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Talion’s Daggers are weapons used for stealth kills. You have many Daggers to choose from and fit into your build, and in this guide we’ll be looking at most versatile Daggers and Daggers that are main parts of their build.

Most Daggers increase how effective your stealth kills are, however, there are options for players that don’t care much about the stealth aspect of the game, and want to increase their melee effectiveness.

10.Blood Dagger

Blood Dagger has the same effect as the rest of the Slaughter set. It lets you recover 15 health each time you kill an enemy. It’s not an insane amount of HP recovered, but over time it stacks up and can prove quite useful.

This dagger doesn’t help you out much for Stealth purposes, but instead it lets you heal up a little bit while in combat. The more kills you get in combat, the more you will heal up, and this lets you have a little bit more consistency in combat.

9.Darkest Dagger

The Darkest Dagger is not the most influential part of the Dark set, but it still has a good effect. It increases the poison damage you deal by 33%. Unfortunately, a few other items from the set already have that effect, so this dagger isn’t very unique.

It still increases the poison damage you deal, which isn’t bad, and it goes well with any poison build. I’d expect a little more from a dagger coming from a great set, but it still does the job it’s supposed to.

8.Raider’s Dagger

Raider’s Dagger fits in with the theme of the Marauder set completely. It lets you slowly earn more Mirian, every time you kill an enemy from stealth. It’s nice to get more Mirian, since the currency can be used for almost anything, but it can also help you get into a fight with a bit more damage.

Since the Marauder set lets you get stronger as you collect Mirian, you’ll benefit greatly by being able to enter combat from stealth and if you’re lucky - collect some Mirian to give you an edge in combat. 

7.Threshing Dagger

Threshing Dagger, much like the rest of the Machine set, is focused around explosions. Your quick throw will create an explosion every 8 seconds. It synergizes well with the Machine set and lets you cause even more explosions.

Since most Daggers have abilities for Stealth, it’s refreshing to see a Dagger that is instead extremely flashy. It doesn’t increase how effective you are in stealth, but it instead gives you the ability to cause even more explosions in melee. It’s good in any build that likes melee combat and has no need for stealth.

6.Dagger Of War

The Dagger Of War gives you the ability to light enemies on Fire when you succeed in a stealth attack. While that does sound like an insignificant boost, it pairs well with the Warmonger set and can heal you up in a clinch. 

The Warmonger set is very good at healing in combat. Using this dagger in the build will give you health whenever you enter combat. So if you’re overwhelmed and you can’t heal up because of the risk, you can quickly leave the combat and re-enter it and heal up in a clinch.

5.Bright Lord’s Dagger

The Bright Lord’s Dagger is unlocked after opening the Ithildin door in Seregost. It gives your stealth attacks the effect to gain 30 Wrath on frozen enemies. Considering that you need 100 Wrath to perform an attack, this Dagger can prove quite useful.

If you manage to freeze a few enemies and get into a position where you can easily perform stealth attacks (Bright Lord’s Hammer will greatly help you with that), you can almost enter the combat with a single Wrath bar full. 

4.Dagger Of Horrors

The Dagger Of Horrors has a name fitting for its effect. Upon each successful Stealth kill, the head of your enemy will explode causing other nearby orcs to flee.

The Terror set allows you to make easy work of the fleeing enemies, so easily frightening few as you enter combat can help you out greatly. It also looks brutal, and in this game, that’s a big plus.

3.Blackguard Dagger

The Blackguard Dagger comes from the Outlaw set, and it helps you deal damage to enraged enemies. A 200% increase in damage against enraged enemies, on each stealth attack is a big increase to your damage.

It’s not the best dagger in the game, but it makes using stealth in combat significantly more useful. At the very least it can be very fun to stealth attack enemies from vantage points when they’re enraged, and it can prove quite useful in Sieges since the enemy orcs are often going to be enraged.


Acharn is actually the name of Dirhael’s (Talion’s son) sword that got broken in the first game. Once Talion becomes a Ringwraith, the dagger gets leveled up and gains the appearance of a sinister dagger. It gives your stealth attacks a 50% chance to resurrect enemies you’ve killed. 

Besides probably being the coolest looking dagger in the game, Acharn helps you increase your armies from stealth. It’s good if you pair it with Wraith Chain and quickly gain a grunt or two.

1.Arcane Dagger

The Arcane Dagger has probably the best effect if you want to be more useful in stealth. It makes Wraith Chain attacks consume 40% less focus, which makes it so that you can connect at least 2 more Wraith Chain attacks each time you’re on full focus.

Wraith Chain is an extremely strong skill that lets you take care of multiple enemies from the shadows. If used correctly, this dagger can let you clear out a batch of grunts quickly, and then when your focus is full again you can repeat your stealth attack. It’s useful for whenever you enter combat, and can easily generate a lot of kills, what more should a dagger do?

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