[Top 10] Dota 2 Heroes That Can Solo Tormentor

The divine and sentinel Tormentor is a breath of fresh air into the game. It may appear as a harmless structure, but it can be quite lethal if you aren’t aware of its power. The Tormentor is an essential structure when conquered, grants Aghanim’s Shard to one of the two lowest net-worth players on the team who don’t have the Shard. This is an ideal way of ensuring that your lacking teammates can power up soon and get stronger for the upcoming teamfight! The tanky and reflecting nature of the Tormentor makes it hard for one single hero to kill it easily. 

Hence, it can be quite a task to decimate the Tormentor solo, but some heroes ensure that they triumph over this divine sentinel cube and unlock Aghanim’s Shard for their allies. We bring you the best 10 Dota Heroes That Can Solo Tormentor.


What is a Tormentor?

The 7.33 update (also known as the New Frontiers update), introduced a new structure to the map, called the Tormentor. The Tormentor, when slain, grants the Aghanim’s Shard to one of the two lowest net-worth heroes on the team that slays it.

This ensures that even the lagging heroes and supports have some sort of footing in the game with the upgraded abilities. It isn’t as easy as it sounds though! The Tormentor regenerates 100 HP per second while reflecting all the damage dealt to it back to the heroes evenly, making it hard for weak or slow heroes to conquer it.


10. Death Prophet

The frightening Death Prophet looms over her prey, foreshadowing their existence and planning her every move toward increasing chaos. Seeing Death Prophet in pub games is quite a common sight in the recent meta as she is a textbook counterpick to massive spell-casting heroes and can also counter-push with her ultimate. Besides this, Death Prophet is also a solid Tormentor killer, which is now a massive perk due to the Aghanim’s Shard bonus provided by it. She has the required damage and sustains to keep herself alive through the onslaught. 

Death Prophet can sustain the Tormentor damage with her Spirit Siphon, ensuring that she does not drop dead while hitting it. Along with sustain, her ultimate, Exorcism allows her to not only take down Tormentor and towers but also contribute well to a teamfight! It is quite a common sight to see experienced DP players drop their ultimate on the Tormentor and tank through the damage in the late game, after all, it’s all worth it for the Shard. She may require an armor item like Solar Crest or Shiva’s Guard as the spirits deal physical damage as they latch onto the Tormentor, making it meltdown like smooth butter.

What makes Death Prophet great for soloing Tormentor?

  • Her ultimate, Exorcism, can mow down Tormentor as it deals physical damage as each spirit latches onto it, making it take an immense amount of damage. It is advised to have a few levels in the ultimate before you go hit the Tormentor as you can survive easier in the late game. 
  • DP also has Spirit Siphon which helps him drain the Tormentor’s life while healing herself up for a significant duration, and having multiple charges of the heal helps the cause as well.
  • Death Prophet can also opt for armor reduction items as they can help her deal higher damage to the Tormentor, ensuring that she brings it down within no time


9. Wraith King

Tormentor does not stand a chance against the Wraith King! Undoubtedly one of the most badass heroes in the game, Wraith King is a great addition to your team if you lack a hard-hitting carry or require an excellent Tormentor hitter. He is known to farm quickly with the addition of the skeletons, which allows him to split push, he is also durable in fights due to his ultimate which brings him back to life. He is one of the few heroes who can stand his ground against multiple heroes without even needing any backup.

Tormentor is something that all carry heroes who want to conquer, but not all can as effortlessly as Wraith King. He has the right toolkit to take down the sinister structure. His lifesteal, high physical crit damage, and a barrage of loyal skeletons are contributing factors to his Tormentor and teamfight success Wraith King can easily solo Tormentor if he has the essential core items like Armlet or Desolator, which makes him need no backup from his puny allies!

What makes Wraith King great for soloing Tormentor?

  • Wraith King needs a few points in his Vampyric Aura and also in his Mortal Strike before he can attempt Tormentor, as these two spells grant him survivability and damage. 
  • Wraith King also has the backup of his Skeleton army which deals a decent amount of damage to Tormentor.
  • Wraith King also may need a few physical damage-dealing items (Desolator, Armlet) which can help him deal higher damage and bring down Tormentor within a nick of time.


8. Arc Warden

Zet, the Arc Warden is a menace to the poor Tormentor! He is known to deal massive damage right off the bat, Arc secures Tormentor before his enemies can reach it. He is also a quick farmer, as he can just duplicate and make his clone push out the lane while he farms the jungle. This addition to the list may feel a little out of fit as Arc Warden isn’t conventionally seen as a Tormentor hero, but with the recent buffs to Spark Wraith, one can’t help but spam it next to the structure and let it stack, but beware of the reflective damage! 

In the late game, Arc Warden can disable and obliterate enemies within a few hits and clicks of spells. He is an excellent lane pusher, and can also resort to ratting if things go south for his team. There are endless possibilities and no method to the madness of the resilient Arc Warden. If you're not tanky enough then going solo on the Tormentor can very well backfire on you. Physical damage builds of Arc are also not to be ignored as that is somewhat the more orthodox build that helps people secure Aegis from the mighty Tormentor.

