[Top 5] Ark Survival Evolved Best Crops To Grow

Ark Survival Evolved Best Crops
You're running for your life from hungry dinos; what's your go to snack?

    While on your stay on the Ark, in Ark: Survival Evolved, one thing becomes very clear; in order to survive, you need to eat. While killing every dino you see and harvesting their meat is an option, you also run the risk of taking on something more than you can handle, or losing the chance to tame a new dino pal. Best way to ensure you don’t starve is to go the old rural route and grow your own food. With that being said, I’m Chas Conway, and these are the 5 Best Crops to Grow in Ark: Survival Evolved 

5)  Stimberries


One of the more common berries one can gather, Stimberries are a natural stimulant, hence the name. They are even one of the easiest crops to grow, needing very little upkeep.

  • Can be used to create Stimulants, used to help yourself and dinos when topority gets too high and someone is knocked unconscious
  • When fed to any creature, their likelihood to poop increases, letting you get one more chance to create fertilizer 

4) Citronal

These prehistoric citrons are a bit harder to grow, but once you grow them, they are worth having. They can both replenish hunger and water, which is handy when you’re traveling.

  • Quickly replenishes hunger and water. So enough of these will ensure that you will never go hungry or thirsty for a while. Only drawback is that they spoil rather quickly, so make sure you have a ton with you

3) Mejoberry

  These are the favorites of many herbivore dinos on the Ark, so stalk up as many as you can

  • Preferred food for herbivore dinos. Once feed to them, taming goes a little faster, so feeding them stacks of Mejoberries is a good idea

2) Narcoberry

 These are natural narcotics. Feeding a stack of these to a creature will knock them out for sure

  • They can make Narcotics, which can ensure a creature is knocked out, and they can make other narcotic based ammunition to help you knock out dinos to tame

1) Plant Species X

    Topping out this list is the most difficult thing to grow, but so crucial to your survival; The Plant Species X. This thing looks alien, and rightly so. It grows in such a way that makes it a natural deterrent to invaders, so you don’t need to worry about making turrets or setting up larger defences

  • It’s a plantlike defense, able to shoot ichor like a Dilophosaur, and loads of damage like a standard turret

  • Making it is easier that it seems; it just needs a large crop plot and some fertilization to grow. Once grown, you can set it to defense, and creatures will think twice about attacking

And that’s our list. Did your favorite crop make it on this list? Feel free to let us know.

Until then, I’m Chas Conway, and I’ll see you on the Ark.

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