defense's with your mighty longbow and turn the tide of battle in Guild Wars 2.
Pierce through your enemies' defense's with your mighty longbow and turn the tide of battle in Guild Wars 2.

Ah, the trusty longbow; beloved long-ranged weapon of many professions in Guild Wars 2 that can fell great bests from afar and cause area-of-effect damage. These mighty tools of destruction are many player's go-to choice for professions that can use them, not just because they can keep enemies at bay, but because of the potential burst damage they can deal. There have been many longbow skins over the years, so stroll over to this article and see which ones are freaking awesome.


10. Zenith Longbow

The Zenith Longbow is part of the Zenith Weapon skins collection and is considered to be a really nifty achievement award for your account. The shimmering, golden-hued, crystalline weapons make fantastic, free alternative skins you can use for your favorite longbows if you are still saving for a skin you like. Mental note: keep the Skritt away from these shiny weapons.

Why they are awesome

  • The Zenith Longbow, like the other Zenith weapon skins, are totally free to use after you receive them and are wonderful additions to your wardrobe.
  • The longbow glows with a soft, subtle golden-yellowish glow as the crystal structure forms the actual body of the bow.
  • The Zenith weapon skins are relatively easy to get skins and are tied to your achievement score. 

See the Zenith Longbow in action:

Dewbi’s YouTube video

How to get the Zenith Longbow:

  • You can earn the Zenith Longbow and the other Zenith weapon skins by reaching various achievement point reward thresholds starting from 1,000 points, all the way up to 28,000.


9. Fractal Longbow

The Fractals of the Mists is a unique, end game-level mini-dungeon that features mini-side stories revolving around several events surrounding the lore of Guild Wars 2. The higher level of Fractals you delve into, the harder the challenges become. The Fractal Longbow is a glorious weapon you can receive as a reward for enduring all the hardships and weathering the storm with your teammates.

Why they are awesome

  • The Fractal Longbow is one of the Fractal weapon sets and, as such, has a mist-like trailing effect whenever the character moves and swings the weapon around.
  • The craggy design reminds you of the landscape usually found while inside the lobby area of FotM, the Mistlock Observatory.
  • The chests that you can get the Fractal Longbow in can be easily acquired as they are rewarded to players for completing a Daily Fractal.

See the Fractal Longbow in action:

GuildWars2 Fashion’s YouTube video

How to get the Fractal Longbow:

The Fractal Longbow can be acquired randomly from the following containers:

  • Fractal Adept’s Chest - reward
  • Fractal Initiate’s Chest - reward
  • Fractal Weapon Crate (choose longbow) - purchased from BUY-2046 PFR NPC in either the Mistlock Observatory in Fractals of the Mists or the Mistlock Sanctuary for 20 Pristine Fractal Relics. It can also be contained inside a Chest of the Casual Fractal Hero, the reward for completing the Fractal Initiate achievement.


8. Ydalir

When the Dragonhunter goes out hunting, it needs a longbow that is capable of defeating its foes with relative ease. This is where the mighty bow, Ydalir, comes in to start flinging arrows. Wield Ydalir at your side and protect all of Tyria from its foes while vanquishing the dragons.

Why they are awesome

  • Ydalir is one of the more realistic looking longbows available in the game with its ornate, draconic theme and exquisite design.
  • What the weapon lacks in flashy particle effects and fancy trailing effects, it makes up for in style. 
  • This awesome ascended weapon is technically given for free as long as you complete a collection set, and once unlocked, will be available as a skin in your wardrobe.

See Ydalir in action:

4:23 The Krytan Herald’s YouTube video

How to get Ydalir:

Complete the Ydalir Collection Achievement by finding the following items:

  • Dragonhunter’s Longbow
  • Drake Scale
  • Icy Dragon Scale
  • Mystic Hornbow (longbow skin)
  • Wyvern Scale
  • Dragonhunter’s Inscription
  • On WIngs of Gold: Bronze (Adventure reward as a Guardian)
  • Gift of Hidden Descent (Stealth Gliding mastery required)
  • Itzel Hunting Tactics
  • Dragonhunter’s Auric Sharpening Stone (gathered from ore nodes in Auric Basin as a Guardian)
  • Invisible Dragonhunter’s Mushroom Spore
  • Dragonhunter’s Gauntlet
  • Guardian’s Cache (complete any Heart of Thorns map)
  • Machined Longbow


7. Magical Longbow

If you ever wanted to do an in-game cosplay of a magical girl, you need the perfect set of weapons, and what better than the Magical weapon set's Longbow. This whimsical, beautiful, and colorful long-ranged weapon will make all of your magical girl dreams come true. Tyria has a new superhero in town, and as long as you wield this and the other Magical weapons in the set, you will be fighting evil by moonlight and winning love by daylight.

