Ark Survival Evolved Best Base Locations (Top 10)

Ark Survival Best Base Locations
That T-Rex in the background is one step away from yelling, "Cannon ball!"

Your base is everything when it comes to Ark. It houses your dinos, your tribe, and all of your supplies so you want the best area to set up, right?

Well, this list will give you some of the best base locations you and your tribe can set up shop at and on what maps you can find them.

An amazing base location will lead to a secure place on the map to defend yourself from so choose your location wisely!

10. Winter Wasteland

In this nice, snowy getaway you can build the base of your dreams. With plenty of resources near you and icebergs with oil in front of you, you could turn this into a highly defensive haven for your tribe and your dinosaurs. All of this land could be yours and your tribes for only...well free if you can get to it first.

Why is this a great base location?

  • It is highly defensible in a PVP situation.
  • There are 2 icebergs across from it that you could build to that are covered with oil rocks.
  • The shores nearby are flooding with clamshells holding silica pearls.

Location guide

This area is found on the Northern side of the Island map. Its coordinates are around 30 by 9 and because it is along the shore, you just have to keep an eye out for the plateau of dead trees.

9. Viking Bay Rib Waterfall

There is nothing better than the relaxing sounds of a waterfall...or is there? Imagine a secret base hidden behind that waterfall that few people can get into. You could have a fully functioning raid base and no one would know about it. Pretty great, right?

Why is this a great base location?

  • Behind this waterfall is a cavern that you could build and keep tames in.
  • It is hard for any opponents to get any large dinos inside and they would have to be extremely careful about flying in.
  • It would be a great place to store important items so no one can find them or to stage raids out of with your tribe.

Location Guide

This base location is found on the Ragnarok map in Viking Bay at the Northern part of the map. Just watch out for the huge rib cage found at coordinates 23 by 31.

The real question is though, what died with that big of a rib cage?

8. Secluded Ruin Plateau

This would be the perfect base location for those of you who don’t want to worry too much about defenses. There is no natural way up to this plateau so all you have to do is build your own ramp up and defend that. This large space is perfect for a tribe of any size.

Why is this a great base location?

  • It has its own resources such as metal and crystal.
  • The area has its own water source both on top of the plateau and below the cliff.
  • It has some really cool ruins along the sides of, you would gain some points for picking a cool base location.
  • There are seriously no natural ways for someone to get up there so it would be easy to defend. Just have to keep an eye out for people on flyers.

Location Guide

This base location is also found on Ragnarok at the coordinates 21 by 28 on the Northern side of the map. Just look out for some ruins and a piece of land that shouldn’t logically still be in one piece.

7. Flyers Only!

This area is the perfect “Flyers Only” base for your tribe. This secluded area has an amazing view of the sandy wasteland as well. Sadly, there is no source of water nearby. Although this is the Scorched Earth map, water is never nearby.

Why is this a great base location?

  • It is impossible to access on any land mounts but you could probably build a ramp down from it or up to it.
  • There is plenty of stone and a little bit of metal nearby.
  • The area is incredibly flat which will make bases building easier.
  • There is an extra bit of flat land a little higher up that you could use to build a watchtower.

Location Guide

This base location is found on the Scorched Earth map near the top right at coordinates 24 by 22. You will have to look for it while on a flying mount though.

6. The Portal

You just finished your game on the Scorched Earth map, got downloaded and then re-uploaded in Aberration. You wake up and see this and it would be an amazing first place to build a base. It has a lot of flat land but a body of water is hard to come by without jumping off a cliff from here.

Why is this a great base location?

  • The land around and on the bridge is incredibly flat to build on but it would be more of a PVE location than a PVP one due to it being out in the open on the ground. You will also have to watch out for surrounding dinos here because a lot of them will try to eat you, multiple times.
  • Above the portal, there are flat areas that are harder to access unless you have a Rock Drake so it would be really easy to defend.
  • There are plenty of resources that you can farm from and mushrooms you can eat just like berries. You may even tame your first Bulbdog!

