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So many games, so few spots

40. Dying Light (January 27th 2015)

Flying without wings.

Developer: Techland

Genre: Action Horror

Theme: Zombie Apocalypse

The city of Harran is under quarantine. As Kyle Crane, an undercover agent, you infiltrate the city as part of a mission. The mission takes a backseat to helping survivors, and surviving yourself, against the zombified populous. You will have access to more than a thousand weapons, as well as extensive parkour abilities. Ready yourself during the day because, come nightfall, things get really ugly!

Shaq, is that you?

The spiritual successor to Dead Island is doing well with over 2 million sales. If you're looking for a sandbox zombie survival adventure, then this is it!

39. WWE 2k15 (April 28th 2015)

Anyone else singing along?

Developer: 2K Sports

Genre: Sports

Theme: Wrestling

With 2k15, WWE has finally become a true wrestling simulation. Sporting (hah!) an extensive grappling system and even an advanced stamina bar to simulate tiredness, the game is more about tactics than your typical combo-driven fighting game. Of course, you get your choice of 75 wrestling stars to fight as or to beat up.

Ain't no kiddy ride.

Finally a wrestling game for the PC and with at least 30.000 interested, we can expect more. The fact that it's the only wrestling title to come out is enough to earn it a spot among the top PC games in 2015.

38. YS VI: The Ark of Napishtim (April 28th 2015)

Anyone else loving the Nintendo vibe?

Developer: Falcom

Genre: Action JRPG

Theme: Anime Fantasy

Adol's latest adventure is finally available in English and with all the bells and whistles you'd expect, such as "Catastrophe Mode". After his ship is attacked by pirates, Adol is found unconscious on a shore. Two girls rescue him and bring him to their village. A village that's not very fond of humans. There's quests to undertake and monsters to slay as the story unfolds.

The forest is alive and it's angry.

With a late arrival to the PC scene, it still managed to bring in 10.000 players. A Ys game is a Ys game, they don't go wrong.

37. Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth (January 28th 2015)

It's not easy to find a trailer for this game...I think I know why.

Developer: Idea Factory

Genre: JRPG

Theme: Story & Combat

The console war brought to you in video game form! Hyperdimension Neptunia takes place in Gamindustry, a world with four drastically different regions each representing a different console. You take on the role of Neptune, after she loses her memory. As you slay monsters and clear dungeons the story moves towards one of three different endings. 

Three frail girls vs one big monster. Yep, we're in Japan.

The Japanese portrayal of the gaming industry has managed to pique the interest of 100.000 gamers. Not bad!

36. Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires (February 26th 2015)

Don't worry! There's an English version.

Developer: Omega Force

Genre: Beat 'Em Up

Theme: Medieval Japanese Warfare

Dynasty Warriors 8 is a beat 'em up game boasting over 80 characters and it's expansion - Empires - adds a level of strategy and tactics. Like the characters, the story consists of many varied scenarios depending on faction and character choice. If the story content isn't enough, then you can try the new "Ambition Mode" or the returning "Challenge Mode". There's also the multiplayer aspect making it a perfect game for friends.

Still in Japan...

In a genre that's lost most of its fanbase there are still 25.000 people interested. They must be doing something right.

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