[Top 10] Guild Wars 2 Best Shortbow Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

Purge your enemies with tons of condition damage thanks to your trusty shortbow.
Purge your enemies with tons of condition damage thanks to your trusty shortbow.

The shortbow is the smaller, more compact and versatile little sister of the longbow in Guild Wars 2. While the longbow is seen more as the heavier favorite among the player base for long-ranged combat, the shortbow is renowned for the condition damage it can deal against even the sturdiest of foes. The Guild Wars 2 community has since then given their thoughts on which ones are the best shortbow skins available in-game that they find to be freaking awesome.


10. Wintersbark

Wintersbark is one of the coolest shortbow skins you can equip on any of your characters that can use this icy weapon. While you are chillin' and slayin' around Tyria with this frigid needler, why not stop by your Elementalist friends and join them as they conjure their own version of the weapon? If you think these puns are getting a frosty reception, wait until you hear from your enemies as you hail a blizzard of arrows onto their soon-to-be lifeless husks.

Why they are awesome

  • The Wintersbark skin is basically a carbon copy of the Elementalist's conjured weapon, the Frost Bow, only instead of raining down condition damage for a limited time, you get to keep your weapon. 
  • The symmetry of the icicle shards that form this cool weapon (okay, I'll stop with the puns) make for a marvelous display of craftsmanship, despite its rather simplistic design.
  • While it lacks the actual Frost Bow's weapon skills, it makes up for it by being a more permanent weapon that other professions can use. This can be used to your advantage in competitive game modes where you can potentially fool players into thinking you have a Frost Bow when it is just an ordinary shortbow until it is too late.
  • The Wintersbark has been in game since the very beginning and has ties to the lore of the game with it being a potential reward for defeating the Claw of Jormag.

See Wintersbark in action:

Enedark’s YouTube Shorts video

How to get Wintersbark:

  • Randomly rewarded from a dropped Frost Chest after defeating The Claw of Jormag World Boss
  • Crafted from the Mystic Forge with an Eldritch Scroll, Gift of Ice, 100 Mystic Coins, and 250 Ancient Short-Bow Staves
  • Purchased from the trading post for roughly 125-190 gold.


9. Rox’s Shortbow

Rox was a Charr Gladium in the beginning of her story until she joined the Dragon's Watch guild, where she would eventually find her new home with the Olmakhan. In honor of this amazing character, the game released her weapon's skin if the players choose to do so. All you will need now is find an albino devourer and you will be good to go!

Why they are awesome

  • The design of Rox's Shortbow resembles that of a dead devourer; an enemy she may have needed to defeat in order to turn it into the very bow she wields now.
  • Its stunning lines and curves make Rox's Shortbow feel like it was once a living creature that was turned into a tool for survival.
  • The "belly" of the devourer glows, as if it is still alive.

See Rox’s Shortbow in action:

GW2 Fashion’s YouTube video

How to get Rox’s Shortbow:

Rox’s Shortbow can only be acquired randomly from the following containers:

  • Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock
  • Recovered Black Lion Goods


8. Ebon Vanguard Shortbow

The Ebon Vanguard Shortbow is one of many signature weapons of the group it was named after. They all have the black and gold motif that reminds the players of what it represents, and the story of the Human-Charr alliance in Ebonhawke. Arms yourselves with this shortbow skin and vanquish those who wish to destroy the combined might of two powerhouse races.

Why they are awesome

  • The Ebon Vanguard Shortbow is a sleek, simple designed weapon that does not have any fancy particle effects or trails, but it makes up for all the flash with much needed realism and ornate, intricate design.
  • This beautifully ornate bow's sleek lines and curves are elegant to those who seek a more elegant yet dangerous shortbow skin.
  • The black and gold colors fit the theme of the Ebon Vanguard and their fight to keep the peaceful alliance of the Charr and Humans alive.

See the Ebon Vanguard Shortbow in action:

Good Gaming’s YouTube video

How to get the Ebon Vanguard Shortbow:

You can get the Ebon Vanguard Shortbow skin by purchasing the weapon at the Stronghold of Ebonhawke in Fields of Ruin from the following NPCs:

  • Cadet Rashell (level 40 rare variant) - 9,800 Karma
  • Cadet Ostin (level 60 rare variant) - 35,000 Karma
  • Cadet Krysta (level 80 rare variant) - 63,000 Karma


7. Arachnophobia

To our arachnophobic friends out there, skip this entry if you have a nasty phobia of creepy crawlies like spiders. For those of you who have stayed or are the complete opposite and love spiders, congratulations! Arachnophobia is just the shortbow for players who love tormenting others with a massive fear of spiders.

