Top 5 Guild Wars 2 Best PvP Class 2019

Guild Wars 2 Best Pvp Class
Thief vs Engineer in pvp

What are the best GW2 PVP Classes?

GW2, has been around for many years, and with it, the ability to rampage other players on pvp. It has grown in population and now holds as many players as Final Fantasy and other popular MMOs. One of the great things about GW2 pvp is that if you play any profession well, you can be a force to be reckoned with. With that considered, there are some professions that make it easier to be a boss on the battlefield. Here are the top five pvp professions in GW2.

1. Elementalist

Elementalist pvp

Elementalists have always been a great class. Their array of spells as well as all their self-healing and ally healing abilities make them very powerful.

Why is the Elementalist key in pvp?

  • A wide variety of spells
  • Healing powers
  • Sustainable in one-on-one fights as well as playing against multiple people
  • Blast effects
  • Grants buffs to allies
  • Builds traps
  • Big damage
  • Blocking spells
  • Shield spells
  • Great member of pvp teams for its ally support spells
  • Makes enemies vulnerable

The best build for an Elementalist in pvp uses fire, air, and arcane specializations. Expect to bring enemies down hard.

Why is this the best build?

  • Speed
  • Spike damage
  • Adds spells when switching weapons
  • Burns enemies
  • More damage
  • Gains might when using fire
  • Removes damage when you have multiple conditions
  • Deals more damage when you use fire and are below optimal health
  • More precision when you use the air element
  • Reduced spell recharge
  • Gains ferocity
  • Gains vigor
  • Blocking abilities
  • Shields and exploding shields
  • Inflicts extra conditions

2. Thief

Thief pvp

The amazing thing about thieves is that they are quick. They have unparalleled dodge and evade spells. It can be very difficult to keep up with a thief because they are master assassins.

Why is the Thief needed in pvp?

  • Evades
  • Stealth mode makes it hard to kill a thief
  • Has powerful weapons such as the dagger
  • Gains abilities from stealing

The best thief build uses deadly arts, trickery, and acrobats. These specializations insure that you will steal the lives of your enemies.

Why is this the best build?

  • Gains life while dealing damage
  • Immobilizes opponents
  • Poisons enemies
  • Uses stolen skills twice
  • Recharges a random skill when stealing
  • Gains fury, might, and swiftness
  • Applies fury, might, and swiftness to nearby allies
  • Recharges skills
  • Increases in vigor
  • Steals boons off enemies and gives them to allies
  • Stealing dazes enemies
  • Evades attacks to gain vigor and regeneration
  • Evading with a sword or spear recharges stealing spells
  • Swords and spears deal increased damage

3. Engineer

   Engineer pvp

Engineers pack a punch. They have one of the strongest health bars and deal some of the biggest damage in GW2. They have a wide variety of heavy artillery such as explosives, rifles, and turrets. These things are why engineers are so needed in pvp.

How is the Engineer such a kicker in pvp?

  • Heavy armor
  • Variety of weapons
  • Takes a lot of damage
  • Deals a lot of damage

The best build for an engineer in pvp uses explosives, firearms, and tools specializations. This build is very sturdy and allows you to gain special abilities by dodging.

What makes this the best build?

  • Simple to learn/master
  • Bombs are created when dodging
  • Power determines vitality and ferocity
  • Explosions cause crippling and bleeding
  • Increased chance of hitting opponent with spells
  • Increase of condition damage
  • Giving enemies conditions gives increased damage
  • When you use a tool belt skill, you throw a bolt of lightning
  • Attacking an opponent when they are above the health threshold creates an explosion
  • Gains endurance

4. Warrior

Warrior pvp

The Warrior is one of the best all-around professions. They are easy to get the hang of and are very powerful on the battlefield. They are useful in pvp as a DPS class that also have a good selection of healing spells.

Why is the Warrior needed in pvp?

  • Strong combat spells
  • Good healing spells
  • Knock back and stun spells

The best Warrior build uses discipline, defense, and strength specializations. These specializations give the Warrior more mobility and health.

What makes the Warrior a unique fighter in pvp?

  • Runs faster with melee weapons
  • Deals bigger damage with swiftness
  • Conditions are removed when swapping weapons
  • When you use a burst skill, you gain swiftness, deal more damage, have quicker movements, and gain endurance
  • Gains toughness: if your health is optimal, when blocking, or when taking critical conditions
  • More adrenaline used means more health gained
  • If your health is low, damage takes less of an impact on your health bar
  • Gain vigor when you take stances
  • Dodging hurts enemies
  • Controlling spells recharge faster and have increased damage
  • Using a sword or spear grants double might

5. Mesmer

Mesmer pvp

Mesmers have a lot going for them when in combat. They have illusions that can deal and take damage, they have an array of weapons that are both close and long range and deal heavy damage.

How are Mesmers so deadly in Pvp?

  • Strong health
  • Good weapons
  • Illusions help in combat
  • Long/close range weapons
  • Gives enemies terror

The best Mesmer build uses illusions, dueling, and mirage. These are specializations that emphasize the Mesmers dodging, blocking, shattering, illusions, and cloak abilities.

Why is this the best build?

  • Using a torch gives you increased burning conditions
  • Creating illusions increases your damage
  • Shatter spells recharge faster and torment enemies
  • Using a scepter gives you more speed
  • Scepter skills recharge faster
  • Gains vigor when taking critical damage
  • Creates a clone to take damage when low on health
  • Illusions make opponents bleed
  • Gain ferocity when using a spear or sword
  • Using a spear or sword skill reduces the recharge time
  • Gains fury
  • Creates clones when you dodge
  • Gains a mirage cloak which gives you a new skill to use
  • Creates a clone when using deception
  • Shattering gives vigor
  • Vigor gives condition damage
  • If an illusion is shattered with distortion, you get ambush kills
  • Gains speed when you use the mirage cloak
  • Illusions also get the mirage cloak when you do

Guild Wars 2 pvp is one of the most rewarding matches to play. It is a battle of wits, ability, and skill. Elementalist, Thief, Engineer, Warrior, and Mesmers are great professions to use in pvp because of their good health and heavy damage. They have abilities which allow you to conquer your opponents with ease. No matter which profession you use, these builds will ensure that you are the best pvp player on the battlefield.  


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