[Top 15] Ark Survival Evolved Best Mods Every Player Should Use (2022 Edition)

[Top 15] Ark Survival Evolved Best Mods, Best mods Ark
With the right mod everything can be possible

15. Classic Flyers

This mod modifies the files of core-game flyers and allows them to regain original stats. In summary, it gives your favorite flyers improved abilities, starting with enhanced speed and finishing with new, impressive attacks. It even adds special saddles and armor boosts!

How Classic Flyers makes more fun: 

  • It considerably enhances the speed of classic flyers 
  • Brings back original species stats for Ptero, Griffin, Phoenix, Moth, Argent, and many more 
  • Allows Wyvern to wear skin saddles 
  • Adds a new Emote: Pet! for Wyverns

Get the mod here

14. The Sunken World

If you already unraveled the mysteries of the land and you are looking forward to the next adventure, The Sunken World comes to the rescue. Such an impressive mod will challenge you to step into the unknown and explore the depths of the ocean, surrounded by beautiful corals and terrifying creatures. 

How Classic Flyers makes more fun: 

  • It’s an oceanic themed map with new, unknown creatures 
  • The map challenges you to change your usual approach and learn new skills 
  • Adds impressive creatures such as Pelagiarctos, Ambulocetus (special whale), Acrophuseter, and many others
  • Offers new items and underwater construction materials 

Get the mod here

13. Accessories Plus

This one does exactly what its name suggests. It adds an incredible variety of accessories to the game, enhancing all its aspects. From backpacks that can increase weight limits to carts for horses and bionic eyes, Accessories Plus truly takes Ark to the next level!

How Accessories plus makes more fun: 

  • Adds backpacks with customizable values and an available skin
  • Adds customizable altars for praying 
  • Creates Slaughterhouses where creatures can be both bred and killed 
  • Offers many other new accessories: primitive tent, wood well, mines, oil pumps, etc

Get the mod here

12. Castles, Keeps, and forts: Remastered 

This is perfect for architecture enthusiasts. It allows you to build absolutely stunning constructions, from enormous castles to impenetrable forts. Castles keeps, and forts is truly a mod that will improve your skills not only in the game but also in real life. 

How  Castles, Keeps, and forts makes more fun: 

  • Adds over 200 building parts with cosmetic variants
  • Offers vanilla floor sizes 
  • Adds Stackable foundations
  • 3 available tiers: settler, villager, castle tier
  • Provides automatic doors

Get the mod here

11. Upgrade Station

What’s the best thing about this mod? A simple upgrade station allows you to improve all kinds of items, from armors to saddles. Moreover, it works with other mods, so it’s the perfect fit if you are looking to enhance the overall game quality. 

How Upgrade Station makes more fun: 

  • It’s compatible with other mods
  • Improves the quality of many items 
  • You can choose different upgrades to match your play style 
  • Includes instructions

Get the mod here

10. Death Inventory Keeper

Tired of losing your items when you are killed by a hungry Rex? Every ARK player has experienced this, one way or another. Death Inventory Keeper is the solution for this well-known problem. The mod recovers all your items and folders after you die, saving you some time and crafting materials. 

How  Death Inventory Keeper makes more fun: 

  • It’s easy to install and even easier to use 
  • Keeps your items safe and recovers them when you respawn 
  • You can now take up any challenge without any worries 

Get the mod here

9. ECO's RP Decor 

Everyone loves a cozy home. With this mod, you can create a lovely interior that’s not only aesthetic but also comfortable. It is the perfect mod for everyone who enjoys interior decor, adding an incredible number of furniture pieces, rustic kitchen appliances, food, mounts, and special torches. 

How ECO's RP Decor  makes more fun: 

  • Adds customizable single, king, and bunk beds
  • Includes furniture pieces, a fireplace, 28 dinosaur head mounts that can be painted, etc.
  • Offers the possibility of adding a wooden balcony
  • Adds bowls, beer bottles, mugs, and 12 food consumables 

Get the mod here

8. Eco's Stable Structures and Decor

In Ark Survival Evolved, dinosaurs are the stars. However, people came up with an incredible mod that evolves around other loved creatures: horses. This ECO mod adds various rustic furniture pieces, jumps, saddles, and materials for building your own stable. 

