[Top 10] Guild Wars 2 Best Dagger Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

These awesome daggers slice and dice through your enemies while making you look like a total badass.
These awesome daggers slice and dice through your enemies while making you look like a total badass.

In Guild Wars 2, daggers are the slick, quick, and efficient weapons that majority of the core professions and their elite specializations can wield in battle. Daggers may be known to be useful in close combat situtions, but elite specializations like the Mesmer's Virtuoso can turn them into mid-ranged weapons that slice their opponents. With this list, we shall take a closer look at what the majority of players would consider the best dagger skins currently in the game that are not just deadly but freaking awesome. Take note that if you plan on buying anything in the Trading Post, prices may fluctuate.


10. Dragon Kama

We are really stretching the definition of what a dagger really is aren’t we. The Dragon Kama is special dagger skin that changes your humble dagger into a sick looking sickle to reap and rend your foes with. This isn’t your garden variety farming tool either but a decent melee weapon you can use against your foes.

Why they are awesome

  • Sickles are weapons that are underappreciated in the majority of games. The Dragon Kama is a gorgeous weapon worthy of your wardrobe.
  • What it lacks in fancy footfalls and flashy particle effects, it makes up for in style. The copper / bronze coloration fits well with the weapon, and the design is aesthetically pleasing.
  • There is a subtle glow effect on the eyes and mouth of the dragon head design and a faint green trail effect while you move.

See the Dragon Kama in action:

Dulfy’s video - YouTube

How to get the Dragon Kama:

  • Purchasable from the Gem Store for 600 gems.


9. Caladbolg Solana

During the Sylvari’s story quest in the base game, you get to wield the mighty Caladbolg; a very powerful Sylvari artifact and weapon given to us by the Pale Tree that was used during the fight against the minions of Zhaitan, and was surprisingly effective. It was then given to Trahearne, our Sylvari comrade who became the first leader of the Pact as the story progressed, but when he sacrificed his life during the end of the Heart of Thorns campaign, the mighty sword shattered to pieces. We can get a broken piece of his weapon and turn it into either a powerful greatsword, sword, shield, or dagger (which we want) after finishing several quests.

Why they are awesome

  • It is a pretty nature-themed dagger that fits very well with Sylvari characters the most, especially because it was specifically made for them.
  • It has a soft, yellow glow, while blue and yellow butterflies flutter around the weapon.

See Caladbolg Solana in action:

Fallen Tear’s video - YouTube

How to get Caladbolg Solana:

  • To get the Caladbolg Solana, you need to first complete the story missions, The Sword Regrown, and Knight of the Thorn. After doing so, you can either craft or trade.
  • Crafting - Complete the Knight of the Thorn story, craft both a Spiritwood Scion and an Orb of Natural Essence, then finish the Heart of Thorns story and story steps on your alt characters.
  • Trading - Complete the Knight of the Thorn story, Receive the Knight of the Thorn title, then while playing as a character that finished the story missions, trade with Ridhais in your home instance to turn your ascended Caladbolg into a different skin (preferably the dagger).


8. Caithe’s Bloom Dagger

Caithe was a member of Destiny’s Edge: a famous guild that would fight valiantly against the Elder Dragons, and who winds up taking a greater role in the player character’s guild named Dragon’s Watch. In her younger years, she would use an ornate dagger that best represented herself during those times. While she never joined the Nightmare Court, give her and your enemies nightmares for facing you in battle with Caithe's Bloom Daggers.

Why they are awesome

  • It is an intricately ornate dagger which can be used by all races that fit a certain aesthetic.
  • The red detailing on the dagger courses through the blade all the way up towards the grip while turning a shade of purple and blue on the pommel.
  • The blooming flower on the pommel represents its original owner, Caithe; beautiful but deadly.

