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In Shadow Of War, one of the many parts of your gear that you can customize is the Cloak. Cloaks usually give some miscellaneous abilities and the effects between them wary way more than other gear.

Cloaks can give you a variety of different buffs that we’re about to get into. Cloaks and especially Masks are the most important part of how Talion looks, so choosing one that aligns with your playstyle and your aesthetic is absolutely necessary for the best experience!

5.Blackguard Cloak

Blackguard Cloak is a part of the Outlaw set, and it makes your allied beasts deal 100% increased damage against enraged enemies. This gives you an easy way to dish out a good amount of damage to an enraged Captain.

It matches greatly with the Dragon Song upgrade to the Call Mount. If your enemy gets enraged (unless he’s enraged by fire) you can hop on your Drake and deal a lot of damage easily from up above. While not the best Cloak, it can still help you deal with pesky enemies that are easy to enrage.

4.Blood Cloak

The Blood Cloak has the same effect as the rest of the gear in the Slaughter set. It lets you regain 15 health each time you kill an enemy. And while this does not sound like the most influential effect, we’re about to get into why it’s useful.

Unfortunately, Cloaks are not the most useful part of the gear in most cases. This is a generic effect that can help you increase your survivability in the fight. If you’re playing any melee build that puts you in harm's way, you’ll most probably enjoy a bit of extra healing instead of whatever the set cape was going to give you.

3.Dark Embrace


Dark Embrace is a part of the Ringwraith set that you unlock at the start of the third act. Following the necromancer theme, the Cloak makes your Raise Dead ability cause enemies to flee in terror.

This Cloak is useful in and of itself, because making the enemy grunts flee in terror is plainly a good effect. But, this Cloak also perfectly pairs with the Terror set, and makes it even more powerful. It’s a great Cloak because it’s an essential part of a good build, but it’s also just a good cloak that gives you an easy way to make your enemies flee from you.

2.Mask Of The General


Mask Of The General is a mask that you acquire by playing the 4th act of the game - Shadow Wars. The effect gained by wearing this mask allows you to create giant Curse explosions every time you use Consume and Drain skills.

It’s one of the easiest ways to apply Curse to a lot of enemies. It lets you feel more powerful, and rewards being aggressive in melee combat. It also makes Talion look extremely cool, as he causes curse explosions when he drains his opponents.

1.Mask Of The High King


Mask Of The High King is also a mask that you get once you get in Shadow Wars. It gives you a new effect for the Raise Dead skill, allowing you to summon Gondorian Wights instead of reviving dead grunts.

The Wights are way more durable and deal more damage than normal grunts. You can use this Cloak in any build that has a bad cloak to get the most out of your build. There’s no reason why you would prefer Grunts more than Wights, so Mask Of The High king is a good choice in any build.

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