Ark: Survival Evolved How to Beat the Crystal Wyvern Queen

Crystal Wyven Queen Roars Angrily at Tresspassers

Like the title says I am teaching you how to solo the Crystal Wyvern Queen in Ark Survival Evolved. To start with I recommend that you have 15-18 rexes and 1 Yutyrannus. The stats on the one in my video are H30k M1400. This is done on an official server. You want to start by just whistling aggressive. Getting off of the start platform is really important. Once you get off of the platform let your rexes melt her. when she takes off to fly away whistle passive, and run to the pinch point indicated in the video. Once there whistle aggressive again and just let your rexes crush her. Wash rinse and repeat for the rest of the fight. Good Luck!


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