[Top 10] GW2 Best PvP Builds (October 2022)

A Thief challenges a Guardian to a duel.

Welcome to this new Top 10. Today we’ll examine the most devastating builds for PvP in Guild Wars 2.

Just a short reminder before we get started: regardless of the build used, a skilled player will always (well, almost always) win versus a less-skilled one. 

Let’s dive right into the builds now.


10. Condition Harbinger - Harbinger

The Condition Harbinger's specializations

Condition Harbinger PvP Guide: 

The condition build for the harbinger is our spot number 10.

This build is based on using corruption and quickness to deal condition damage to your enemies and quickly dispatch them.

Being pretty squishy, it’s recommended to stay close to a support and, most importantly, your team.

Here’s why Condition Harbinger is great in PvP:

  • condition damage: applying torment, poison, bleeding and weakness let you consume targets in no time; 
  • teamfights value: this build excels in teamfights, adding conditions damage to high-priority targets and easily taking them out;
  • condition cleansing: entering and staying in Harbinger Shroud removes conditions thanks to Plague Sending and Shrouded Removal;
  • utility: Corrosive Poison Cloud can be used as an AoE projectiles block and it’s unblockable.
  • sustain: removing and applying conditions generate Carapace that can be stacked to gain Protection.

Try this build if you like...:

  • to slowly kill your opponents;
  • calling the targets of your team;
  • to cleanse and passively defend your team.


9. Power Untamed - Untamed


The Power Untamed's specializations

Power Untamed PvP Guide: 

At number 9 we have a very aggressive, yet hard-to-master, roamer Ranger build.

With a ton of crowd-control (CC) skills, this build is powerful when it comes to dealing massive bursts of damage. 

Should it not be enough, it also has the ability to one-shot.

The primary mechanic of the Untamed is Unleash, which grants access to an empowered attack once you or your pet uses it. 

This in combination with your weapons will allow you to set up for devastating combos.

Here’s why the Power Untamed is great in PvP:

  • one-shot combo: self-explanatory I think;
  • burst-damage: Unleash + Maul → Hilt-Bash → Maul for an easy strong combo;
  • chasing potential: Swoop, Zephyr’s Speed, Unnatural Traversal, Unleash Pet
  • self-sustainability: Forest’s Fortification, “We heal as one!”, Cleansing Unleash, Mutate Condition
  • slightly hard to get used to, but very rewarding.

Try this build if you like...:

  • to release the true power of your pet, or yours;
  • to set up a one-shot combo;
  • to hit your enemies hard.


8. Power Swordbender - Willbender


The Power Swordbender's specializations

Power Swordbender PvP Guide: 

At number 8 we have a very mobile and aggressive Willbender build.

Equipped with two swords and a greatsword, this build has a lot of chasing and mobility potential, being able to move faster than many other builds.

Swiftness and explosive damage make up for the CCs it lacks. 

Pick a target and chase it to death. Should things get bad, disengage and choose the next victim.

Here’s why the Power Swordbender is great in PvP:

  • mobility: both the greatsword and the double swords give access to many mobility options;
  • burst damage: in either of its weapons, it possesses strong burst damage to quickly destroy targets;
  • pressure: with all the mobility it’s easy to maintain pressure on targets;
  • good-sustain: Flowing Resolve, Reversal of Fortune, Crashing Courage and many others;
  • 100% critical chance when fully buffed;
  • It has a hammer variant for those who want to exchange some mobility for CCs.

Try this build if you like...:

  • to move like a ninja;
  • to engage and disengage at will;
  • to chase your enemies to death.


7. Shout Support - Guardian

The Shout Support's specializations 

Shout Support PvP Guide: 

Now at number 7, we have another Guardian build, this time as a support.

As a support build, it can support and heal its allies, but it is also “bonded” to them. It is not recommended to get caught in 1v1 situations.

A very powerful buff build, with Protection, Aegis, and Stability on top of a ranged resurrection and massive cleansing potential. 

Stay behind your teammates while keeping them alive and letting them do the hard work.

Here’s why the Shout Guardian is great in PvP:

  • excellent sustain: “Receive the Light!”, Altruistic Healing; “Advance!”, Shield of Absorption and many others;
  • massive defensive buffs: Stability, Aegis, Protection and Might;
  • cleansing potential: every shout cleanse two conditions to both you and your allies;
  • ranged resurrection: your Signet of Mercy let you resurrect your teammates from afar;
  • mass healing and cleansing with Virtue of Resolve.


Try this build if you like...:

  • to help your team win team fights;
  • to negate enemies’ damage;
  • to resurrect your friends from a distance.


6. D/P Daredevil - Daredevil

The Daredevil's specializations 

D/P Daredevil PvP Guide:


At number 6 we have the Dagger/Pistol Daredevil build.

This build is not only extremely mobile but has also access to an awesome AoE stealth for your team. 

This build's damage isn't particularly impressive, but its CCs, such as Headshot, allow you to secure the majority of kills. 

Stealth yourself, let your team start the fight and sneak behind your enemies to destroy their defenses.

Here’s why D/P Daredevil is great in PvP:

  • AoE stealth: Black Powder in combo with the shortbow’s Cluster Bomb will stealth the entire team;
  • unmatched mobility: Infiltrator’s Arrow, Shadowstep, Swipe and Three dodges give access to extreme mobility;
  • 1v1 potential: this build does not fear 1v1 matches, with the right timing it is easy to get the upper hand;
  • cleansing and disengage: the second skill of shadowstep gives access to a second teleport and a cleanse used to easily flee when things get bad;
  • slightly hard to learn but very strong.

