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There are many reasons for Dominating an orc. Making an orc into a Bodyguard means that every time you call for help in combat, your Bodyguard will come and help you, that’s why it is important to have a strong Bodyguard and to know what your Bodyguard is going to do.

You can just grab whichever orc is strong and that will still be useful, or after this list, you’ll know exactly what works for your fighting style, and how to get most out of the Bodyguard feature. 


If you encounter a strong Captain that’s also a Beastmaster, consider making him your Bodyguard and put the effort into getting him the Epic skill called Epic Graug Call, he will bring a Graug into combat that will at the very least cause some chaos in combat.

At lower levels, Graugs are very strong and can help you defeat Captains, but at the later levels they fall off. It’s still useful to have a Graug on the battlefield. If you’ve put the effort into getting a Legendary Beastmaster he will also be riding a Dire Caragor into battle. Maybe also getting a gang of Caragor riders as well, will make your Beastmaster a very useful asset in Combat, especially if you fight opponents that are countered by beasts.

4.Defender Berserker

Berserkers are known for doing a large amount of damage after getting into rage. If your berserker is also a defender you can teach him a Defender-exclusive trait called Shield Slam. It gives him the ability to slam his shield into the ground and stun nearby enemies.

If you can find a Berserker that’s enraged by common effects, or even better effects that you can cause, you can enrage him by yourself and get the most out of his gearset. If you give him the Epic Trait called Epic Rage, he will stay enraged even longer and continue to deal a whole lot of damage to everything around him.


Commanders are captains that fight with a group of grunts around them at all times. They lead a large amount of grunts and thus, they’ll always bring you the advantage in numbers when you summon your Bodyguard.

To make things better, you can give him an Epic Trait called Fanatical Gang. It makes all of his grunts enraged whenever he is attacked. That’s a very neat ability since even grunts when enraged can dish out a nice amount of damage, especially if you’ve singled out the enemy captain and attack him with a lot of pressure.



Tricksters are very crafty and sneaky and will use a plethora of versatile attacks to get their enemy off guard. With their traits they can either deploy decoys that look like them or throw smoke bombs.

If your Trickster can dish out the most damage (maybe the best weapon for that is two axes), and you give him the Epic Decoys Trait, your Bodyguard can dish out a lot of damage and he can swarm your opponent with ease. On top of that his other Epic Trait lets him throw smoke bombs that stun the enemies around him.



Necromancer is actually not even a Class, it’s just a really useful Trait that an orc can acquire. As you would have guessed, a Necromancer Orc can raise the dead during the battle, and that’s exactly why they are so useful.

An orc that belongs to any tribe can become a Necromancer and almost any class can get this trait too. To learn the trait, the orc has to have Cursed Veins on their body and he needs a curse weapon. Even then, you will have to level him up and hope for him to get the Necromancer trait. It’s pretty hard to get a Necromancer Orc and there are entire guides for it, but that’s just because they’re so useful. If you get a strong orc, that’s also a Necromancer, you can enjoy him passively reviving fallen grunts in combat.

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