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Hammers are an alternative ranged weapon that you encounter a bit later in the game than Bows, which you’re using from the start. They offer a lot more AOE destruction than bows, but have a little less arrows.

Depending on the purpose of your build, you may need to apply effects to a lot of enemies at once, or you just prefer AOE rather than aiming with arrows. Well, Hammers are made for you then! They’re a ton of fun, even though there are only 5 Legendary Hammers in the game.

5.Raider’s Hammer

You unlock Raider’s Hammer by killing a Legendary Marauder Marksman. It increases the chances of enemies killed by it dropping Mirian by 40%. 

Extra Mirian is always useful, but this hammer won’t help you in combat unless you’re wearing enough of the Marauder set to deal extra damage when you collect Mirian. It’s still a useful hammer to grind out some Mirian quickly, and it’s actually very useful in the Marauder build.

4.Hammer Of War

The Hammer Of War is looted from Legendary Warmonger Marksmen. It simply gives your charged ranged attacks the ability to create fire explosions. It’s the bread and butter of any Warmonger build.

Being able to create fiery explosions is always good. It lets you have a lot more freedom in tense situations where there are a lot of grunts around you. However, if you’re playing the Warmonger build, you can heal up a lot each time you use a charged throw and kill a few grunts.

3.Helm’s Hammer

After defeating the Nazgul Helm in Seregost, Talion claims his hammer which he can then use. The effect of Helm’s Hammer lets you heal nearby undead allies each time you use a charged throw.

This is a very nice effect since hammer attacks don’t differentiate your orcs from enemy orcs. So instead of harming your allies in sieges, with Helm’s Hammer you will instead heal undead allies. The usefulness of this hammer depends on how many undead Captains you have. If you have mostly undead allies, then this hammer can make things a lot easier in your sieges.

2.Threshing Hammer

The Threshing Hammer is looted from Legendary Machine Marksmen. It makes every headshot you hit create an explosion. You can already see how fun using this Hammer is going to be.

Like the rest of the Machine set, this Hammer will be creating huge explosions whenever you use it. It’s an especially useful way to create explosions in the midst of combat, and if your build isn’t defined by the ranged weapon it uses, the Threshing Hammer can fit right in.

1.Bright Lord’s Hammer

The Bright Lord’s Hammer is probably the hardest item to unlock in the entire game as it requires you to get gold on all Shadow Of The Past missions. Luckily, the effect of Freezing nearby enemies with ranged charged attacks is well worth it.

The Bright Lord’s set thrives on freezing your enemies and building Wrath, but this Hammer can be used in almost any build. Freezing a lot of enemies easily, can help you deal with a large amount of grunts rather quickly.  

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