[Top 5] Ark Survival Evolved Best Tranquilizers

Ark Survival Evolved Best Tranquilizers
The basilisk is one of the best tranquilizing mounts in Ark: Survival Evolved

5. Tranquilizer Arrows

The tranquilizer arrow is one of the first possible tranquilizers that a survivor can get their hands on but is also old reliable. They are cheap and easy to make, requiring only one narcotic and one stone arrow. This makes the tranquilizer arrow one of the best tranquilizers in Ark: Survival Evolved. They may require a lot of shots to knock something unconscious, but they will get the job done.

What's great about the Tranquilizer Arrow:

  • Affordable: They are quick and easy to make, and can be quickly fabricated in the field.
  • Effective: Even against large tames the tranq arrow will eventually bring them down.
  • Essential: They are essential for players to use early in the game before they get more advanced tranquilizers.

Tranquilizer Details:

  • Combine a stone arrow, and narcotic to create this tranquilizer.
  • Narcotics must be made in a mortar and pestle, or a chem bench.


4. Tranquilizer Dart

The tranquilizer dart is quite similar to the tranquilizer arrow, however, it is more potent, and must be fired from the long neck rifle rather than a bow or crossbow. Each dart will inflict 221 torpor, and only inflict 26 damage. This is a significant improvement over the tranquilizer arrow, which can kill weaker creatures if a survivor isn’t careful. This makes it a significantly better option when taming.

What great about the tranquilizer dart:

  • Better torpor: The dart inflicts far more torpidity than the arrows do, requiring fewer of them to take down a creature.
  • Less Damage: The tranquilizer arrow can kill weaker animals before getting them close to unconsciousness. The dark reduces the risk of death significantly.

Tranquilizer Dart Details:

  • Crafted in the smithy
  • Requires 3 narcotics, 2 ingots, and 1 rifle bullet to craft.


3. Tranq Spear


The tranquilizer spear is a modified version of the harpoon, coated in a toxic tranquilizing agent. It does 300 torpor and causes only 36 damage. While it can still kill smaller creatures when used in excess, it is less likely to kill things than the tranquilizer arrow would. It is also capable of being used under-water, unlike the tranquilizer dart, making it one of the best tranquilizers in Ark: Survival Evolved.

What’s great about the tranquilizer spear:

  • Useful under-water: Several of the items on this list can only be used on land, the tranquilizer spear can be used in the water, making it invaluable for taming aquatic creatures.
  • High torpor inflicted: The high torpidity inflicted on a creature, means they will go unconscious with fewer shots, reducing the likelihood of death. 

Tranquilizer Spear Details:

  • Crafted in the smithy, or the argentavis saddle
  • Requires one tranq dart and one spear bolt to craft


2. Shocking Tranquilizer Dart

The shocking tranquilizer dart is a much more effective version of the tranquilizer dart that inflicts 442 torpor while only inflicting 25 damage. This allows you to use even fewer darts to take down a creature, further reducing the likelihood of death. The drawback of this tranquilizer is where you have to go for the ingredients, the bottom of the ocean. To create this dart you will need biotoxin from the oceanic jellyfish. 

What’s great about the shocking tranquilizer dart:

  • More Torpor: The increased torpor reduces the number of darts, making them less expensive overall to tame larger creatures.
  • Less Damage: The fewer darts will inflict less damage, which decreases the risk of losing a costly tame.

Shocking Tranquilizer Dart Details:

  • Crafted in the fabricator
  • Made from 3 biotoxins, 2 ingots, and 1 tranquilizer dart. 


1. Animals 

In Ark: Survival Evolved several animals can inflict torpidity, such as the scorpion and the Basilisk. These creatures inflict massive amounts of torpor on wild animals and reduce the need for tranquilizers of other kinds, and reducing the likelihood of death. This makes them one of the best ways to tranquilize something in Ark: Survival Evolved.

What’s great about animal tranquilizers:

  • Cheap: Once the animal is tamed, then you no longer have to fabricate darts or arrows, simply walk up and sting or bite your target and allow it to become unconscious.
  • Mobility and Safety: With a tranquilizer dart or arrow you have to dismount and expose yourself to dangers, when using an animal you can stay mounted and safe from danger.

Animal Tranquilizer Details:

  • Basilisk: 3x its damage percentage is inflicted on an enemy’s torpor
  • Scorpion: 3x its damage percentage is inflicted on an enemy’s torpor



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