Try this build if you like...:

  • to stalk and kill players;
  • the feel of a duelist profession;
  • to outwit your enemies’.


5. Aura Support - Tempest

The Aura Support's specializations 

AuraSupport PvP Guide: 

At number 5 we have another strong support build, this time the Aura Tempest.

When it comes to sustaining, protecting, and buffing your allies, this Elementalist build is a beast. 

It possesses two variants: the earth one more tanky and able to stack defenses on your party; or the fire one that possesses more healing and cleansing.

Both variants are very strong and one must choose which one to use wisely.

Here’s why Aura Tempest is great in PvP:

  • tanky: the earth variant allows you to resist more damage and better protect your allies;
  • cleansing: one, if not the, best condition cleanses in the game, great counter for condition builds;
  • tons of healing from auras: every time you gain auras they get shared across the team, healing everyone;
  • counters projectiles: Swirling Winds, Magnetic Wave and Overload Earth all can counter or block projectiles;
  • utilities: “Wash the pain away!”, Glyph of Renewal, Earth Shield and “Aftershock!” are great skills that can change the flow of the battle.

Try this build if you like...:

  • to keep everyone alive with huge healings;
  • to decide the flow of the battles;
  • being able to take some hits as a support.


4. Power Shoutsworn - Bladesworn

 The Power Shoutsworn's specializations

Power Shoutsworn PvP Guide: 

Our number 4 spot is taken by the Power Shoutsworn build for the Warrior.

This build is a versatile have-it-all monster with good damage, sustainability and team utility.

The focus of this build is to use Dragon Trigger to destroy your opponents while using “For Great Justice!” to both damage your enemies and heal yourself.

With this combination, it’s easy to stay alive during team fights.

Here’s why Power Shoutsworn is great in PvP:

  • burst damage: the Gunblade deals lots of damage in a short period of time;
  • self-sustain: every Might you gain also heals you turning utility skills into healings;
  • utility: “For Great Justice!” can both heal and boost your damage;
  • team boons: Call of Valor cleanse conditions while adding a barrier on you and your team;
  • pressure: dealing tons of damage while healing itself, this build can pressure your enemies’ team like no other.

  Try this build if you like...:

  • to stress your enemies;
  • to be a deadly, self-sustain machine;
  • to lead the charge in team fights.


3. Condi Scepter - Specter

 The Condi Scepter's specializations

Condi Scepter PvP Guide: 

Now let’s see our number 3: the Condition Scepter build for the Thief.

This build, like our previous one, comes with two variants, both of which are extremely powerful in the right circumstances. 

The duelist variant is extremely valuable for your team, being able to stall your enemies when outnumbered or defeat them in 1v1, and also being able to single target healings when necessary.

The support variant is more focused on single-target healing and survivability.

Here’s why Condi Scepter is great in PvP:

  • versatility: this build is able to make a difference in both 1v1s and team fights;
  • condition damage: the Scepter skills add immense damage over time, the main source of damage in this build;
  • survivability: Shadowstep in combination with the Sword/Dagger combination let you escape most bad situations;
  • chasing potential: the Sword/Dagger combination let you chase and kill fleeing targets with ease;
  • healing and damaging: as a Specter, skills can deal damage to foes or sustain allies when needed. 

Try this build if you like...:

  • to slowly chip away enemies’ health;
  • being able to highly sustain your party with a DPS build;
  • to move around the battlefield with ease.


2. Power Shiro - Herald

The power Shiro's specializations 

Power Shiro PvP Guide: 

At number 2 we have the Power Shiro Herald build for the Revenant.

With this build, you can play as a highly resilient roamer who deals enormous amounts of damage while still having some damage mitigation abilities.

Your main weakness with this build will be the lack of cleansing, so pairing with a strong support (such as the Aura Tempest), gives you the upper hand in most situations.

Here’s why Power Shiro is great in PvP:

  • burst damage:  Shackling Wave and Deathstrike let you deal immense burst damage;
  • aggressive: your main objective is to secure kills during team fights;
  • mobility: many skills let you cover fast distances, easily approach enemies from a distance and apply Quickness;
  • stacking damage: before the burst damage, you can stack damage from different sources like Enchanted Daggers and Impossible Odds;
  • boon sharing: Facet of Elements, Facet of Strength and Facet of Darkness buff the entire party with Swiftness, Might and Fury.

Try this build if you like...:

  • to be an undefeatable tank;
  • to annihilate your enemies;
  • to secure kills for your team.


1. Power Hammer - Catalyst


The Power Hammer's specializations

Power Hammer PvP Guide: 

Finally, our first spot is taken by the Power Hammer build for the Catalyst.

This build is a true beast in the right hands, able to win almost every 1v1s and small teams fights.

Its self-sustainability is second only to its ridiculous damage output. 

It also adds some value to the team through auras.

Here’s why Power Hammer is great in PvP:

  • damage output: every skill in the fire attunement deals tons of damage, especially Molten End when the target is burning;
  • self-sustain: has access to defensive buffs and healings;
  • team boons: all of your auras get shared with your party, giving sweet boons like Stability;
  • condition cleanse: have a nice amount of cleansing skills for both yourself and your party; 
  • utility: all of your utility skills are defensive, allowing you to endure even the longest fights;
  • It is a beast in the hands of a skilled player.

Try this build if you like...:

  • to support your party while dealing immense damages;
  • to sustain yourself in the middle of the battle;
  • to crush your enemies with strong combos.



That brings us to the end of our list of the Top 10 Guild Wars 2 PvP Builds. 

Please keep in mind that the Meta is constantly changing, so what is considered the best now may change in the future. 

I hope it inspires you to play something different in your next battle!


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