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Pet’s—and we’re not talking about man’s best friend Fido here, but the loveable and awesome creatures you get in Ark that can sit on your shoulder. While these creatures aren’t mean to partake in battle, they all have things about them that besides making you go aww, can help you out in the game. Typically, they’re small and come in different forms, and can be carried with you on your shoulder or left behind (like Fido) at your base until you return for it.

3. Vulture

Large bird found on Scorched Earth map and Ragnarök map that eats spoiled meat and is a passive tame. Can be tamed and bred, is weak against bola’s, bear traps, and Plant Species Y Traps.

Advantages: You’re going to want one of this big desert birds and here’s the reason why: They’re great to have in battle. Vultures don’t attack the dinosaur that the rider is on, but instead focuses its strategy on the rider itself. They’re easy to tame which means despite their violence around carcasses, they’re more than worth having. Anyone who is fighting you will have to choose between either fighting your dino/mount head on or deal with the vulture that is focused on them which gives you the upper hand in battle.

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2. Otter

Drops rawhide, meat, and pelt and weak against bola’s, bear traps and Plant Y species. Mostly found in water areas in which they hunt fish in return for yielding silica pearls, black pearls and fish.

Advantages: While these animals are easy to kill and will run when attacked, there are some advantages to owning one. Items such as Silica and black pearls can be annoying when it comes to harvesting. However, for anyone who owns an otter, they can cut out the middle man and harvest those items for you. Before being tamed they will gather meat off dead things, but once tamed they will just gather meat. They’re easy to tame, and cute as a button.

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1. Featherlight

A shy creature that will fly away upon being attacked who has feathers that glow on its head. The feather on it’s back holds a close resemblance to that of a dragonfly.

Advantages: Nobody likes to wander in around in a dark cave not being able to see their way, that’s why featherlight is the perfect companion. While sitting on your shoulder, this shoulder pet can light the way through even the darkest caves or areas. If you like venturing out at night, this is the perfect companion to take a long with you. It’s charged light will also protect you from an ambush from both Reapers and nameless.

How To Get It

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