[Top 5] Ark Survival Evolved Best Fishing Baits

Ark Survival Evolved Best Fishing Baits
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5. Sap

In Ark: Survival Evolved there are several significant reasons to go fishing. The sap is one of the baits an early player can easily access. As an early game bait, it has a low-efficiency rate and only the coelacanth will eat it.

What is good about this bait?

  • Easy to obtain: It can be gathered by harvesting trees in the redwood forests. It can also be obtained through the sap tap.
  • Rewarding for the time spent harvesting. The fish you catch can have all kinds of goodies inside from rare blueprints to high-level armors.

Bait Details:

  • Can be found in the redwood forests of the ark
  • Will be useful to catch the coelacanth


4. Leech Blood


Leech blood is a much better bait than the tree sap. It attracts significantly better fish than the tree sap does. While it is a much better bait, it is also much harder to obtain. To get the leech blood you have to find and kill a leech in one of the most dangerous regions of the Ark. Deep in the swamps, you will find pools and ponds that contain them. 

What is good about this bait?

  • It is effective and will give you many more rewards from the fish you catch.
  • It increases the likelihood of catching a fish
  • Allows you to catch more species of fish

  Bait Details:

  • Can be found only in the swaps and the swamp cave.
  • Can be used to catch coelacanth, salmon, and piranha 

3. Giant Bee Honey

The giant bee honey is one of the most useful baits on the Island. However, it is once again more difficult to obtain. The giant bee must first be tamed, they eat the rare flowers found in the swamps and mountains on the island. Once you have obtained the flowers, the bee can be found in the redwood forest. After you tame the bee, it will produce beehives, where you can harvest honey.

What is good about this bait?

  • Efficiency: The likelihood of catching a fish is increased, and so is the quality of the loot that you will get.
  • It is useful for catching almost every species of fish on the island.

Bait Details:

  • Can only be obtained by taming a giant bee in the redwood forests
  • Is useful for catching coelacanth, salmon, and piranha 


2. Unicorn Residue

Unicorn residue is useful for making some of the most important things in the ark, including various candies, however, it can also be used as bait for the biggest fish in the oceans of the Ark. The great whale, leedsichthys, can only be attracted with the unicorn residue. The problem comes in how to get it, the unicorn is the rarest animal on the ark and can spawn in any region, making them extremely hard to locate.

What is good about this bait?

  • Attracts the leedsichthys, an animal whose trophy is required to enter the tek cave, and find the secrets of the ark.
  • It is a symbol of achievement, to have the residue you would have to have found a unicorn, which is the rarest animal on the ark. 

Bait Details:

  • Can only be obtained from the unicorn, which will be very difficult to locate.
  • Will lure the leedsichthys so that the player can harvest its trophy.


1. Ancient Amber

Ancient amber, the most potent bait in all of the Ark. It will catch any fish in the seas except for the leedsichthys. However, like everything else on the list, it will require hard work to obtain it. It must be obtained by doing missions, some of which will be extremely difficult.

  What is good about this bait?

  • Efficiency: More efficient than the other baits, and will allow you to receive better rewards and receive quicker bites.
  • Allows you to catch more species of fish. 

Bait Details:

  • Allows you to catch every species on the island besides the leedsichthys.
  • Is useful for much more than fishing.
  • It can be obtained by completing missions.

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