Why they are awesome

  • The pink and gold aesthetics are the perfect color scheme for any magical girl-themed weapon set and is just the right amount of silly for Guild Wars 2.
  • The Magical Longbow has a very subtle rainbow trailing effect but can become obvious when the character moves rapidly.
  • The hearts, star, and golden feather motifs blend together quite well and remind players of certain anime shows with similar weapon aesthetics.

See the Magical Longbow in action:

AuroraPeachy’s YouTube video

How to get the Magical Longbow:

  • Purchased from the trading post for roughly 28-35 gold.


6. Orchestral Longbow

Have you ever looked at your current longbow and thought, "You know what would make this crusty, old longbow awesome? Me shooting arrows with a harp!" For those of you who had this thought, congratulations, as your love of classical music can now be used in a symphony of destruction of your enemies. The Orchestral Longbow ensures that the only sound your enemies will ever listen from now on are your arrows flying past them at a blistering speed.

Why they are awesome

  • The Orchestral Longbow, much like the other Orchestral weapons, plays a musical instrument that is based on what your weapon represents when you sheathe and unsheathe it. In this case, you can hear a harp play.
  • The Orchestral weapons all have a trail effect that resembles musical notes in sheet music.
  • The weapon takes inspiration from the classical instrument, the Harp, and has very ornate details that players really need to take a closer look at. When the character attacks, they draw multiple strings to knock the arrow/s back before firing it which is an additional and welcomed detail.

See the Orchestral Longbow:

3:16 The Krytan Herald’s YouTube video

How to get the Orchestral Longbow:

  • Guaranteed Weapon Unlock (random chance)
  • Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock (random chance)
  • Recovered Black Lion Goods (random chance)
  • Vintage Black Lion Weapon Box (random chance)
  • Purchased from the trading post for roughly 9-12 gold.


5. God-Slayer Longbow

What better weapon can you rock on your Charr character other than a longbow skin that can represent their lore of killing their own god? The God-slayer Longbow is an interesting weapon to say the least and features a heavily Charr-inspired design, from the bottom all the way to the top of the bow, and is a ferocious sight to behold in the middle of a battle. If one thing can scare a false god, it is a weapon that can slay gods, after all.

Why they are awesome

  • The God-Slayer Longbow showcases a metallic, Charr design with fiery eyes on the head, sharp bladed bits, and glowing, blueish orbs that contrast the weapon.
  • This fierce weapon goes well with dark-armored professions but makes the best fit among the race that made it: the Charr.
  • Upon wielding the weapon, it will start to generate electricity, adding to the spectacle of the weapon.

See the God-Slayer Longbow in action:

Dulfy’s YouTube video

How to get the God-Slayer Longbow:

  • Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock (random chance)
  • Guaranteed Weapon Unlock (random chance)


4. Fire-Breathing Longbow

The Fire-Breathing Longbow is one of those weapon skins where coolness is the driving factor and main priority in making an awesome skin, and what better way to do so than with a bow shaped like a dragon. For those who wanted more dragons in their lives, this literal dragon bow can become your main longbow for many many runs. For even more fun, try applying the skin on a longbow your Dragonhunter uses just for fun.

Why they are awesome

  • The Fire-Breathing Longbow is a weapon in the shape of a classical European dragon. It adorns the weapon with its incredibly beautiful brass-like design and is intricately detailed.
  • The mouth of the dragon emits flames and smoke, hence the name of the skin, and makes for an awesome display in battle. Whenever you fire the weapon, the flame becomes stronger as it shoots further from the mouth of the dragon.

