Top 11 Games Like Shadow of War (Games Better Than Shadow of War In Their Own Way)

Top 11 Games Like Shadow of War
Shadow of War was the first open-world RPG to be programmed with the all new Nemesis System!

We all loved the newest video game installment to the world of Middle Earth, Shadow of War. The first of its kind to have a built-in Nemesis System, a program made to update evil NPCs to remember your character after you attempted to murder them.

Many gamers love this game for the opportunity to sneak around and stab people, upgrade your weapons and armor, and explore the vast worlds ahead! 

Within this article, gamers will be given a list of 11 games to play that are not only similar to Shadow of War, but also superior in their own way! 

We will also cover three main aspects of the game that make them amazing! Sharpen your knives and throw on your cloaks as we see which sneaky RPGs you should play next!

11. Assassin’s Creed: Origins

For those of you that love leaping from high places and landing on your enemy with a dagger in their throat, Assassin’s Creed: Origins was meant for you. Drop into an immersive open-world adventure, and feast your eyes on the story that finally introduces us to the origin story of the Assassins Brotherhood. 

Take part in immersive side-quests that fit perfectly with the main storyline. Witness brutal and glorious combat mechanics that make you want to sharpen your hidden blades and start stabbing Templars! Experience the beautiful scenery of Ancient Egypt, and the secrets it holds for all Assassins!

Engage in glorious and brutal combat in this beautiful third-person RPG.

Experience a world full of amazing loot, weapons, and exciting armor upgrades!

10. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Gameplay

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a story-driven open world RPG that allows you to hunt all kinds of monsters, gather loot, and create magical items. Sharpen your silver swords, and prepare for a world filled with fantasy and terror.

As Geralt of Rivia, players are taken through a story in which Geralt must find Ciri, another Witcher who is practically his daughter, before she can be captured and killed by a monstrous occult known as the Wild Hunt. 

Engage in multiple side quests that include killing monsters for tons of coin and magical loot. After completing the Wild Hunt, play two amazing DLCs that allow you to hunt vampires and ally yourselves with undying mercenaries. Take part in a beautiful story that drives the imagination of all fantasy lovers!

Brandish silver swords for monsters, and gain silver coin from men.

Battle your way across the vast unknown, and challenge all manor of creatures for coin and experience!

9. Nioh

Nioh Gameplay

Brandish your katanas and wakizashis, young grasshoppers, and prepare for brutal combat. Nioh brings a whole new element of gore, violence, and heavy action to the table for this list. 

During the time of the samurai, a solo warrior is tasked to fight monsters such as demonic spirits, corrupted warriors, and horrific beasts that infest feudal Japan as he searches for what fate has in store for him.

Throw yourself into heavy-hitting combat against monsters and opposing samurai. Journey across feudal Japan in a driving story plot that keeps you wanting to play more! Discover unique weapons and armor upgrades.

Battle your way through monstrous nightmares and upgrade some incredible weapons along the way!

Welcome to Japan, where we have glowing cows that wreck everyone’s day!

8. Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen Gameplay

Prepare for war against gods and demons in this action-packed RPG filled with heavy violence, bizarre creatures and enemies, and a beautiful, yet simple story. Though the game may not look like much to most, Lord of the Fallen combines action and storytelling in such a unique way, that many who play are immediately addicted to it (I speak from experience). 

During a Time of Ancient gods, humanity is being tormented by armies of demons and other evil spirits. Their only hope? A horribly convicted sinner and heavy drinker named Harkyn. Grab your tankards of ale, polish your warhammers, and dive into an unholy RPG that Dark Souls only dreams it could be.

Fight demonic spirits and redeem yourself of your past sins. Upgrade your weapons and armor with special enchantments. Bash your foes to the ground in crazy over-the-top combat!

Repent of your sins while stabbing and gutting creatures from your worst nightmares!

Hammering things are fun, until you meet a foe bigger than you!

7. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Gameplay

Everyone knows the story of Dracula. The most powerful vampire known to man, yet we have never seen him at his weakest point. For all you goth gamers, this game is right up your alley. 

Awoken from centuries of slumber, and greatly weakened, Dracula must a pact with Death to destroy Satan in order to receive eternal peace. Unfortunately, killing ol’ Lucifer is not a walk in the park. Throughout the game, players must fend off against horrifying creatures and Dracula’s only son, Alucard, before rest can be achieved.

Battle the darkness back and find eternal peace with the death of Satan. Engage in beautiful and bloody combat against several demonic foes. Upgrade your arsenal with all new weapons and magical abilities!