What makes Arc Warden great for soloing Tormentor?

  • High damage items like Daedalus, and Monkey King Bar combined with a disable like Orchid or Scythe of Vyse can seal the deal for Arc Warden when it comes to securing Tormentor.
  • Arc can also opt for the magical damage route explained above, which can help him decimate Tormentor with the stacks of his prime ability, Spark Wraith.
  • Arc Warden also has his clone, who helps him deal an equal amount of damage to the Tormentor.


7. Meepo

The menacing Meepo is a solid Tormentor killer with the right set of items and skill builds. Although we barely see the mischievous digger in the current meta, his dominant playstyle and early-game aggression can prove to be deadly if picked against the right heroes. Meepo is an efficient farmer who also excels at split-pushing and teamfights. With items such as Eye of Skadi, Aghanim’s Scepter, and Diffusal Blade, Meepo can easily solo kill the Tormentor without breaking a sweat.

The reason why Meepo is ranked so low on this list is because of the sheer mechanical skill required to play him. It is obvious that this hero is a hard hero to master, but he proves to be a reliable and sustainable hero if paired with the right allies. Meepo with a minimum of two clones and a maximum level in Ransack (which provides immense lifesteal with max levels) can mow down Roshan as well as all the formidable objectives, and even the mighty Tormentor. 

What makes Meepo great for soloing Tormentor?

  • Multiple clones from the Divided We Stand ultimate make it easy for him to deal high damage to the Tormentor.
  • Not only does Meepo deal solid damage to the Tormentor, but he also sustains with the help of Ransack's ability's lifesteal which affects all the Meepos, keeping them healthy while hitting the mighty structure.
  • Meepo generally farms quickly due to his global split push potential, making it a cakewalk for him to destroy the Tormentor as soon as it spawns (at 20 minutes), while other heroes may require the assistance of their allies or a few items to even think of conquering the Tormentor.


6. Lifestealer

The mighty Lifestealer is a devastating force in the current meta. His strength and damage allow him to decimate the Tormentor quickly. Lifestealer is an impeccable carry hero, known to be excellent at carrying the game if he gets all his items. Lifestealer rarely has a tough laning phase, as he is sustained with his lifesteal. With the help of lifesteal, he can stand his ground and fight the Tormentor without worrying much about the damage he takes back.

It is known that Lifestealer relies on kills to get gold, making him a fight-oriented hero, as with the right items he can obliterate the enemy team. Being a carry hero, Lifestealer must stay sustained in the late game, building items and securing Tormentor to help him to frontline fights. He can easily kill the Tormentor with the help of Desolator and Assault Cuirass which provides him with attack damage, attack speed, and armor corruption. He can also lifesteal while doing so, making him easily survive the sentinel structure.

What makes Lifestealer great for soloing Tormentor?

  • Physical damage-dealing items like Armlet of Mordiggian and armor reduction items like Desolator go a long way in decimating Tormentor quickly.
  • You can use Open Wounds (Aghanim’s Shard Upgrade) to heal you and your allies while you hit Tormentor, although the heal is quickly negated with the reflected damage, it ensures that you don’t fall victim to the massive damage output of the Tormentor.
  • Lifestealer also has lifesteal (duh) which helps him stand his ground and stay mighty against the Tormentor



5. Lone Druid

This wise and kind Druid isn’t lonely by any means! His pet bear takes care of any problems that come his way. Lone Druid is played as a carry majority of the time, this is due to the vast potential that the bear has to offer in both teamfights as well as while pushing towers (thanks to the Demolish ability) and securing Tormentors. The bear can easily shred through Tormentor with damage-dealing items. Decent micro-skills are required to play this beast, which only comes with practice.

Tormentor is quickly reduced to rubbles when Lone Druid and his ferocious bear attack it. His spells provide immense synergy, which allows the Bear to safeguard Lone Druid while hitting the Tormentor. The immense lifesteal and attack speed combined with damage items like Desolator and Skull Basher is highly helpful in slaying the structure, something which Lone Druid does just with the help of his bear!

What makes Lone Druid great for soloing Tormentor?

  • With the help of True Form (Lone Druid’s ultimate), LD can freely hit the Tormentor without worrying about HP as the ultimate provides him with increased HP and armor while increasing his ability to root and deal higher damage to structures thanks to the Demolish ability.
  • Lone Druid’s Bear deals ungodly damage to the Tormentor with items such as Skull Basher, Desolator, and Assault Cuirass, making it easy for him to mow down the structure within a few hits (The Bear has to be a minimum of level 4 for this, as early level bear can not soak up so much damage)
  • Upon usage, the Spirit Link ability provides immense lifesteal to LD on the damage dealt by the Bear while also increasing both of their attack speeds, while they can also share up to 20% of their armor with each other, making them tanky while fighting the Tormentor



4. Troll Warlord

For the longest time, Troll Warlord has been a dominant force in the game. The tenacious Troll is known to fare well right from the laning stage due to his abilities which help him secure creeps and destroy Tormentors effortlessly. Most enemies are known to have a bad time against Troll in the laning phase, this is attributed to his range advantage. Troll can withstand ungodly amounts of damage being dished out by most physical and magical type heroes, thanks to his ultimate which allows him to lifesteal while making him unkillable, hence he can withstand the deadly damage reflected him by the Tormentor.