See Caithe’s Bloom Dagger in action:

Dulfy’s video - YouTube

How to get Caithe’s Bloom Dagger:

You used to be able to purchase Caithe’s Bloom Dagger in the gem store for 600 gems, but has been discontinued. The only way to get it now is as follows:

  • Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock (random chance)
  • Guaranteed Weapon Unlock (random chance, slightly better odds)
  • Recovered Black Lion Goods (random chance)


7. Storm Dagger

Carry the power of lightning in the palm of your hands with this mighty dagger. This electrifying dagger will leave your foes and allies stunned at the marvelous sight of this weapon. Now if only the asuran scientists can use the weapon as a source for electricity…

Why they are awesome

  • The Storm Dagger simply looks amazing. There is no blade, nor hilt or grip. Just lightning.
  • Of course, the weapon would make the most sense to be used by an Elementalist, however, if you were to have another profession wield it with a certain aesthetic, they could pull of a “Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief” cosplay.

See the Storm Dagger in action:

Dulfy’s video - YouTube

How to get the Storm Dagger:

  • Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock (random chance)
  • Guaranteed Weapon Unlock (random chance, slightly better odds)


6. Alchemist Dagger

Somewhere in a laboratory, some scientist has been deep in their research to create a weapon fit for their alchemist needs. One day, they have been struck with inspiration and got to work and crafted a whole set of gorgeous weaponry that resembles the alchemical process and the fluids they work with. Now you can enjoy their hardwork with the Alchemist Dagger, but do make sure not to stare too long at the blade or you may hypnotize yourself staring at the flowing energy.

Why they are awesome

  • The blade slowly shifts between colors after a few seconds and is pretty to look at.
  • The design of the weapon, from the gold edge to the alchemical flat to the bronze-copper handle and tang, are crafted exquisitely and combine like a true alchemical process.
  • If you look close enough, there even seems to be energy flowing within the alchemical fluid part of the flat of the blade.

See the Alchemist Dagger:

Dulfy’s video - 0:18 YouTube

How to get the Alchemist Dagger:

  • It can be purchased from the Trading Post for roughly 42-55 gold.
  • Vintage Black Lion Weapon Box (random chance)


5. Claw of the Khan-Ur

Wait a second, a legendary weapon isn’t at the top 3? The next weapons need to look amazing for it to topple some of the best designed legendaries. The Claw of the Khan-Ur not only looks great, functions like a true legendary weapon, but it also has the lore to back it up. As a sought-after artifact of the High Legions of the Charr, it represents a time when the Charr were once united as one.

Why they are awesome

The Claw of the Khan-Ur is one of two legendary weapons in this article, and shares similar functions with it. Function-wise, they can:

  • have any stat prefix in the game and swap them while out of combat
  • can be shared with other of your level 80 characters when the legendary weapon is unlocked in the legendary armory
  • can freely change skins to any other hammer for free without using Transmutation Stones
  • can swap sigils on it without the use of an Upgrade Extractor

As a skin:

  • When your character unsheathes the weapon, a burst of flaming aura envelops them as a giant Charr avatar appears behind them with glowing eyes and disappears.
  • The projectiles fired from your dagger skills take the form of your weapon instead of the normal animation.
  • As you move your character while wielding the weapon, you leave Charr footprints. Said footprints that resemble the emblem of the Claw of the Khan-Ur.

See the Claw of the Khan-Ur in action:

Roelski’s video - YouTube

How to get the Claw of the Khan-Ur:

  • Unlike the other legendary on this list, you cannot purchase this from the Trading Post. You need to craft the precursor, Claw of Resolution, as well as combining it with a Gift of the Four Legions, a Mystic Tribute, and either a Gift of Maguuma or Desert Mastery at the Mystic Forge.


4. Incinerator

Incinerator is the very first legendary dagger created in Guild Wars 2, and a lot of fans have been looking to craft this amazing weapon. After just one look at this glorious dagger, you will find the urge to go on a quest to craft one for yourself. Legendary collectors will often go for Incinerator first because of how cool the daggers look. 

Why they are awesome

  • Aside from the benefits that legendary weapons provide, as previously mentioned in Claw of the Khan-Ur, Incinerator features unique aesthetics that transform the appearance of the player as well as their footfalls. 
  • Upon wielding the dagger, a flaming spiral animation swirls around you.
  • Your character’s arm that is holding the Incinerator will have a flaming aura surrounding it.
  • When your character shoots projectiles that come from your dagger skills, they are replaced with the flame from Incinerator, no matter the profession.
  • As you walk while wielding Incinerator, pits of lava become your footfalls. As an added bonus, you can light up dark areas of the map, making some maps and jumping puzzles relatively easy.
  • The weapon itself is similar to a blowtorch and functions as such.