How  Eco's Stable Structures and Decor makes more fun: 

  • Provides customizable textures 
  • Adds ribbons for horse competitions, 4 jumps, and 3 trophies 
  • Comes with a podium, feeding trough, and hay bedding
  • Allows you to create the horse paradise you have always dreamed of 

Get the mod here

7. Saddle Emporium

Taming a dinosaur is exciting, but equipping it with amazing saddles can be even better! Play with dinosaurs’ stats and abilities and use special saddles to your advantage. You can desire a gorgeous look for your dino or improved harvesting skills. It’s all possible. 

How  Saddle Emporium makes more fun: 

  • Adds a variety of saddles: Fancy, Explorer, Farming, Scout, Caravan, Hunter, and more others. 
  • You only need to learn one engram for all equipment available to one dino 
  • Provides weight reductions, lighter armor, extra protection, and an amazing look

Get the mod here

6. The Chasm 

Similar to Aberration, The Chasm is a destroyed Ark world in which terrifying creatures have found a home. Trying to survive, you’ll encounter mutated creatures and underground tunnels to explore and conquer. Find peace and prosper in this unbelievable world. 

How The Chasm makes more fun: 

  • It offers a variety of biomes: Fertile Areas, Biolum Underwater cave, and Infected Areas
  • Adds new, unique creatures: Fertile, Biolum, Element, and Surface Golems 
  • Comes with incredible landscapes 
  • Challenges your skills and abilities to survive 

Get the mod here

5. Annunaki Genesis

New creatures with customizable colors, easier taming, and wild babies! All of these can be achieved by installing one amazing mod: Annunaki Genesis. Besides its incredible creatures, this world also offers new and improved items, such as essences, alpha armor, elixirs, and special costumes. 

How Annunaki Genesis makes more fun: 

  • New costumes and glossy colors for creatures
  • Introduces wild babies that can be tamed
  • Makes taming easier, especially for herbivores 
  • Adds various animations: kicking, jumping, roaring 

Get the mod here 

4. Steampunk

This mod takes Ark’s mechanics to the next level. Introducing complex structures and items, it offers the possibility of traveling in a steampunk Airship, Submarine, or Air balloon and crafting unbelievable armors and furniture pieces. 

How Steampunk makes more fun: 

  • Adds hot air balloons, submarines, and airship
  • You can craft beds and bedroom decor such as dressers, lamps, etc. 
  • Offers craftable tree and cliff platforms 
  • Comes with multiple female outfits 

Get the mod here

3. Immersive Taming  

The classic taming methods of Ark can be tiring. This popular mod offers players new, more realistic taming methods that rely on the creature’s trust and loyalty. No more tranq arrows and forcibly knocking out creatures. Befriend the dinosaurs by hand feeding and offering them your protection. 

How Immersive Taming makes more fun:

  • Adds hand-feeding bait and corpse feeding for creatures 
  • You can pet and care for the dinosaur. It provides both health and a taming bonus 
  • Killing your tame’s enemies gets you taming progress 
  • Become friends with your dinosaurs and explore Ark together!

Get the mod here

2. Structure Plus 

Some of us are happy with the original building settings of Ark. However if you are looking for an architectural challenge, this mod offers incredibly complex structures and building properties. You can build unimaginable constructions that will take everyone’s breath!

How Structure Plus makes more fun:

  • Offers new building features: continuous structure placement, stackable foundations, hidden wires and pipes, and many others 
  • All doors and gates are automatic 
  • Introduces adaptable ocean platforms & full glass tier 
  • Comes with 6 available models of auto-turrets 
  • Adds a mutator with 10 different pulses for various purposes: breeding, swapping genders, age freezing, corrupt, etc. 
  • Introduces an Item translocator

Get the mod here

1. Marniimods: Wildlife

For players who search for even more exciting creatures, this mod adds a variety of species to the already loved dinosaurs. Enjoy an exotic experience around lions, elephants, owls, and why not, cats! Teleport into another Ark challenge and try living in prehistoric times. 

How Mariimods: Wildlife makes more fun: 

  • Adds gorgeous  wild creatures to the game: owls, camels, snakes, mountain goats, exotic birds, snow leopards, cows & bulls, lions 
  • Creates the unique experience of living in a prehistoric era 
  • Adds new interesting items and materials 

Get the mod here 

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