[Top 5] Shadow of War Best Nazgul Masks (And How To Get Them)

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Masks are unlocked in the 4th chapter of the game Shadow Wars. Since this happens after the main story of the game, I advise you to quickly click off if you don’t want any spoilers for the main game.

If you’ve beaten the main story, or if you’ve already got all of the Masks, we’ll take a look at which Masks are the best, and how you can build around them. For me, Masks are the coolest gear in the game, since it makes Talion look way more menacing and epic, while giving some good buffs.

Every Mask is a part of the Ringwraith set, which is mostly geared towards resurrecting fallen allies and enemies alike. However, some masks have no correlation to the set and can be used in whatever build you think would fit them.

5.Mask Of The Fell Rider

Mask Of The Fell Rider belonged to Helm Hammerhand before it was Talion’s time to wear it. You get his Hammer after his boss fight, and after finishing the stage 2 of the Shadow Wars, you also unlock his Mask.

This Mask’s effect strengthens your Graug Call upgrade. Instead of summoning a normal Graug, you will get an elemental one. The element of the Graug depends on the zone you’re in when you use Graug Call. This mask is the weakest of all of them, since by the time you get the Mask, Captains will be way stronger than them, so they won’t be able to make much difference. But still, this mask can meld well with the Feral build, since the Cloak from the Feral set is not too good.

4.Mask Of The Undying

This mask will be unlocked after beating the first stage of Shadow Wars. We don’t know who Mask Of The Undying belongs to, since it has the generic Nazgul design (a design that Nazgul’s whose name we don’t know wear). We, however, do know its effect. While wearing the Mask Waters Of Lorien and Spectral Dash cost no focus, and you get a 33% increase to your damage for 5 seconds after using them.

This mask is especially useful against Captains that have Vault Breaker and won’t let you get into their weak spot easily. It’s a great Mask that gives you a little more mobility in combat and increases your damage. Vault Breaker enemies are especially annoying, so it’s nice to have an easy counter for them.

3.Mask Of An Empress

Mask Of The Empress belonged to one of the Nazgul sisters from the Blade Of Galadriel DLC. It’s geared towards players who like Wraith combos, since its effect increases the damage of Wraith Execution, Wraith Chain and Chain Of Shadows by 33% for each Wraith. This mask is unlocked after completing the 3rd stage of the Shadow Wars.

It’s certainly not the strongest Mask, however, if used correctly it can generate a lot of damage, and also it’s very fun to use, since it changes your combat strategy a lot if you want to get the most of it. If you’re willing to time it so that the Captain is the last one you hit with Shadow Execution, you’ll get a significant boost to the damage you do to him, while also clearing out a few grunts in the process.

2.Mask Of The General

Mask Of The General is also unlocked right after you beat the 3rd stage of the Shadow Wars. It used to belong to king Suladan after he became a Nazgul. Its effect lets your Consume and Drain kills cause a Curse explosion. 

Curse is a very useful effect, and being able to create a whole explosion every time you use a Drain attack, is pretty useful. Besides the epicness this mask adds to your combat, you’ll also be able to always have Curse on enemies around you. Curse will slowly drain the health of your enemies, while you’ll be able to constantly apply it while focusing on Captain enemies.

1.Mask Of The High King

Mask Of The High King belonged to Isildur, which makes it the most canonically accurate Mask. It’s unlocked after completing stage 3 of Shadow Wars. It makes your Raise Dead ability summon Gondorian Wights instead of fallen orcs.

Wights are way more durable and attack more often than normal grunts. Keep in mind that Raise Dead can still summon ologs and fallen Captains. This lets you play with a larger army, which makes it perfect for sieges. Any necromancer build is not complete without this Mask. It boosts your army and makes you look way more epic with Gondorian Wights running around you slaying your enemies.

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