[Top 5] Ark Survival Best Character Builds

Ark Survival Best Character Builds
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Ark Survival Evolved: Top 5 Character Builds


5. Speed Build

In Ark: Survival Evolved, everything that moves wants you dead. For newer players, a speed build can be extremely helpful to survive dangerous situations. As the age-old saying goes, “you don't have to be the fastest guy on the team, you just have to be faster than your buddy”. 

Below is A list of reasons why the speed build made it to the top 5:

  • Escape Hairy Situations: The speed build can allow the player to outrun most things on the island. It is extremely hard to avoid death in the early part of the game, but being faster than the things that want to eat you helps.
  • Combat: Being faster than other players is not only helpful to escape dangerous predators, but it can give you an advantage in the PVP arena as well. If you are faster than other players you can outmaneuver and outflank them in combat situations.
  • Exploration: Moving faster on foot can help you get around the island, especially before you acquire rideable mounts.

See a video on the speed build here.


4. Oxygen Build

As you progress through the game, eventually you will need to enter the oceans, likely this will be before you get access to the scuba gear engrams late in the game. Giving your character an oxygen boost will allow you to hold your breath for extended periods to get done whatever it is that is drawing you into the depths of Ark’s oceans. The oxygen boost can also help you escape land carnivores by diving into deeper parts of lakes and rivers until then lose interest and leave.

Below is a list of reasons why the oxygen build made it to number 4 on the list:

  • Resources: On the island,mid-level there are several times where you will need to use gasoline, which you must make from oil. There are limited locations on land where oil can be found, but in the sea it is plentiful.
  • Escape Various Situations: Rather you are trying to escape an angry carnivore or another survivor, the water can be as much your friend as your enemy. If you have higher oxygen stats than the players you are trying to escape, they will have to turn back or die.

See a video on the oxygen build here.


3. Health Build

The health build is a very good build for mid-level characters. It can help you when it comes to dealing with the more difficult creatures and players, especially combined with a good set of armor. With enough health, you can even take a few hits from the mighty rex, or survive a fall from great heights.

Below is a list of reasons why the health build made it to number 3 on the list:

  • Edge in Combat: Having a large health pool will give you a serious boost in combat. In most cases, if players are evenly matched, the one with the most health will walk away from the victor.
  • Edge in Taming: Having a higher health pool will allow you to take more damage. This can afford you a mistake during a taming process on all but creatures such as the giganotosaurus.
  • Surviving Mistakes: One of the most annoying things in-game is when you are riding a flying mount and make a mistake on the button you push and accidentally dismount, sending you plummeting to earth. With a large enough health pool, it is possible to survive a great fall. 

  To see more details on the health build watch the video here.

2. Weight Build

The weight build is a good character build for a character who has made it to the end game material, where they have a large number of tames to handle their combat and other scenarios. The weight build allows you to transport vast amounts of resources in a short period. It is also a good build for a character who does a lot of construction for their tribe.

Below is a list of reasons why the weight build makes it to number 2 on the list:

  • Builders: When it comes to building in Ark: Survival Evolved, there is a large number of resources required for each item. A lot of characters cannot carry the weight needed to build a base. The weight build will allow you to build quicker, by allowing you to carry more weight.
  • Trading: A lot of characters will trade tames or other items for large amounts of resources, this can be tedious if you cannot carry much weight. The weight build will allow you to carry the weight that many tribes want to trade.

  To view the weight build and its benefits follow this link.

1. Crafting Build

This is the best build for late-game players, the crafting skill gives you bonus effectiveness when crafting an item to allow you to build a much higher quality item than a character without this build. This will allow your character to build saddles with higher armor than that of the standard blueprints, which would afford you an armor advantage in combat against other tribes.

Below is a list of reasons why this build made its way to the number 1 spot on the list:

  • Armor: The armor buff can give you a boost in combat, by allowing your character to craft an item of about 100% strength.
  • Additional Resources: On mele items such as picks and axes, the efficiency bonus can allow the player to harvest more of a material from its source.
  • Damage Buff: On firearms and bows the crafting bonus allows you to build a stronger weapon that will do on an animal or player.

  To view, the benefits of this build view the following link.

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