[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Arcana That Look Awesome

The Best Arcanas in dota 2
Looks are the only thing that Matters.

Arcanas are purely cosmetic items for heroes, they are highly customizable and change the aesthetics of the hero equipped with said arcana. These items are rare and only a few of them have drop chances while others you have no choice other than to buy from either the store or the market, they are expensive but the reward is immense.

Some of the things an arcana change about a hero are:

Particles, animations, sounds, ability icons, even new recorded voice lines and much more.

Some of the best arcanas are:

10) Phantom Assassin ( Manifold Paradox)

There was an event in dota 2 a while back called the Nemesis Assassin event where people would mark their enemies and upon successfully killing them they would get points and if purchase the Arcana you would unlock certain features like a different color. This Arcana changes the whole aesthetic of phantom assassin from her look to her voice and weapons everything's changed.

This Arcana provides new animations for everything including: Spawn, attack, run, abilities, death, ultimate and teleport, all of these aspects of phantom assassins have some kind of new animations, with her ultimate having a new sound everytime she lands a critical attack.

Whenever phantom assassin kills an enemy hero it leaves a grave behind in the shape of her sword.

You can buy it from the steam market:


9) Legion Commander (Blades of Voth Domosh)

Legion Commander’s Arcana has one of the coolest voice lines effects, feeling like a war general giving orders on the battlefield. Her Arcana has a gem inside that keeps the track of her duels and displays the number of duels everytime she wins a duel against an enemy, asserting dominance.

Her Arcana provides her with new animations including:

Spawn, attack, run, idle, loadout, abilities, ultimate, teleporting and death with new recorded voice lines and shouting at her enemies legion looks like a fiend coming after you for that sweet damage from the duel.

You can buy it from the store:


8) Techies ( Swine of the Sunken Galley)

Ah Techies the most hated hero in the dota 2 scene, it causes rage quits of epic proportions and causes the game’s length to increase to hours at times. If you have a techies in your team or against and he is a good player you can expect your game to be about an hour and a half at least. This Arcana is for such players who love to make others rage and make their lives a living hell specially the supports.

This Arcana provides Techies with plethora of new animations and effects such as :

Spawn, attack, run , idle, loadout, death, teleport, abilities, victory pose and much more. With new voice lines and a gem that tells you total kills you have accomplished in your techies lifetimes.

You can buy it from the store:


7) Lina ( Fiery Soul of the Slayer)

Lina is already a good looking hero with beautiful character models and abilities and voice lines. She is already a fan favourite however she lacked in customizability, even though she had great cosmetic sets but still she did not look that different when you see her. That changed when her arcana was announced.

Even though her arcana does not have all of those features like new animations for everything she still looks iconic and it is one of the oldest arcana in the game and should not be missed on any list. It provides with the following:
New loadout, dragon slave animation, new ability icons and ambient effects with her head literally on fire all the time.

You can buy it from the store:


6) Terrorblade ( Fractal Horns of Inner Abysm)

Terrorblade is an iconic hero ever since dota 1 days, he is on every poster and wallpaper, with the most iconic look and being one of the oldest heroes he has one of the most beautiful looking arcana. Terrorblade had no cosmetic items before her arcana was announced and it was weird and exciting to see a hero getting an arcana before any cosmetics, no one knew what he would look like.

Terrorblade’s arcana provides him with many exciting changes including :

Attack, death, ultimate ability animation, even a new animation for enemy’s death. The most epic thing about this arcana is the design and colors you have at your hand with many different colors such as golden, red, blue and even green you can make this hero RGB.

You can buy it from the store:


5) Shadow fiend ( Demon Eater)

Shadow fiend normally known as SF is a show off hero, if you got the skills that is. This hero is known for solo kills and styling on your enemies with insane character design and ability design. SF already had a character model made over a couple of years back where his whole model was changed along with the animations and icons, however this does not change the fact he had basically no cosmetics before his arcana.

Sf’s Arcana provides him with :
New animations such as, loadout, attack, ability, ultimate, idle, death and ambient. With his voice slightly changed and orange color added to him he looks like he is always on fire and looking to clench his thirst by killing his enemies.

You can buy it from the store:


4) Monkey king ( Great Sage’s Reckoning)

Monkey king is basically a throwback to the chinese mythology sun wukong character that looks like a monkey and has a staff, even dragon ball z took that influence for their main character. Monkey king came in dota 2 when almost every hero had their cosmetics and arcanas so valve had to do something for the looks of MK, they released Great Sage’s Reckoning an arcana that totally overhauls the hero’s looks from his dialogues to character model and abilities, Monkey king looks like a different hero when equipped with his arcana.

Monkey king’s arcana provides him with following animations and effects:

Ambient, ability icons and effects, run and idle, the best part about his arcana is that it has 3 different styles other than the default one that has blue, yellow and green colors for you to enjoy. MK looks like the real Sun Wukong with this arcana.

You can buy it from the market:


3) Juggernaut ( Bladeform Legacy )

Truth be told Juggernaut does not look that unique without his cosmetics, he is a generic looking hero with a mask and a sword with sob story as his background, what makes him cool tho is his many cosmetics that give him plethora of effects and animations ranging from his normal attacks to ambients. Before his arcana was announced juggernaut had many cosmetic items that were very unique and stylish, when valve announced Bladeform Legacy people expected it to be something else and it was.

Juggernaut’s arcana provides him with following animations and effects:

A new model, run, death, teleport start and end, abilities, ultimate, defeat, kill style, and a kill count for omnislashes. His arcana has two styles, a blue one and an orange one which you can unlock after you have achieved 10 kills with omnislashes.

You can buy it from the market:


2) Pudge ( Feast of Abscession )

Pudge is an incredibly cosmetic hero with a variety of hooks and sets at his disposal, pudge has cosmetics that range from a dollar to 300 or even 400 dollars such as the Dragon Claw hook that has totally unique style and animations. With how many sets pudge has these does not give him a unique look, they just look like a new armor for him however that changed with his arcana feast of abscession.

Pudge’s arcana has 2 styles and provides him with a plethora of animations and a new voice pack:

A new model, idle animation, run, attack, spawn, teleport, ambient, meat hook and dismember. A new voice pack with totally different voices recorded for this arcana only, it includes different responses for enemy heroes and allies as well. 2nd style can be unlocked by killing rubick a total of 12 times in your games.

You can buy it from the steam market:


1) IO ( Benevolent Companion )

Who doesn't like IO? This blob of a hero that does not speak will support you to the end of the world, helping the carry with farming or going to ganks with his offlane, IO is a masterpiece of a support hero that not many players play as it requires a lot of skills and micro management to pull of such feats with this ball. However when valve launched his arcana only a few people used it as IO was not that popular but it all changed with OG.Ana when he started playing this hero in the carry role and took the dota world and flipped it upside down.

At the internationals OG took a gamble in The internationals 9 winning game by picking IO as a carry for Ana, early game og were losing pretty hard however as soon as ana came online with his items and levels OG won the game becoming two time international champions, after which this hero became famous and everyone started playing it.

IO’s Arcana provides him with the following effects and animations:

Ambient, idle ,attack ,disabled, ability and an ultimate animation. The best part is his whole shape is changed from a ball to a square that has a heart on the centre.

Unfortunately you cannot buy this arcana as it was a reward for 2017’s battle pass owners.

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These are the Best Arcanas Available in dota 2. Let us know which Arcana is your favourite in the comments below!.


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