See Incinerator in action:

Roelski’s video - YouTube

How to get Incinerator:

  • You can craft this legendary weapon by either finding first the precursor weapon, Spark, randomly while looting enemies, purchasing it from the trading post, or crafting the precursor weapon.
  • Once you have the precursor weapon, combine it with a Gift of Mastery, a Gift of Fortune, and Gift of Incinerator in the Mystic Forge.
  • You can also just purchase this legendary weapon from the Trading Post for around 1,950-2200 gold.


3. Ravensoul Dagger

The Ravensoul Dagger is one of the more beautifully-designed daggers currently in Guild Wars 2. It isn’t as flashy as the legendaries, but what sells it more is the ornate details on the weapon set. The spirit of raven shall bless those that wield one of its weapons in battle.

Why they are awesome

  • The skin resembles the spirit of raven itself, giving it a gorgeous raven-aesthetic. The curvature of the blade brings a dark elegance to the entire weapon.
  • The gem and blade have a sinister light blue-ish purple glow to them that leaves a trail during its swing animation.

See the Ravensoul Dagger in action:

GuildJen’s video - 0:35 YouTube

How to get the Ravensoul Dagger:

  • The only way to get the skin nowadays is via the Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock.


2. Infused Wakizashi

For those players who want their characters to wield awesome katanas in battle, the Infused Wakizashi is the answer to their prayers. The Infused Wakizashi is a sight to behold and pairs well with both the Infused Katana skin for swords and Belinda’s Greatsword, which resembles an odachi. The Infused weapon set as a whole makes for an awesome set to use as a part of your collection if you want to turn your characters into samurais.

Why they are awesome

  • The wakizashi emits a golden glow around the blade.
  • There is a subtle trailing effect as your character moves with the blade.
  • The blade has been intricately detailed with faint etching that look similar to clouds.
  • The wakizashi, katana, and outfit go together seamlessly and makes for one badass combination.

See the Infused Wakizashi in action:

Quoundo Games’s video - YouTube

How to get the Infused Wakizashi:

  • You can purchase this weapon alongside the Infused Katana skin at the Gem Store for 1000 gems. Do remember that you can trade your in-game gold for gems at the Trading Post instead of spending real money.


1. Dreamwalker Dagger

At the top of the list is a dagger that screams freaking awesome. The Dreamwalker Dagger is one weapon that burns bright with righteous fury as it rends your foes with its might. This amazing skin is a popular choice for those who can’t afford Incinerator and often call this a “pseudo-legendary skin” because of how cool the weapon looks, its unique animations, and the badassery it brings.

Why they are awesome

  • The design alone of the dagger is top-notch and deserves much praise. From the detail on the handle of the dagger to the floral crossguard, this dagger skin is highly underrated.
  • When sheathed, the dagger looks to have a broken blade, but once wielded, its true form is revealed. The blade quickly lengthens and a burst of blue flames radiate from it, covering it whole.
  • The gem in the middle of the blade also glows a bright blue similar to the flames of the weapon.
  • The short tassel on the pommel of the dagger swings in the air as it is being swung, giving this dagger more life.
  • The weapon also casts a very subtle trail effect while you are moving around, an added plus for style.

See Dreamwalker Dagger in action:

Senieth’s video - YouTube

How to get the Dreamwalker Dagger:

  • Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock (random chance)
  • Guaranteed Weapon Unlock (random chance, slightly better odds)


Closing Thoughts

These daggers have proven that they are worth investing in for your dagger collection and help you stand out amongst the sea of players. While there are many other worthy contenders to the best dagger skins in Guild Wars 2, these skins cannot be denied of their current place. Dear reader, if you have any suggestions for other dagger skins that you feel could have made this article, do let us know of your opinions.

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