[Top 5] Shadow of War Best Bows That Are Excellent

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If you’re playing Shadow Of War on PC, Bows are your best friend. You can aim with no problem with your mouse, and charged headshots are going to one shot every grunt. Later in the game, you don’t even have to charge to get a kill.

Bows are very powerful, and can kill enemies even quicker than melee combat. They aren’t too useful against Captain since a lot of them have Arrow-proof. Still, your Bow is an important tool in this game, since it can make your life WAY easier if you use them often enough.

5.Longbow Of Vengeance

Longbow Of Vengeance is one of the easiest items to get in the game like the rest of the Vendetta set. All you have to do is kill a Vendetta target with a ranged attack to unlock this bow. It increases your ranged damage by 33% whenever your health is below 35%

It doesn’t sound like a crazy increase to your damage, but it’s actually quite useful, since whenever you reach low HP you can shoot out a few arrows for a bit of increased damage against the Captain. Since you’re in focus, you’ll be able to shoot out a few arrows and get out some damage while staying safe.

4.Blackguard Bow

To get the Blackguard Bow, you’ll have to kill a Legendary Outlaw Marksman or Trickster, to loot it from him. It increases your ranged damage by 55% to enraged enemies.

Enraged enemies are hard to deal with, so having a piece of gear that can help you out is always useful. The bow is particularly good, since enraged enemies are hard to deal with in combat, but when you’re in focus, they can’t do much to you and you can dish out a nice amount of damage, even without going with the Outlaw build, just with this one item.

3.Blood Longbow

The Blood Longbow is looted from Legendary Slaughter Marksmen. It gives you 15 health whenever you kill an enemy. This effect will work even if you don’t kill them with ranged attacks.

This is great, since if you’re playing a build that doesn’t have a lot of healing, you can provide a bit of health for yourself passively, by being successful in combat. In late game, you can oneshot grunts with your arrows, so the bow itself can serve as an easy way to get a few kills and heal-up.

2.Bow Of Horrors

Bow Of Horrors is looted from Legendary Terror Marksman or Trickster. It gives your charged attacks the ability to explode heads of enemies, and make nearby grunts flee.

This Bow works wonders in the Terror build, which makes quick work of fleeing enemies. It’s extremely easy to get off a charged attack in combat, which makes this the easiest way to make enemies flee from you. It can be also used in any other build since making enemies flee is easier than killing them. This lets you focus all of your attacks on the Captain without being hassled by the grunts. 

1.Bright Lord’s Bow

Bright Lord’s Bow becomes available to you once you clear the Nurnen’s Ithildin door. It lets your charged headshots freeze nearby enemies, which is a great effect in and of itself, but it also has a passive effect to let you recover 15 focus on each shot.

Effectively, you can shoot without worrying about focus when you use this bow. It has only 9 arrows, but the constant focus regeneration is very worth it. Also, freezing enemies with AOE is useful in any build and especially in a build that focuses around the Bright Lord’s set.

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