[Top 25] Ark Survival Evolved Best Mods Every Player Should Use (2022 Edition)

[Top 25] Ark Survival Evolved Best Mods, Best mods Ark
With the right mod everything can be possible

25. All Dinos allow guns

One of the biggest problems in Ark Survival Evolved is that while riding a dinosaur, players can’t use weapons. But as there’s a mod for every Ark problem, All Dinos allow guns cames to the rescue so you can have that battle you have always dreamed of. 

How the All Dinos allow guns makes Ark more fun: 

  • Ride your favorite dino while holding a gun
  • Battle your enemies from the saddle of your most powerful tame 
  • Combine 2 amazing Ark features: weapons and tames

Get the mod here

24. Steampunk 

This mod is truly breathtaking. Introducing a steam submarine, a steamboat, and many other new structures and decorations, Steampunk is the Ark mod that pleases all players. All original Ark elements have a Steampunk version, adding variety and amazing looks. 

How Steampunk makes Ark more fun: 

  • It adds a Steam Mech Rhino 
  • The structures have an impressive aesthetic 
  • Travel with a steam submarine

Get the mod here

23. Accessories plus 

The name pretty much explains itself. This mod allows players to craft a large variety of exciting, new accessories that expand the possibilities of their Ark adventure. Incredible structures like a wooden well or an oil pump take the game to a whole other level. 

How Accessories plus makes Ark more fun:

  • It adds an upgradable backpack 
  • You can now craft a quiver 
  • Introduces cosmetics 
  • New, creative structures are available 

Get the mod here

22. Automated Ark 3

To adventurers who don’t enjoy sitting around and collecting or crafting items: Automatic Ark is the solution to all your problems! This mod allows you to build a console that will automatically collect anything from the ground or craft all necessary items, so you are free to explore the map unbothered. 

How Automatic Ark 2.73 makes Ark more fun:

  • No more time spent on collecting resources
  • You are not limited by the available items 
  • A lot of time to explore the map 

Get the mod here

21. Kraken’s Better Dinos

Kraken’s Better Dinos is a mod that improves the stats of all vanilla creatures and adds some modifications in their taming mode. It’s now easier to get tames. Even more, their power and abilities are considerably enhanced. What more can you ask for?

How Kraken’s Better Dinos makes Ark more fun: 

  • It adds a Better Dinos workbench 
  • You can craft unique items for your tames
  • The stats and abilities of all creatures are modified 

Get the mod here

20. Ark Settlements

What do you get when you combine all Ark structures and elements with a gameplay similar to Sim City? Ark Settlements. This mod gives you another side of Ark, in which you learn how to manage a civilization and build your city starting from 0. 

How Ark Settlements makes Ark more fun: 

  • It gives the game a new perspective
  • You learn to appreciate the value of buildings 
  • City managing skills are involved 

Get the mod here

19. Egg & Poop Collector/Incubator

Despite its silly name, this mod has a lot to offer. Gathering eggs and feces plays an important part in Ark if you want to advance and build a farm. This task is important and unpleasant at the same time for many players. Easy your work with this Egg & Poop Collector/Incubator that can gather the ones around your base. 

How Egg & Poop collector makes Ark more fun: 

  • No more lacking fertilizer for your crops
  • The collector does everything for you
  • No more missing fertilized eggs 

Get the mod here

18. Homing Pigeon

It’s already known that pigeons are loyal companions. No matter where they go, they will always return home. If you take this idea and put it into a mod, you get Homing Pigeon, a mod that adds a leg ring to your flyers, so you never lose them again.

How Homing Pigeon makes Ark more fun: 

  • You can set a point for your flyers to return to when you die 
  • There are advanced options for you to discover 
  • Tame the most dangerous flyer and make it loyal

Get the mod here

17. Big raft 

Big Raft is the mod that proves that one small modification can make an enormous difference. For all the players that love sailing, this mod allows you to build a bigger, stronger raft that supports incredible constructions. The rest is up to your imagination!

How Big Raft makes Ark more fun:

  • Adds the possibility of a bigger raft in Ark’
  • You can build a base and travel with it
  • Carry your dinosaurs across the ocean

Get the mod here

16. Play as Dino

Play as Dino is one of the most creative mods out there. Sure you can build all sorts of structures and explore an impressive number of maps, but someone actually thought of inventing a mod that allows you to play as a dinosaur. 

How Play as Dino makes Ark more fun: 

  • Experience the life of wild creatures
  • Choose between carnivore and herbivore 
  • Try incredible abilities and level up

Get the mod here

15. Pimp my Dino

There is such an amazing variety of creatures in this game. With so many dinosaurs to choose from, it seems like a great idea to create a mod that adds incredible, creative armor and saddle styles for them!

How Pimp my Dino makes Ark more fun:

  • Adds new armor for your tames
  • Gives you options to customize your dinosaur 
  • Unique battle outfits 

Get the mod here

14. Solar Panel

As the real world progresses to the use of green energy, Ark proved capable of doing the same thing. With solar panels also come rechargeable batteries that give you an extra hour of power at night time. 

How Solar Panel makes Ark more fun:

  • Adds a creative way of making energy 
  • Makes exploration at night easier 
  • Promotes green energy in an exciting way

Get the mod here

13. Awesome Teleporters

The name speaks for itself when it comes to this mod. It involves teleporters that help travel anywhere quickly and it involves having an amazing time crafting and using them!

