Top 50 PC Games Released in 2015: Page 9 of 10

So many games, so few spots

10. Total War: Attila (February 17th 2015)

Complex enough for you?

Developer: Creative Assembly

Genre: Real-Time Strategy

Theme: Medieval Warfare

Total War: Attila is the latest addition to the ultimate series in strategic medieval warfare, this time following the story of the Huns. The brilliant combination of turn-based strategic placement via a map interface and real-time battles in a 3D environment flows just as seamlessly as we've come to expect. Building on this formula, Attila adds a new religion system offering your empire further unique benefits to help conquer your enemies. 

Battles on a holy-cow-that's-massive scale.

Sega has moved to the PC with Total War and still getting over 400.000 players. A proven formula only made better with added depth.

09. Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward (June 23rd 2015)

Here's what you can expect from the new jobs.

Developer: Square Enix


Theme: Anime Fantasy

Heavensward expands the world of Final Fantasy XIV with a new race, new jobs, areas, primals and more. With the Scions of the Seventh Dawn scattered, the Warrior of Light must flee to the North, towards Ishgard. There, the adventurer finds himself in the midst of the Dragonsong War and up against a new rival - a Warrior of Darkness. With the stakes raised, and the level cap, you must grow in power to overcome this new threat.

"You may be big, but I make blue flashes with my sword!"

You can be sure that 2 million dedicated players are enjoying this expansion to their online world. Not only does it expand, but it adds crucial plot points too!

08. Cities: Skylines (March 10th 2015)

Glad to know the devs are so involved in their game. 

Developer: Colossal Order

Genre: City-Building

Theme: Modern-day Management

SimCity, stand aside and make way for Cities: Skylines! This is the new standard for city-building sims. With a nice tier-growth system for unlocking buildings and a more streamlined transportation system, this game is a serious contender to the time-honored franchise. Add to that the capability of successfully simulating a city with up to a million residents!

No sight more beautiful than the rich thriving city you built.

We now have about 1.3 million people who know how to run a city. Who knew? Do you want to be the next mayor?

07. Homeworld Remastered Collection (February 25th 2015)

It's Homeworld, as if we need any further incentive. 

Developer: Gearbox Software

Genre: Real-Time Strategy

Theme: Sci-fi Space Warfare

When their home world, Kharak, is facing extinction from war, the Kushan discover an ancient ship revealing a new home and spaceflight technology. Uniting, they build a mother-ship to serve as fleet command in their search for Hiigara. Leaving the sanctity of their planet, however, only brought greater dangers and ruin. Take control of the Kushan fleet to neutralize the new threat and find a home in brand new enhanced visuals!

If Mass Effect was a strategy game.

The remastered edition is as popular as you'd expect, having 300.000 players. It's the peak of RTS space battle.

06. Resident Evil HD Remaster (January 19th 2015)

With the recent shoot-fests, I forgot how tough a single zombie can be.

Developer: Capcom

Genre: Survival Horror

Theme: Zombie Apocalypse

A small team of S.T.A.R.S. members are sent to investigate a series of gruesome murders on the outskirts of Racoon City. After an encounter with flesh eating dogs, they seek refuge in a mansion, but the presumed sanctuary is actually a death trap. Control Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield as you uncover the cause of the murders, while trying to stay alive in a pure horror environment - now in HD!

"What...what is that?" Seriously? It's a freakin' zombie. Get with the times.

150.000 fans are proof that great games never die, even if most of their characters do.

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