[Top 15] FIFA 20 Best Bundesliga Players Who Are Amazing

FIFA 20 best players in the Bundesliga.
These are the top Bundesliga players that must be in your FIFA 20 team.

The best of the best in Germany's top league, the Bundesliga. 

The Bundesliga's best stars will be brilliant for you on FIFA 20.

The German football league, the Bundesliga, is home to some of the biggest talents in world football as well as some of the biggest talents on FIFA 20. Any serious FIFA player needs to know the ins and outs of all these FIFA stars and that is what this list will tell you. You’ll never have to worry about finding the right Bundesliga star for your FIFA 20 team ever again. 

15. Ivan Perisic 

Perisic is one of the strongest wide midfielders on FIFA 20, meaning he can bulldoze fullbacks with ease.

Ivan Perisic is a recent Bundesliga arrival, having recently joined Bayern Munich from Italian giants Inter Milan. Perisic was a major star in Italy and it is likely he will be the same in Germany for Bayern, and for you on FIFA 20. 

  • Having 89 stamina means Perisic will always be making attacking runs for the full 90 minutes. 
  • Having 84 jumping makes Perisic a massive threat in the air. 
  • A 5* weak foot means that Perisic has no weak foot, he is equally great with both feet. 

Ivan Perisic full details - https://www.futbin.com/20/player/24242/ivan-perisic

14. Axel Witsel 

Witsel is a monster of a CDM for Dortmund in real life, and he will be the same for you on FIFA 20.

Axel Witsel is a very popular figure amongst FIFA fans on FIFA 20 and Borussia Dortmund fans in real life. This is because of his steady, reliable, high-quality performances that have earned him plaudits from around the world in real life and on FIFA 20. 

  • Having 82 strength makes Witsel a behemoth of a CDM. 
  • Having 89 short passing means he rarely gives the ball away. 
  • Having 84 long passing means that Witsel can pick out a runner from a mile away. 

Axel Witsel full details - https://www.futbin.com/20/player/196/axel-witsel

13. Mats Hummels 

Hummels is a Bundesliga legend, and he could be a legend for you on FIFA 20.

Mats Hummels has recently rejoined his old club Borussia Dortmund from Bayern Munich and there is a reason this defensive general has remained at top Bundesliga clubs for most of his career. Hummels is one of the best defenders in world football and he had to be on this list. 

  • Having 89 defending makes Hummels a brick wall at the back.
  • Whilst 89 composure means he is very good on the ball for a defender.
  • Having a defensive awareness of 90 means Hummels will never let you down when defending. 

Mats Hummels full details - https://www.futbin.com/20/player/421/mats-hummels

12. Manuel Akanji 

Akanji is one of the best young CBs on FIFA 20, he is the perfect combination of physicality and pace.

Manuel Akanji narrowly beats out his Borussia Dortmund defensive partner Mats Hummels on this list. Akanji is looking like a future footballing star and his potential to get even better is the key reason you must use him on FIFA 20. 

  • Having 78 pace makes Akanji a super speedy CB.
  • Having 84 reactions means Akanji should beat your opponent’s attackers to any loose balls.
  • An 81 interception rating means Akanji has no trouble cutting out opposition passes.

Manuel Akanji full details - https://www.futbin.com/20/player/24233/manuel-akanji

11. Philippe Coutinho 

5* skill moves means Coutinho is one tricky customer.

Philippe Coutinho is a Liverpool legend and whilst he has struggled to rediscover his Merseyside form at Barcelona or Bayern Munich he is still definitely a top Bundesliga player that you should consider for your FIFA 20 team. 

  • Having a curve rating of 90 means Coutinho can always curve the ball around the goalkeeper. 
  • Having 88 long shots makes him a massive danger from outside the area.
  • Having 84 passing means that Coutinho will get plenty of assists. 

Philippe Coutinho full details - https://www.futbin.com/20/player/351/coutinho

10. Serge Gnabry

Serge Gnabry has turned his career around going from West Brom reject to Bayern star.

After a dismal loan spell at West Bromwich Albion, Serge Gnabry’s career looked all but over. But since then he has become a real footballing star in the Bundesliga, and on recent returns to England Gnabry has destroyed top teams like Chelsea and Tottenham. He has finally reached his potential and he is definitely worth a go on FIFA 20. 

  • 90 pace is one of the best on FIFA 20. 
  • Having 92 acceleration means that Gnabry can set off like a lightning bolt. 
  • Having 88 balance means that Gnabry won’t ever fall over the ball.

Serge Gnabry full details - https://www.futbin.com/20/player/24247/serge-gnabry

9. Erling Braut Haland

The name on every football fan's lips. Can he reach the iconic heights of Messi and Ronaldo?

Erling Braut Haland is the most talked about footballer in the world today. He has already scored 12 goals in just 8 games since joining Bundesliga giants Borussia Dortmund and he is a must for every team on FIFA 20 looking for a top young Bundesliga star. 

  • Standing at 6 foot 4 inches tall makes Haland a giant of a striker. 
  • Having 84 strength makes Haland an absolute tank upfront. 
  • Having 81 aggression means Haland is always up for the fight. 

