[Top 15] Dota 2 Best Ultimates That Are Powerful!

Ultimate chaos!

Ultimates are an integral part of the game, every hero has a unique yet powerful toolkit, and the most powerful spell is the ultimate. A relevant hero with a powerful ultimate can essentially turn around the game and lead you to victory.

To help you pick the heroes with the best ultimates, we have made this list of the best 15 Ultimates which are powerful in the current meta! These heroes and their ultimates are very powerful as they’re relevant to the patch.

15. Fiend’s Grip

This ultimate is so gripping that you can’t look away or move, cause you are being gripped by Bane himself! Bane has an impressive toolkit with both Nightmare and Fiend’s Grip, as they both act like ultimates, stopping the enemies right in their tracks. Using Enfeeble increases the duration of the Grip, dealing more damage and allowing his allies to attack the gripped target and neutralize him.

Why is Fiend’s Grip great?

  • Low Cooldown
  • High lockdown duration


14. Flaming Lasso

Batrider is an extremely hot hero in the current patch due to his high magic damage and especially because of his ultimate, Flaming Lasso. This ultimate stuns the targetted enemy unit and chains them to Batrider for a few seconds, making it easy for Batrider to just blink in and Lasso the target while his team follows it up with immense damage!

Why is Flaming Lasso great?

  • The range can be amplified with Aether Lens
  • Scepter upgrade available
  • Extremely good in the late game

13. Stampede

Centaur Warrunner isn’t a staple in the meta or the pro scene but his ultimate is usually the selling point behind his pick. Stampede is often used to save allies or initiate enemies to close the gap. This spell is highly useful as you can globally cast it and it affects all your allies while you all take reduced damage and deal damage and slow your foes as you are on top of them.

Why is Stampede great?

  • Global effect
  • Reduces the damage taken under duration
  • Can be used to initiate and escape teamfights

12. Ice Blast

Ice Blast is criminally underrated and is rarely utilized to its full potential unless we talk about the International 6 Finals! Ancient Apparition may be a squishy hero but his ultimate is nothing but lethal, as you can cast it from anywhere on the map, dealing damage to your enemies, slowing them all the while they can’t heal or lifesteal. This is a slow burn which is great against lifesteal heroes or heroes who have high HP gain.

Why is Ice Blast great?

  • Global cast range
  • Low Cooldown
  • Reduces enemy healing and deals high damage

11. Haunt

Spectre is an amazing carry hero which was picked heavily in the past few patches, all due to her deadly ultimate, Haunt. Haunt creates an illusion on every enemy hero, providing vision of their whereabouts, giving Spectre an option to jump in on one of those illusions and strike the enemy down if they're alone or running low on HP. Haunt is also combined with other spells, such as Zeus’ ultimate, Thundergod’s Wrath, making her deal more damage and ensure no enemies escape alive!

Why is Haunt great?

  • Global cast range
  • Great solo kill potential
  • Provides vision on enemies

10. Sonic Wave

Queen of Pain’s Sonic Wave is a great spell that is often overlooked in the current meta. QoP is known for being a spell caster and a nuker, and Sonic Wave is the selling point behind her pick. Sonic Wave pushes back enemies on usage, this includes all enemies in a specific AoE, bursting them with insane amounts of damage which is worsened if you buy Aghanim’s Scepter and Veil of Discord. Squishy heroes stand no chance and get destroyed easily with this spell.

Why is Sonic Wave great?

  • High Burst Damage
  • High AoE

9. Requiem of Souls

Shadow Fiend is a classic mid hero and he is undoubtedly known for his ultimate. Requiem of Souls is a ghastly spell that eviscerates all that comes close to Shadow Fiend. After a short channeling time, this extreme spell does great damage and fears enemies for 2 seconds, making them run away and not be controllable. This allows for great follow-up from your allies, which can quickly turn into a team wipe.

Why is Requiem of Souls great?

