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Off to Make Some Gold!

Ah, Gold in Guild Wars 2 is the primary currency that is used by players to purchase items for crafting, gear upgrades, and assorted other items without using any real-world currency. 

The challenge is how do you get enough to purchase the items you really want or need?  You have to work at it. By following the 10 methods below, you can earn the currency a bit faster, a bit easier, while having fun doing it. 

The methods below do use the Trading Post which is a living economy.  It changes constantly, so results may vary. Also - the best way to sell does is by NOT doing the “sell now” option.  What you should be doing for all the methods listed is listing the item for sale with the max level. (It’s the same with purchasing items - you should put a buy bid in, so you can keep more of your gold instead of the “buy now” option.)  

Ok, commander, we are going to take a look at what it takes to fatten up your coin purse. 

Bonus information: 

Knowledge can make you very powerful and rich...

Video link to the Method:

You are going to get a lot of gear doing some of these methods, and often the sum of the parts on the Trading Post is worth more than the actual item itself.   

  • Salvage all white, green, and blue
  • Yellow - below 68 sell the item for the lowest price. 
  • Yellow - above 68 - check the price of ectoplasm, and if the value of the item is less than that - salvage. 
  • Orange - if it is less than one gold, salvage.  If it is worth more than one gold but has a rune that is worth more than 50 silver, salvage.  If it is worth more than one gold but has a salvageable inscription or insignia salvage with a black lion salvage kit.  Otherwise, sell it. 
  • Pink - Unless you need something that can only be created from the salvage, you should store or sell these items. 

Now, on the list.

10) Converters 

​Sadly, you cannot just convert this directly into gold… well directly anyway.

Video link to the Method: 

You have to get the gizmo, to use resources to convert into other items that can then be sold. 

Now, there are many to choose but focus on those that can be used to earn gold. So look for one that offers a means to purchase crafting supplies, and try to get the heavy one.

  • Earn the Converter 
  • Use the Converter 
  • Sell items to either vendor or on the Trading post. 

  9)  Alt Parking 

This is actually the start of Weyandt's Revenge jumping puzzle. 

Video link to the Method:

This makes use of any alternative characters you are not using.  You get them to the end of the jumping puzzled so that they can harvest the chest daily for your main characters.  Keep in mind that some of the newer jumping puzzles have specific markers that you need to hit to receive the chest, and this method will not work there.  Results will vary depending on where you park your character, and how many characters you park, and the item value on the trading post. Expect at least 2 gold per chest. 

  • Take a character you are not playing to the end of a jumping puzzle that offers a chest. 
  • Have the character harvest the reward chest at the end of the jumping puzzle. 
  • Log out to keep the character at the reward point for the jumping puzzle. 

  8) Node Farming / Rich Node Farming 

Store your goods in an octopus - just don’t question the bank’s fees...

This method is one that everyone knows - but dedicated farming of nodes. The amount will vary depending on the going rate for the materials, the volume you are selling, and what the node gives you.   Depending on the number of nodes you hit, the results will vary, but you can make some significant gold. 

Method A

Video Link to the Method:

Finding a home space with all the available nodes, as well as Guildhalls of different levels can result in obtaining materials.  Additionally harvest every node as you find, you see will also add to the volume of items you have to sell - or keep for crafting purposes.  Go to the Guild Hall /Home Space 

  • Harvest Nodes 
  • Sell on TP 

Method B Rich Node Farming

Video Link to the Method:

Again, the amount earned will vary based on TP rates.  There are many guides for the best routes to farm. Here is a link to the location of some very good permanent gathering locations:  Remember the amount is each item. 

  • Go to Rich Node locations 
  • Harvest Nodes 
  • Sell on TP

7) Time Gated Crafting

What to make today…

Video link to the Method:

Crafting time-gated crafting items can be lucrative.   Items like Elonian Leather Square, Bolt of Damask, and Deldrimor Steel Ingot sell for at least 2 gold but keep in mind this is only VERY profitable if you already have the materials to create the items.  Otherwise, you have to see 

  • Create the item according to the recipe.
  • Sell on the Trading Post. 

  6) Laurels to Gold

Several of the Heavy Crafting bags, please!

Video link to the Method:

This method can yield at least 25 to 30 gold depending on the current rates for items on the trading post.  This method requires that you own either Heart of Thorns or Path of Fire expansions. 

