[Top 5] Ark Survival Evolved Best Underwater Mounts

Ark Survival Evolved Best Underwater Mounts
Ocean Survival is one of the most difficult

5. Ichthyosaurus

For many survivors, the Ichthyosaurus is the first water creature they will encounter. They are perhaps the most friendly creatures on the island as they will swim up to a survivor and greet them. This is one of the things that get them on the list, because they are friendly they are easy to tame, and they are a gateway to the oceans in Ark: Survival Evolved!

Why the Ichthyosaurus is great underwater:

  • Fast: There are very few creatures faster than the Ichthyosaurus in Ark: Survival Evolved. This makes them great explorers because when a dangerous situation arises they will likely be able to escape.
  • Safety: These guys seem to have a karmic relationship, their friendliness is rewarded by none of the ocean creatures attacking them. When cruising the oceans very few things will attack them

Ichthyosaurus details here.

How to get Ichthyosaurus here.


4. Megalodon 

The Megalodon is often considered to be the “Rex” of the sea. This is partially due to their power and aggression, and partly because of their size. These creatures have a huge aggro range and will attack survivors on site. Survivors who choose to ride these magnificent beasts need to be cautious around the eels and the jellyfish as both can dismount you from the Megalodon and get you and your tame killed.

Why the megalodon is great underwater:

  • This is the largest shark to ever exist and they prowl the waters in Ark: Survival Evolved. They are powerful mounts, that when used correctly can fight some of the larger oceanic creatures.
  • Easy to tame: Because of their large aggro range they will follow a survivor without caution in hopes of an easy meal. A survivor can swim away while firing tranq arrows at the shark and it will follow them until it is unconscious.
  • Pack boost: The Megalodons, when working together, get a pack boost that allows them to do significant damage in battles

Megalodon Details here.

How to get a Megalodon here.


3. Plesiosaur 

The plesiosaur can only be found in the deepest depths of Ark’s oceans, making them extremely dangerous to acquire. However, this is a highly versatile oceanic mount and can be worth the risks to tame one. They serve as excellent warships and destroyers because of their speed and platform saddles, making them perhaps one of the most versatile sea creatures in Ark: Survival Evolved.

Why the Plesiosaur is great underwater:

  • Platform Saddles: The platform saddle makes these very versatile tames because you can build on them. Placing turrets on their backs turns them into a warship capable of dealing vast amounts of damage to enemies.
  • Speed: The plesiosaur is one of the fastest of the large aquatic dinosaurs, making it more than capable of escaping more dangerous sea creatures.

Plesiosaur Details here.

How to get a plesiosaur here.


2. Basilosaurus 

The basilosaurus is one of the best oceanic mounts that you can get in Ark: Survival Evolved. They are typically found in the shallow seas around the Ark, but they are more than capable of taking on the most ferocious creatures in the sea, including the Mosasaurus. Typically, gentle creatures, they are surrounded at all times by a heard of mantas that get scraps of food in return for protection. 

Why the basilosaurus is great for underwater:

  • Rapid Healing: In shallow water, the basilosaurus will regenerate health at an extreme rate, allowing them to heal from a battle and then return immediately to the depths.
  • Bite Radius: the bite radius for the basilosaurus is as large as its body, making it impossible to corner it and make it defenseless
  • Oil: The basilosaurus will passively generate oil in its inventory for the survivor to harvest.

Basilosaurus Details here.

How to get a basilosaurus here.


1. Tusoteuthis

The Tusoteuthis is the king of the seas in Ark: Survival Evolved. There are a lot of players who argue back and forth between this and the Mosa, however, the squid’s torpor and grab abilities do make it superior to the Mosa. They are extremely rare spawns, and are only found at the deepest depths of the Ark oceans, and are almost certainly a death sentence for anyone finding one, however, some survivors have managed to tame the Tusoteuthis and lived to tell about it.

What makes the Tusoteuthis great underwater:

  • Grab: The Tusoteuthis has the ability to grab onto wild or tamed animals or survivors, rendering them helpless during the grab attack.
  • Torpor: Torpidity is applied as long as the squid has you trapped in its grasp, typically spelling disaster for anyone caught in its grasp.
  • Versatility: Due to its size it has a large health pool and a strong mele attack, making them excellent for combat or exploration.

Tusoteuthis details here.

How to get a Tusoteuthis here.

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