Why they are awesome

  • The design of Arachnophobia takes inspiration from one of the deadliest spiders known to humanity: the Black Widow Spider.
  • The webs that cling to the legs of the spider sway realistically while the player character moves and swings the weapon around.
  • If you have an annoying friend who is massively afraid of spiders but doesn't know you have this weapon, ask them to zoom their camera in as you suddenly whip this bad boy out. 

See Arachnophobia in action:

xeRocha’s YouTube video

How to get Arachnophobia:

  • Combine a Gift of Spiders, an Eldritch Scroll, 100 Mystic Coins, and 20 Superior Sigils of the Night in the Mystic Forge
  • Purchased from the trading post for roughly 85-122 gold.


6. Super Shortbow

The Super Shortbow is one of the retro arcade-y skins released during the initial Super Adventure Box event that took place on April 1, 2013. It is a fun bow to wield that doesn't take itself seriously with its cheery boop sounds in contrast to the world filled with conflict and danger. Let the Super Shortbow remind you of a much simpler time where you could just sit back on your couch for a good game or a fun time out with friends at an arcade.

Why they are awesome

  • When the Super Shortbow and other similar Super Weapons are drawn, glowing blue particles are emitted from the holographic blue upper and lower limbs.
  • All of the weapons from the Super weapons set have unique sound effects when they are swing or fired and have a more videogame feel to it.
  • Despite being available during the Super Adventure Box event, it can be easily farmed for, especially if you have been playing since the start of Guild Wars 2.

See the Super Shortbow:

RavensoSix’s YouTube video

How to get the Super Shortbow:

You can get the Super Shortbow from the following sources:

  • Super Weapon Box - temporary repeatable reward track in both sPvP and WvW during the Super Adventure Box April seasonal event.
  • Super Adventure Box Weaponsmith in both Hooligan's Route in Lion's Arch and Creator's Commons in Rata Sum for 35 Bauble Bubbles and 1 gold.
  • Purchased from the trading post for roughly 5-10 gold.


5. Glacial Shortbow

Wintersday is a seasonal holiday in Guild Wars 2 that is obviously inspired by Winter and the Christmas season, and what better gift to give to yourself than the Glacial weapons set? The Glacial Shortbow, in particular, is a work of art that will even make the forces of Jormag stop and appreciate its design before being shot at by its user. The set was introduced in the 2017 iteration of Wintersday and has become a favorite amongst players looking for ice-inspired weaponry.

Why they are awesome

  • The swooping curved design of the Glacial Shortbow gives it an air of elegance that players enjoy so much.
  • If you take a look near the riser and grip of the Glacial Shortbow, you will notice that there is a magical blue particle effect that resembles flowing ice magic.
  • Its coloration is the perfect fit for player characters that have a certain theme to their armor set, preferably those who are going for a Frost Ranger-type of aesthetic.

See the Glacial Shortbow in action:

The Krytan Herald’s YouTube video

How to get the Glacial Shortbow:

  • Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock (random chance)
  • Guaranteed Weapon Unlock (random chance)
  • Recovered Black Lion Goods (random chance)


4. Aether

The Aether shortbow is the small version of the Azureflame longbow and shares a similar design to the Guardian's spirit skill, Bow of Truth. This spectral shortbow is a welcome addition to any player looking to find all the weapons that are also the same models as conjured weapons from various professions. No matter the task, the Aether shortbow will be up for the task, no flying, squeaky avatar and lost sister needed.

Why they are awesome

  • Aether is a dead ringer for the Guardian's Bow of Truth, and as such, is a highly valued shortbow amongst the weapon type's fans.
  • This shortbow is similar to its longbow counterpart, Azureflame, and shares similar traits with it like the weapon emiting a blowout effect when certain skills are used.
  • The ghostly spectral design makes it a part of the highly-valued Spectral weapons set despite not having Spectral in its name.

See the Aether in action:

Good Gaming’s YouTube video

How to get the Aether:

  • Combine an Eldritch Scroll, a Gift of Light, 100 Mystic Coins, and 250 Ancient Short Bow Staves in the Mystic Forge.
  • Purchasable from the trading post for roughly 260-400 gold.


