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Games Like Silent Hill
Eerie, gory, terrifying fun, for when regular normal people fun just isn't enough.


“SOMA – Gameplay Debut Trailer – Eurogamer”

SOMA is a first-person sci-fi horror game from the makers of Amnesia. You play as Simon, who wakes up in a desolated research facility, PATHOS-II. All you have are questions, and you need to find out what happened and get yourself out. But the facility is vast, occupied by dangers, mysteries, and obstacles, and it sits on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. You have no weapon, and everything is a puzzle.

SOMA is a unique horror experience because not only will the intense atmosphere and creatures that lurk in the dark scare you out of your wits, but the intense, thought-provoking storyline will have you asking, and attempting to answer, tough questions: What is real? What is human? What is existence? And what are you?

Explore the Unknown: Wander the winding corridors of Pathos-II in the underwater depths in search of clues.

No Defense: You have no weapon. you must avoid and escape the creatures haunting the research facility. 

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