Erling Braut Haland full details - https://www.futbin.com/20/player/45434/erling-haland

8. Joshua Kimmich 

Kimmich is the best RB on FIFA 20, so he is an obvious choice for your team.

Joshua Kimich has done the impossible, he has filled the shoes of his predecessor and footballing legend Phillip Lahm and he has made it look easy. Now, if Kimmich is good enough to do that then he must be good enough for your FIFA 20 team. 

  • Just like Phillip Lahm, Kimmich is highly versatile as he can play multiple positions such as RB and CDM. 
  • 91 crossing makes Kimmich one of the best crossers of the ball on FIFA 20. 
  • 94 stamina means that Kimmich will never tire. 

Joshua Kimmich full details - https://www.futbin.com/20/player/434/joshua-kimmich

7. Kai Havertz 

Havertz is so good he has recently won the coverted player of the month award.

There is a reason Kai Havertz holds the record for the youngest player to make 100 appearances in the Bundesliga. The reason is that Havertz is one of the most talented youngsters in world football and he is a must for anyone looking to build a dream Bundesliga team on FIFA 20. 

  • 89 sprint speed makes Havertz one of the fastest CAMs on FIFA 20. 
  • Having 87 ball control should mean Havertz never loses control of the ball.
  • 85 short passing is an excellent rating for a 20-year-old. 

Kai Havertz full details  - https://www.futbin.com/20/player/24251/kai-havertz

6. Thomas Muller 

Bundesliga legend Thomas Muller will light up your team with plenty of goals.

Thomas Muller has been scoring goals consistently for Bayern Munich and Germany for years. He is not far off breaking the record for goals in the World Cup and he is in the top 5 goalscorers of all time for Bayern Munich. Muller is a sure thing on FIFA 20 and he won’t let you down. 

  • Muller has a positioning rating of 92, meaning he is always in the right place at the right time to score goals. 
  • Having 86 stamina means that Muller will never tire before a game is over. 
  • 87 finishing is excellent and ensures that Muller will finish most chances.

Thomas Muller full details - https://www.futbin.com/20/player/430/thomas-muller

5. Jadon Sancho 

This Englishman is one of the Bundesliga's best player, you would be foolish not to sign him.

Many questioned Jadon Sancho’s decision to leave England for the Bundesliga a few years ago. Sancho has proved all those people wrong as he has not only broken into Borussia Dortmund’s first team, his excellent displays have earned him international caps with England. He looks like the real deal and you’d be insane not to sign him.

  • 92 dribbling makes Sancho one of the best dribblers on FIFA 20. 
  • Having 5* skill moves means Sancho can do any skill move in the game to beat an opponent. 
  • 83 vision is very good and should mean that Sancho can pick out your other attackers with ease. 

Jadon Sancho full details - https://www.futbin.com/20/player/14612/jadon-sancho

4. Timo Werner

Speed demon Werner leaves defenders in the dust on FIFA 20.

Timo Werner is a natural goalscorer who has led the line brilliantly for RB Leipzig. He is one of the major reasons they are competing for the title this season and he could do the same for you on FIFA 20. 

  • 92 pace makes Werner a real speed demon. 
  • Having 88 reactions means that Werner will be first to any loose balls. 
  • Having 87 volleys ensures that if the ball is falling to Werner it will fall into the back of the net next. 

Timo Werner full details - https://www.futbin.com/20/player/45431/timo-werner

3. Manuel Neuer 

Perhaps the best goalkeeper of all time, Neuer is a must on FIFA 20.

Manuel Neuer has achieved everything in the football world, from winning the World Cup with Germany to the Champions League and the Bundesliga with Bayern Munich. Neuer is a born winner that would guarantee you wins on FIFA 20. 

  • Standing at 6 foot 4 inches tall makes it impossible for Neuer to be chipped. 
  • 91 kicking makes him one of the best goal kick takers in the game. 
  • 87 handling should ensure he never drops the ball once he has it in his hands. 

Manuel Neuer full details - https://www.futbin.com/20/player/420/manuel-neuer

2. Robert Lewandowski 

Just look at how good Robert Lewandowski's FIFA 20 card is, he is a monster of a striker.

Poland’s Robert Lewandowski is perhaps world football’s greatest striker. His insane goal record for Bayern Munich speaks for itself and you would be a fool to not have him in your FIFA 20 team. This goal-scoring machine will never let you down. 

  • 88 finishing makes Lewandowski a guaranteed goalscorer. 
  • Having 4* weak foot means Lewandowski can score goals with both feet. 
  • 87 shot power means goalkeepers often have no chance of saving his efforts. 

Robert Lewandowski full details - https://www.futbin.com/20/player/418/robert-lewandowski

1. Marco Reus

The king of the Bundesliga had to be the one to top this list. 

Marco Reus is a Bundesliga and Borussia Dortmund legend with his goals and assists being a staple of the League for the past 10 seasons. Reus is a true footballing great who is guaranteed to be a star for you on FIFA 20. 

  • Marco Reus has 80+ ratings in shooting, dribbling, passing, and pace making him a player with multiple strengths. 
  • A 90 penalty rating makes Reus an excellent spot kick taker. 
  • 89 positioning means Reus will always be in the right place at the right time. 

Marco Reus full details - https://www.futbin.com/20/player/189/marco-reus

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