It takes little time for Troll to be able to quickly melt Tormentor in the late game. Troll has both the attack speed as well as the damage, which rips Tormentor into shreds. Battle Trance can essentially make Troll go from 0 to 100 real quick, ensuring he heals up and stands his ground while fighting the sentient yet sinister Tormentor. Troll can solo Tormentor, unlike most other carry heroes who need the help of their teammates.

What makes Troll Warlord great for soloing Tormentor?

  • High levels in his passive ability Fervor, allow him to attack fast and quickly deal high damage to Tormentor.
  • His ultimate Battle Rage, can help him quickly lifesteal and survive against Tormentor if he ever gets low on HP.
  • Troll Warlord naturally has high damage, and with the addition of a few damage items, he can steamroll through the Tormentor with just a few items (ex. Monkey King Bar, Diffusal Blade, Abyssal Blade, etc.)



3.  Phantom Lancer

Phantom Lancer is simply a menace to the Tormentor if not contained in the early game. He is a menace to both enemies and structures if he has a smooth laning phase. With his Juxtapose ultimate, he can randomly create multiple illusions of himself upon attacks, making it easy for him to deal more damage in a fight while deceiving his foes. The countless army overwhelms towers and heroes alike, crippling them and striking them down in no time. Phantom Lancer virtually takes zero damage from the Tormentor as the damage is equally distributed among all units hitting the Tormentor. 

Phantom Lancer is a high-picked hero in the current meta due to the buffs bestowed upon him by Icefrog. The countless army of the unforgiving lancer is too powerful to be stopped by heroes or towers alike. The Tormentor virtually can not get rid of PL’s illusions as he can simply create more illusions. The physical dam

What makes Phantom Lancer great for soloing Tormentor?

  • Phantom Lancer’s ultimate, Juxtapose creates multiple illusions of him, making it easy for him to deal high damage to the Tormentor while taking barely any in return.
  • The Phantom Rush ability temporarily increases PL’s agility, making him deal extra damage when targeting the Tormentor for an attack.
  • Phantom Lancer naturally has high attack speed, agility, damage, and armor which makes him a formidable hero to solo the Tormentor


2. Templar Assassin

Lanaya, the Templar Assassin, the mysterious guardian of the temple’s secrets is a lethal force to be reckoned with. TA is widely regarded as one of the best mid-heroes, this is due to the damage which she dishes out without losing relevancy. Squishy heroes can’t withstand the onslaught of TA’s physical damage and armor corruption which gets worse in the later stages of the game. Templar’s armor reduction from both her Meld and Desolator is hard for the Tormentor to recover from. She essentially snowballs if she is not contained in the early game.

Templar Assassin deals some heavy damage while taking barely any in return if she has the Refraction shield on, it also proves to be a helpful mechanic against Tormentor. Most experienced TA players occasionally disappear into the jungle to farm and as soon as they have the levels and items they sneak into the Roshpit to secure the Aegis. Her Meld deals immense armor corruption which is further worsened by the damage and armor corruption from Desolator. Templar players can also put a trap near the Tormentor which alerts them about any enemy movement nearby or it can also be used to teleport inside if you purchase Aghanim’s Scepter.

What makes Templar Assassin great for soloing Tormentor?

  • Physical damage-dealing items like Desolator and Daedalus can help TA mow down the Tormentor
  • With the help of Meld, TA can deal high damage to the Tormentor while reducing its armor, which can be worsened when she has Desolator (another tool for reducing armor)
  • Templar also has a Refraction spell which ensures she doesn’t take damage from the Tormentor for the initial few hits.


1. Ursa

We are sure that Ursa is the reason why we see Roshan move his pit around every few years! Jokes aside, Ursa is one of the most played carry heroes in the game, known for his ability to jungle smoothly and slay both Roshan and Tormentor alone. He can rip through the squishy units within no time. His Fury Swipes stack up quickly, combined with his second spell, Overpower, make him deal high amounts of physical damage right from the early game. Ursa’s ultimate, Enrage, makes him take less damage from enemy damage, making him invulnerable in teamfights.

Tormentor stands no chance against the much-feared Fury Swipes that stack up, dealing more damage with every hit that Ursa has on the tower. Apart from Tormentor, this added lifesteal allows him to sustain in lane and turn around a fight swiftly coupled with his ultimate. Ursa almost always rushes into the Tormentor in the late game. 9 out of 10 times it's solo! Ursa is the undefeated champion when it comes to slaying the mighty Tormentor alone, his toolkit was built for this.

What makes Ursa great for soloing Tormentor?

  • A few levels in his Enrage and Fury Swipes, which essentially increase his attack speed and also stacks the damage that he deals to Tormentor, mowing it down quickly.
  • Having a source of lifesteal always helps as it can aid in healing up the vicious bear from the lethal attacks of Tormentor.
  • His ultimate, Enrage is highly effective while battling Tormentor, as it reduces the damage he takes while also providing him with status resistance.


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