See the Fire-Breathing Longbow in action:

Dulfy’s YouTube video

How to get the Fire-Breathing Longbow:

Can only be attained by opening a Fire-Breathing Package which is sold by the following:

  • Black Lion Chest Merchant - Home cities, Lion’s Arch, Arborstone - 25 Black Lion Statuettes
  • Black Lion Representative - Thousand Seas Pavillion - 25 Black Lion Statuettes
  • Double clicking Black Lion Statuette - needs 25


3. Golden Talon Longbow

The spirit of the mighty eagle soars alongside the arrows you let loose from the Golden Talon Longbow. This truly majestic longbow skin is a sight to behold and is a must-have option for every Ranger out there. No eagles were harmed in the creation of this awesome-looking longbow.

Why they are awesome

  • Just by looking at the design of the Golden Talon Longbow, you will see the ornate details laced within it. From the golden-brass sculpted eagle bow to the feathers that adorn it, everything just fits a weapon that should fly as straight as an eagle.
  • There is a subtle particle effect emitted by the feathers that make it look like the wings are shimmering.
  • When you wield the Golden Talon Longbow, the wings unfold and open up as if to take flight, giving this weapon some realism.

See the Golden Talon Longbow in action:

Senieth’s YouTube video

How to get the Golden Talon Longbow:

The only way to get the skin nowadays is by purchasing it with 25 Black Lion Statuettes from the following sources:

  • Black Lion Chest Merchant - Home cities, Lion’s Arch, Arborstone
  • Black Lion Representative - Thousand Seas Pavillion
  • Double clicking a Black Lion Statuette


2. Vermilion Longbow

The phoenix is a mythological bird known to revive itself from its own ashes and symbolizes a new beginning or chapter in ones life. To symbolize this majestic creature, arm yourself with the Vermilion Longbow and watch as your own renown rise even further. Like the flames of the weapon, may your adventures with this bow remind you of your passionate efforts to become the very best of your profession.

Why they are awesome

  • This fiery longbow burns with a warm, orange glow, and when you wield it, it shines even brighter.
  • While your character is moving around with the Vermilion Longbow, there is a subtle flaming trail that follows the outline of the flames.
  • The design itself of the longbow is astounding, with the many small details on the plumage of the fire bird covering it and even on the larger feathers that make up the rest of the bow.
  • In case you have no light source and are stuck in a place with little to no light like in Lion's Arch's jumping puzzle, the Vermilion Longbow can act like a very expensive torch.

See the Vermilion Longbow in action:

LittleLordZerox’s YouTube video

How to get the Vermilion Longbow:

  • The only way to get the skin nowadays is by purchasing a Vermillion Bow Package with 45 Black Lion Statuettes from the following sources:
  • Black Lion Chest Merchant - Home cities, Lion’s Arch, Arborstone
  • Black Lion Representative - Thousand Seas Pavillion
  • Double clicking a Black Lion Statuette


1. Azureflame

When majority of Guild Wars 2's playerbase was asked what they thought the best longbow skin is, without mentioning any of the legendaries, Azureflame has always been among the top and it is easy to see why. This spectral weapon has always been in the game since day one and has been a beloved skin for longbow users due to it being more of a status symbol. When a player has this, it either means they are really lucky with finding exotic weapons, or they have tons of materials and gold in their account.

Why they are awesome

  • As previously mentioned, Azureflame is a spectral longbow that resembles both the Guardian's spirit skill, Bow of Truth, and the Aether shortbow.
  • While the design of the actual bow itself may seem a bit lacking compared to the rest of the bows in the list, it is seen as a luxury item because of its Spectral nature and crafting items needed to make it.
  • The weapon gives off a bluish mist that envelops the actual spectral bow, and when the player unsheathes it and uses certain skills, the weapon will feature a blowout animation that blasts some of the mist while charging certain attacks.

See Azureflame in action:

Kenpachiii’s YouTube video

How to get Azureflame:

Combine the following at a Mystic Forge:

  • 100 Mystic Coins
  • 250 Ancient Longbow Staves
  • 1 Gift of Light
  • 1 Eldritch Scroll
  • Alternatively, you can purchase the weapon from the trading post for roughly 300-400+ gold.


Closing Thoughts

The longbows in this list prove that legendary weapons aren't the only sought after weapons in the game if there are other equally viable options that are just as, if not, more pleasing to the beholder. While there are many other awesome longbow skins out there, we would be here all day listing every other skin, but these are the ones that the community has found to be the most awesome. Dear reader, if you have any suggestions for another set of longbows that you feel could have made this list, let us know so make your voice and opinions be heard.

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