Top 15 Lord of The Ring Villains, From Least to Most Powerful

lord of the rings villains

Ready To Countdown The Top 15 Lord of The Rings Villains?

When Tolkien created his world of Middle-Earth, he invented a place where different races and cultures lived amongst each other. Sometimes they lived in peace and other times in war. In most cases certain areas were dominated by a specific race, such as the Elves in the forest, Dwarves in the mountains, and Hobbits in the plains. This segregation never stopped heroes from all different backgrounds to come together for an adventure but this also never stopped the villains from doing the same. 

For all the fascinating things that Middle-Earth has to offer it also has evil and terrifying ones. The Villains and monsters of Middle-Earth are nothing to scuff at, everything has the ability to put your and your fellowships life at risk. So when adventuring through Mirkwood be sure to keep an eye out for these evil creatures.

Here is a list of the top 15 Lord of the Rings villains, from least to most powerful…just in case you run into any.

15. Gollum

Gollum lives in the caves of the misty mountain

You may remember him as the “My precious!” guy but Gollum could seriously mess up your day. Originally known as “Smeagol” Gollum was a hobbit that got corrupted by the One Ring causing him to go mad and extending his life passed the normality for his kind. Gollum’s role in the story was to serve as a guide to Frodo and Sam and get them through Moria to Black gate which is the entrance of Mordor. Being so corrupted by the ring for so long, the “Smeagol” side of him started to show when Frodo demonstrated his kindness to Gollum.  Gollum’s journey came to an end when Frodo puts on the ring at Mount Doom and is attacked by Gollum. Biting off Frodo’s finger along with the ring he loses his balance and falls into the fire. He dies with the only thing he ever cared about.

Gollum holding the ring in the fires of Mount Doom

Smeagol before he turned into Gollum

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