Log in daily to collect laurels from the daily login rewards.  You can get about 35 a month. If you choose the chest of plentiful laurels at the end of the 28-day cycle’s chest of loyalty,  you will have another 20 laurels for a total of 55. 

  • Go to the Laurel Vendor and purchase the heavy crafting bags. 
  • Open the bags and sell the contents on the trading post. 

5)  Karma conversion 

This looks like a friendly Karma merchant….

Video link to the Method:

If you play Guild Wars for any length of time, you will have a ton of Karma before you know it.  This video talks through what to do to convert this into a currency that is far more useful with select purchase from the Karma merchants, and how to convert it. 

Method 1 You need Pact Commander Mastery.   This method can yield about 90 gold. 

  • Find out where the Pact Merchants are and go get a Pact Scout Mapping Materials from each of them, for a total of 6.   Keep in mind that Pact Merchants travel to different locations. So there is a page on the wiki for that. (
  • Hoard the bags.  Yes, you heard me.  You should be able to get about 42 bags for a week.  Just hold them. 
  • Open your Pact Scout Mapping Materials on the map that has the best material for the reward.   Again, there is another page on the wiki for that( )
  • Decided which map is the most profitable and open the Pact Scout Mapping Materials on that map during the right week. 
  • Sell the contents on the Trading Post. 

Method 2 requires the Path of Fire Expansion.  The amount will vary depending on how many caches are purchased and what the profit point is, but easily ear about 1 to 2 gold per cache purchased. 

  • Go to the Heart Vendors on the Crystal Desert map. They are the Karma merchants.
  • Perform the heart task that allows you to purchase from them.
  • Buy Trade Caches from them, which will cost Karma and Trade contracts (which are the map-specific currency)  Check out this link to figure out which one is the most profitable here or 
  • Sell the contents on the Trading Post. 

Method 3 Require that the Wintersday event is running.  During the event, these gifts can earn about 1 gold each. 

  • Buy The Wintersday Gifts from the vendor, all the tiers you can. 
  • DO NOT open the gifts
  • Sell them on the trading post. 

4)  Unbound Magic to Gold

There are tools to help you get even more unbound magic...

Link to Method:

Similar to the method above, only using unbound magic to buy Magic-Warped Bundle. So if you are playing a lot of the expansion that uses this currency you can make a good profit off the bags.  For 10 bags purchased, we are looking at a 12 gold profit. 

  • Go to Unbound Magic vendor
  • Purchased Magic Warped Bundles.
  • Open 
  • Sell the contents on the Trading Post. 

3) Fractal Farming 

Into the mist, we dare to go hoping to earn lots of gold...

Video link to the Method:

This is going to take some skill to earn this gold.  To complete a Tier 4 level fractal, you will need to have the right gear and knowledge.  Plus you will need a good group to go with you - however, if you can, you can earn approximately 40 gold in an hour doing the Fractal Daily with the loot bonuses. 

  • Go to Fractals. 
  • Do the Tier 4 fractals
  • Collect Rewards 
  • Sell on Trading posts. 

2)  Auric Basin Gold Farm

There is gold down that way.

Video link to the Method:

This map’s meta is considered the second-best way to get gold in Guild Wars 2, however, you have to have the Heart of Thorns expansion to access it  Players can make upward of 20 gold per map. Notice - I said per map because using looking for group, you can jump to another Auric Basin map and harvest again.   After that, the cooldown for the map is two hours before the cycle starts over. Also, you do not need to be present for the entire meta, you can just come for the last phase. 

  • Play the Map’s Metas 
  • Gather the keys
  • Collect the rewards 
  • Sell the spoils on the Trading Post. 

1)   Silverwastes Farming

Gold can be found here. 

Video link to the Method:

This map’s meta has been a source to gain a great amount of gold for several years now.   The Meta is broken out into several parts events, the footholds phase, the Breach phase, and the Vine Wrath phase.   Up to 300 gold can be earned on this map due to the amount of drops. The map resets quickly, and you can repeat it often.  The event takes about an hour, with a half-hour between resets. 

  • Got to Silverwastes 
  • In Looking for Group, join up with a group (and get on their map) with the word RIBA in the description.
  • Have fun and collect all the chests along the way
  • After the Breach Phase - go harvest additional chests 
  • Open and sell. 

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