  • High damage and crowd control with the fear
  • Great way to set additional follow up

8. Ravage

Tidehunter is rarely seen in the pro scene but his Ravage is widely respected and feared all around the world because of its deadly impact. As a Tidehunter, sometimes all you need is a Blink Dagger and Ravage to turn the game around, no fancy items or high levels, just this high AoE stun which can reduce your foes into dust if your team follows up. Ravage is usually coupled with other ultimates which can cause chaos, such as Static Storm, Freezing Field, and much more. 

Why is Ravage great?

  • Huge AoE
  • Can be combined with other great crowd control spells

7. Supernova

Rising from the ashes, Phoenix is a great addition to any lineup if you want heavy early game dominance or team fight. Phoenix can fare well against most matchups and synergizes with heroes that offer stun or lockdown potential, ensuring they all die under the combo. Smart Phoenix players often put fire spirit on their enemies before using Supernova, reducing the enemy’s attack speed and making it hard for them to attack the egg!

Why is Supernova great?

  • Stuns spell immune units on explosion
  • High burn damage
  • Can be extremely well if synergized with other high-value spells

6. Dream Coil

Puck is an elusive hero but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any tricks to catch other elusive heroes. You may not be like S4, dropping insane Dream Coils, but the value of this spell is criminally neglected as it deals great damage on the cast and on coil break along with providing great lockdown for your team to follow up with.

Why is Dream Coil great?

  • Great Aghs upgrade that pierces spell immunity 
  • Locks enemies down
  • Great if your team has follow up


5. Thundergod’s Wrath

Zeus, the Thundergod is extremely powerful in the mid lane, his high damage spells are extremely useful against squishy heroes or heroes that lack magic damage. Thundergod’s Wrath ultimate is a great way to reduce your enemies into rubble, with the global cast range and high damage, there is no way your enemies escape alive if you also have the Refresher’s Orb and Aghanim’s Scepter. The ultimate is also great if you want to scout the enemy team doing Rosh or sneaking up behind you!

Why is Thundergod’s Wrath great?

  • High magic damage
  • Global effect
  • Provides vision on cast

4. Winter’s Curse

Winter Wyvern is a great support hero and is often seen picked in pro games due to her heals and especially for her ultimate. Winter’s Curse makes the targetted enemy prone to attacks by his allies in a specific AoE, which usually leads to kills if you target squishy support heroes! This is also a great way to set up a team fight if you have heroes who can follow up with spells or additional damage. 

Why is Winter’s Curse great?

  • Locks multiple enemies down in a single area
  • Can ensure easy kill on supports or squishy heroes
  • Extremely great spell if your team follows up with additional damage


3. Echo Slam

You may not be having your 6 Million Dollar Echo Slam moments frequently but every great Echo Slam feels heavenly and satisfying. Earthshaker is a beast of a hero if utilized properly and given enough space. All he needs is a Blink Dagger to jump into fights and destroy his foes with the sheer magnitude of his Echo Slam. This makes the enemy units stand far from each other as it deals more damage to enemies standing together in an AoE, making it easy for your team to pick them one by one.

Why is Echo Slam great?

  • Makes enemy units spread out
  • High magical damage
  • Great stun lock and follow up potential

2. Reverse Polarity

This spell is exactly what defines the true grit of Dota, exciting and thrilling. RP is a spell that makes Magnus into a hot commodity regardless of the meta. This hero blends in perfectly and can be seen playing in different roles, all he needs is a Blink Dagger and a good RP to change the game around. The best part about this spell is that it pierces spell immunity, meaning it can affect enemies under their BKB duration, ensuring great crowd control and lockdown.

Why is RP great?

  • High lockdown potential
  • Great crowd control
  • Pierces spell immunity

1. Blackhole 

None better than Blackhole to end this list with! Enigma is one of the most picked heroes in the recent patch and it is always due to his almighty Blackhole. This spell sucks you into the void there is no way you escape from it, even with a Black King Bar! We all love some great 5 man Blackholes, the sight of which either fills us with dread or makes us cheer for the Enigma who’s doing it. It’s a hard feat to catch all heroes in the Blackhole, as only the most experienced ones succeed at it. 

Why is Blackhole great?

  • Can affect units under BKB duration
  • Great damage
  • Effective crowd control spell

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