[Top 5] Ark: Survival Evolved Most Fun Maps That Are Great

Ark: Survival Evolved Maps
There are now loads of maps to choose from in Ark: Survival Evolved

There are many maps you can play on in Ark: Survival Evolved now, but it’s still hard to choose which will be the best for you. In this article I will cover information about the best map for solo play, co-op, building, exciting and beautiful gameplay, and overall fun.


5. Extinction (Best for Co-op Play)

Extinction is a wild place– and I do mean that. So many aspects of Extinction feel unwelcoming and terrifying. Even just venturing through the abandoned city in the heart of Extinction doesn’t feel quite right.

  • Extinction is best for doing events to gain extra blueprints and resources with friends or tribemates.
  • Extinction is a great place to hide when playing on a PvP server, due to how high the map is.
  • Building on Extinction can be amazing, as there are so many hidden areas to do so. Building a base with a friend could be very successful on this map.


4. Valguero (Best for Solo Play)

Valguero is a great map for anything that has to do with solo play, in my opinion. The map is versatile, to say the least. 

  • Valguero is perfect for farming Alphas by yourself, as the spawn rate for Alpha Dinos seems to be higher there than on most maps.
  • Locating and taming your first Argentavis can be extremely easy on Valguero, where there are more common spawn areas for them.
  • Valguero is a great place to find artifacts, as well. Most of them are easy to get to, and don’t require too much extra gear.
  • Valguero isn’t a particularly big map, making it very easy to navigate.


3. The Center (Great for Building)

The Center is a favorite starting map for loads of players. Not only does The Center have different biomes all over the place, it also has awesome base locations and spawn points.

  • The Center has a number of building locations that can easily be hidden from others and even protected. 
  • The Center has a massive ocean, and even a large air bubble that allows you to breathe normally underwater. It would make for a perfect underwater base location.
  • In addition, you have access to nearly any resource and dinosaur that you could need for building bases here due to The Center’s scattered, yet defined biomes. 


2. Crystal Isles (Great for Beautiful Gameplay)

Crystal Isles is a relatively new map still, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s easily one of the most beautiful maps thus far. 

  • Crystal Isles features those gorgeous Aberrant dinosaurs that were released in the Aberration map, but without all the difficulty navigating to find and track them.
  • There aren't as many dinosaur spawns in Crystal Isles, so you will be able to find a base location and build more effectively.
  • Crystal Isles is the mpa for anyone who finds wonder and excitement in the beautiful views of Ark. 


1. Aberration (Great for Overall Fun)

Aberration has always been a great overall map. Some aspects can be a tad bit more tricky, but it’s well worth it in the end. There are loads of things to do in Aberration, and cool dinosaurs that you can’t find anywhere else.

  • Aberration’s distinct biomes are something you can’t find anywhere else and are a favorite for many.
  • The majority of the fun in Aberration is not on the ground, but rather up in the trees, which allows for the possibility for building in the sky rather than on the ground.
  • Aberration is perfect for farming certain resources that are otherwise difficult to find, like metal, honey, and crystal.
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