Location Guide

This area is found on the Aberration map at coordinates 44 by 13. This is a good place to build a hidden PVP base up above or a PVE base below. Just look for the giant rings and they will lead you back to the portal.

5. Portal Bridge

Not only is this a cool looking base location on Aberration, but it has great defense as well. You get a scenic view of the water below and the mushroom trees all around you. It is also easily accessible once you get a hold of a Rock Drake so it’s the perfect place for you to build a hidden base.

Why is this a great base location?

  • This is a really close second to the waterfall base on being well hidden in some places.
  • It has plenty of the basic materials you would need such as wood and stone.
  • There are so many places you could hide dinos, turrets, and the majority of your tribe, although, this area would be better for a smaller tribe of people.

Location Guide

You can find this on the Aberration map really close to the portal. It sits at the coordinates 45 by 27. Just follow the path from the portal and then you will be able to find this area.

4. Blue Zone Cliff

The Blue Zone is the area right below the safe Green Zone. While it’s darker than the Red and Green Zones there are still a few good places to build, such as this one, you just have to keep it well lit with glow pets to keep the Nameless away. Creepy little Reaper summoning creatures.

Why is this a great base location?

  • It is a really easy area to defend because it’s on a cliff with only a single pathway up to it.
  • There are resources such as mushrooms, stone, wood, and if you look around a little, some blue gems as well.
  • There is a vine that goes across to another cliff that has a Plant Species X plant which will heal your tamed dinos and give you seeds that will make taming other creatures far easier.

Location Guide

You can find this area on the Aberration map in the Blue Zone at coordinates 50 by 37. Seriously though, beware the Nameless...charge light keeps you safe.

3. Radiation Free Zone

Hello, and welcome to the danger zone a.k.a. The Red Zone where everything wants to kill you. And the water and the atmosphere are no exception to that. So here is an area in the Red Zone where at least the atmosphere won’t try to kill you, but seriously don’t fall into the pretty purple poison water, that leads to almost instant death.

Why is this a great base location?

  • It is a radiation-free area in the Red Zone, what more could you ask for out of the horrors in Aberration?
  • It is easy to defend because there is only one entrance into the area you would be building in which has large rocks with an opening the size of a dino gate.
  • It is backed by the pretty death water so no one can really sneak up behind you. Careful not to fall in! I’ve done that once or sucks.

Location Guide

You will find this on the Aberration map in the Red Zone at the coordinates 47.6 by 45.1. It is a kind of cornered off area with a giant rock and the poison waterfall backing it. You can even jump down to it from the green zone on Karkinos, glider suit, or Rock Drake.

2. Hidden Cave

This is a small base area but almost entirely hidden from the world by just a small entry that you have to squat through. This would be more of a mini base and hiding place during raids. You could also use it as a small storage area for you and your tribe.

Why is this a great base location?

  • Literally no one will easily find this base area, you may even struggle to find it.
  • This would be a really small base area or a hard to find storage area, there are a lot of small hiding places in here as well.
  • You could build your base off of this to hide in it whenever you are being raided and take your important items in there. Although, you can only take small tames in with you such as a Dodo or shoulder pet.

Location Guide

You can find this mini base location on the Center map at the coordinates 33 by 58. It may take a second to find the entry because it’s very small but it’s just like a little triangle.

1. The Extinct City

This base is in the newest addition to the Ark storyline maps, Extinction. Incredible technology surrounds you on all sides and the resources are abundant in this post-war zone. You will find all the supplies you need to create Tek gear and even a Mek or two.

Why is this a great base location?

  • It is an incredibly easy area to defend.
  • While there are many places for raiders to hide around the city, that means there are a lot of places for you to hide and take them out from afar.
  • You will be able to easily get blueprints for Scouts and Enforcers.

Location Guide

You can find this base location on the Extinction map at the coordinates 46 by 51. It’s in the middle of the city and would be an amazing base location to have on this map.


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