3. Slingshot

I know what you may be thinking: "Wait, a plain, ordinary, run-of-the-mill slingshot is on the number 3 spot? Really? How can an ordinary slingshot be so high up the list?" The answer is quite simple really: In Guild Wars 2, if the weapon skin changes the weapon into something else but makes some sense and is actually entertaining enough to use, then the player base will gravitate toward it, no matter how silly the skin is. The Slingshot is an inexpensive skin that everyone can get during Wintersday and is easy to find. If it weren't for its exclusivity, the Slingshot would be even further up the list, but numbers 2 and 1 are just too good not to include.

Why they are awesome

  • The Slingshot skin turns the shortbow into a wooden slingshot, making it a rather unique transformation among other skins.
  • What makes the Slingshot skin special is that it removes the sounds the weapon makes, making it virtually silent.

See the Slingshot in action:

GW2 Fashion’s YouTube video

How to get the Slingshot:

  • Purchasable only during Wintersday for 504 Karma from the Charity Corps Seraph at The Crown Pavillion in Divinity's Reach.
  • Purchasable from the trading post for roughly 80 copper - 1 silver and 41 copper.


2. Chuka And Champawat

Chuka and Champawat is the name of the second generation legendary shortbow that involves tiny baby tiger cubs while crafting its precursor weapon, Tigris. This legendary weapon will give you an appreciation for the wildlife in the game and the many stories and lessons it subtly shares through its lore. Get in touch with your wild side armed with Chuka and Champawat, and devour your enemies whole.

Why they are awesome

  • Aside from the fact that it is a legendary weapon with all the abilities they all share with one another, as a skin, Chuka and Champawat is a marvelous shortbow that grants users a crimson aura surrounding their chest.
  • When the player unsheathes this legendary weapon, two spectral tigers leap into you and power up your weapon as swirling, flaming scratch mark particle effects surround you and vanish into the air.
  • While you have Chuka and Champawat on your character, you leave behind glowing, red-orange tiger paw marks on the ground.
  • Whenever you shoot with this legendary weapon, your projectiles are transformed into spectral orange tigers that maul your enemies.

See Chuka and Champawat in action:

Roelski’s YouTube video

How to get Chuka and Champawat:

Unlike the first and third generation legendary weapons, second generation legendary weapons need to be crafted from scratch and need the following materials in the Mystic Forge:

  • The precursor weapon, Tigris
  • Mystic Tribute
  • Gift of Chuka and Champawat
  • Gift of Maguuma Mastery


1. The Dreamer

The Dreamer sits comfortably at the top of the list of favorite shortbow weapon skins that the community loves and for a very particular reason. It's whimsical appearance and humorous projectiles are so on the left-field that no one expected it to be this good. While The Dreamer and Chuka and Champawat have always vied for the top spot, there is no denying the fact that The Dreamer is much easier to get and is why it sits at the very top.

Why they are awesome

  • Aside from the fact that it is a legendary weapon with all the abilities they all share with one another, as a skin, The Dreamer is one fantastic skin with a whimsical unicorn design that, according to the lore at least, the Skritt enjoy.
  • When The Dreamer is unsheathed, a burst of light brightly shines as a alicorn emerges from the weapon with swirling rainbows and disappears into the sky.
  • While you are wielding this awesome legendary weapon, your hands glow bright pink and white, thematically fitting The Dreamer.
  • As you are carrying the weapon on your character, you leave behind rainbow hoof footprints as you move across the field.
  • Everytime you fire a shot from The Dreamer, the projectiles transform into Alicorns that trample your enemies.

See The Dreamer in action:

Roelski’s YouTube video

How to get The Dreamer:

Combine the following at a Mystic Forge:

  • The Lover - Precursor weapon
  • Gift of The Dreamer
  • Gift of Fortune
  • Gift of Mastery
  • Alternatively, you can purchase the weapon from the trading post for roughly 1,570-1,900+ gold.


Closing Thoughts

Shortbows may not receive as much love as the longbows, but skins such as the Glacial shortbow and Arachnophobia prove that they are worth your time and effort to get. There are many other viable skins that could have made the list, but only those that the community has deemed to be the best could truly rank on top. If your favorite shortbow skin was not listed here, do let us know so that we may follow it up in a future article regarding other skins that are freaking awesome.

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