How Awesome Teleporters makes Ark more fun:

  • Introduces new crafting items
  • Allows fast travel without requiring extra foundations
  • Saves time 

Get the mod here

12. Thieves Island

Thieves Island adds a new, mysterious map that’s waiting for you to discover its mysteries. Explore the sunken pirate ships, make your way through dangerous caves and get all the incredible loot! Even more, the map is a perfect size, so you will always find your way around. 

How Thieves Island makes Ark more fun: 

  • New map 
  • Interesting items
  • Challenging caves
  • A story behind old pirate ships 

Get the mod here

11. Monkey Maze

This is one mod that adds an exciting challenge for all players. With Monkey Maze, you can now build traps, mazes, and even create monsters! Test your abilities and have fun with your friends by trying this unique experience. 

How Monkey Maze makes Ark more fun:

  • Adds new structures, like rotating walls 
  • Allows you to build traps, mazes 
  • You can get lost or die trying to escape the labyrinth 

Get the mod here

10. Primal Fear

Primal fear is for all players who already consider the original Ark a piece of cake. If you want to add a sense of difficulty and danger to the game, this is the perfect solution. On the other hand, the mod is not impossible, as the quality of the loot and the weapon’s damage also increases.

How Primal Fear makes Ark more fun:

  • Adds a large variety of enormous, powerful dinos 
  • New boss creatures
  • Improved items and weapons 

Get the mod here

9. Gyrosphere

Ark can be transformed in almost any game there is out there. For example, if you love Ark but are looking for a Jurrasic World experience, Gyrosphere is the mod that will make that wish come true by adding smart, circular vehicles to the original game. 

How Gyrosphere makes Ark more fun:

  • Adds circular vehicles 
  • The gyro sphere offers information about the prehistoric creatures you’ll encounter
  • It protects you from attacks 
  • You’ll feel like in the most advanced museum of natural sciences 

Get the mod here

8. Castles, Keep and Forts: Science Fiction 

For all the fans of medieval war games, Castles, Keeps and Forts is the mod that makes your dreams come true. Transform Ark into a fantasy, build castles and enjoy amazing new structures. 

How Castles, Keeps, and Forts make Ark more fun: 

  • It is one of the main major building upgrades of Ark
  • Your tames can now protect a castle
  • New crafting blocks
  • Create a kingdom 

Get the mod here

7. Platform plus

Platform Plus is the mod that allows all your Robin Hood fantasies to become a reality. Build treehouses and create the best forest base Ark communities have ever seen! As a plus, the mod also offers new building structures and opportunities to encourage your creativity!

How Platform Plus makes Ark more fun: 

  • Allows you to build tree houses 
  • You can place platforms anywhere and build on them
  • Bigger platforms
  • New building structures 

Get the mod here

6. Valguero Dino and Map Extension

This mod comes as a two-in-one package, including both new creatures and new territory to explore. The mod expands the original Valguero map, while also adding a variety of dinosaurs available for taming. Get it and enjoy one of the most complex Ark mods!

How Valguero Dino and Map Extension makes Ark more fun:

  • New dinosaurs to defeat
  • Map Extension 
  • New places to discover 
  • Incredible tames 

Get the mod here

5. Upgrade station

Upgrade Station is old, but gold. While there are many new mods in this top, Upgrade Station manages to maintain its popularity as a veteran. It makes almost all weapons and items upgradable, improving their resistance and efficiency. 

How Upgrade Station makes Ark more fun:

  • Adds a complex structure to the game 
  • Items can now be upgraded 
  • Higher resistance & higher damage from weapons
  • Deconstruct items and salvage their parts 

Get the mod here

4. Outer realms 

If your favorite parts of Ark are the gorgeous views of Crystal Island, Abberation, or even Ragnarok, this mod is for you. It adds a heavenly feel to the original Ark game, adding a new map that’s filled with beauty and joy. 

How Outer Realms makes Ark more fun:

  • The shining sky impresses your view 
  • New map filled with blossoms and flowers 
  • Gorgeous rivers 
  • Incredible landscapes

 Get the mod here

3. Structure Plus 

The famous Structure Plus remains one of the best mods even in 2022. It comes with a variety of customization options for buildings, changing the game’s core system. This mod reinvents the crafting mechanism of the original Ark game, impressing players all over the world. 

How Structures Plus makes Ark more fun: 

  • Transform and customize your Ark vehicles 
  • Play with building customization 
  • Enjoy building without limits 

Get the mod here

2. Eco’s stable structures and decor 

You thought Ark is about dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures? Or do you think the purpose of the game is to fight those terrifying creatures? Well…not anymore. With the right mod, Ark can be transformed into anything. Eco’s stable structures and decor adds softness and beauty to the game and comes as a pleasant surprise for all horse-passionates. 

How Eco’s stable structures and decor make Ark more fun:

  • Incredible interior decor items 
  • Create your own stable, with horse competitions and ribbons 
  • More than 110 new structure pieces
  • Create a western town, with equestrian bases 

Get the mod here

1. Modern Weaponry 

Most Ark players also enjoy other combat games. Now combining modern weapons and the unique fighting technique that comes with each one of them, Ark is becoming a better, new version of itself for players who want to experience something new. 

How Modern Weaponry makes Ark more fun: 

  • More than 20 modern weapons added 
  • New ammo and attachments 
  • Custom gun cabinet 
  • Weapons become more than a means of survival

Get the mod here

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