Do you have what it takes to survive the night?

Fight your way through the forces of evil with WICKED weaponry and abilities!

6. Ryse: Son of Rome

Ryse: Son of Rome Gameplay

Probably one of the most historically accurate games on our list, Ryse: Son of Rome allows players to live the life of a Roman soldier hellbent on destroying every barbarian in his path.

Marius Titus, a simple Roman grunt soldier, witnesses the murder of his family at the hands of Brittanians. After vowing to slaughter every barbarian in his way, Marius soars through the ranks of the Roman Legion, until his betrayed by his own country.

Take up your shield and gladius, as you traverse your way through the world of Ancient Rome, seeking vengeance and justice. Slaughter barbarians in a ridiculously brutal combat experience. Watch a beautiful story unfold as you seek vengeance against cowardly forces.

Lead the Roman forces to victory!

Fight as a soldier. Lead as a general. Rise as a legend! 

5. Conan: Exiles

Conan: Exiles Gameplay Trailer

Everyone loves a good open-world RPG filled with violence, brothels, and loot. If you’re looking for all three Conan: Exiles was meant for you! Take up your axe and defend your land against hordes of monsters and enemy players.

After you are freed by Conan the Barbarian himself, you must trek your way through the desert, building up on armor and weapons, and conquering nearby lands. 

Prepare for war, and drink to the sound victory! Conquer your enemies, and bathe in magical loot. Build your empire and protect it from invaders!

Build up your army, and prepare for total conquest!

Explore a beautiful new world in this magnificent open-world experience!

4. Kingdom Come Deliverance

Kingdom Come Deliverance Gameplay

Coming in at number four on our list, is the most historically accurate game on this list. Kingdom Come Deliverance combines the open-world feel of Skyrim with the medieval combat sense of Chivalry in such an amazing way!

Players will begin their journey as simple novice blacksmith living a peaceful life, until it ruined by invaders that slaughter your family before your very eyes. Pledging yourself to life of rebellion under the leadership of Lord Radzig Kobyla, you must fight back against the tyranny of evil kings and corrupt lords.

Sharpen your swords and don your armor as you charge headfirst into glorious battle! Explore medieval Europe and gather loot, armor, and weapons! Engage in amazing PvP combat!

Brutal and glorious combat awaits you!

Chivalry is dead. Behold the taste of victory and defeat!

3. Vampyr

Vampyr Gameplay Trailer

Vampyr is a brand new story-driven RPG that takes you through the dark and narrow alleys of 1918 London. Try to survive the night against Vampyr hunters, monsters, and even Vampyr clans in this dark and gritty epic.

As a doctor Johnathan Reid vowed to heal the sick and helpless. But after being turned into a monstrous nightmare who craves the taste of blood, he must fight the temptation of feeding on those he must heal. 

Try to survive the dark and bloody alleys of London. Heal the sick, but fight the temptation of feeding on them as hunger consumes you. Engage in extremely interesting dialogue gameplay with NPCs.

Get your hands bloody in this dark and twisted tale of the creatures of the night!

Witness a beautiful and frightening world full of consequences and temptation.

2. Greedfall

Greedfall E3 2019 Trailer

Greedfall is a brand new RPG being released by the company Spiders in September of 2019. Explore a new world filled with magic, danger, and adventure all the while looting and discovering treasures such as armor, natural resources, and weapons.

Forge a new destiny for yourself, as you shape the course of your own story. Betray and befriend whomever you please, and join several new factions! The game will be massively open-world, filled with side quests and small stories to increase your adventurous experience!

Witness a new form of combat in the glorious RPG!

Betray and befriend at your whim. But beware, for the new world is full of new perils.

1. Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 Gameplay

I am sure everyone saw this coming from miles away! For those of you completely unaware of this franchise, Devil May Cry 5 is the newest addition in the glorious hack’n’slash saga! 

Battle your way through demons and angels alike as you follow the story of Dante, a cocky demon hunter who loves firing off his twin pistols at Spawns of Satan.

Hell is back at it again as demon try to take over earth once more in this high-octane RPG! Join Dante as he attempts to save the world from demons once gain, all while dealing with a hot-head rookie, Nero.

After Nero loses his arm in battle against a demonic prince, he and his friend Nico must ally themselves with Dante to save the world from invasion and eternal darkness!

Hack and slash your way through demons and spirits! Engage in hilarious over-the-top combat. Discover a new story that takes you even further into the world of the famous demon hunters!

Brutal, over-the-top action awaits you!

The boys are back in town!

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