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If you wish to understand how to build Talion to best suit your playstyle (and trust me, there are builds for every type of player in Shadow Of War) you’ll first want to get familiar with the gear that you can wear to combat the orcs.

There are many sets, and wearing each set gives you a special bonus that you’ll play around most of the time. But, also, each gear-piece has its own effect which can be just a little buff, or an effect that may even be better than the set effect.

20.Raider’s Hammer 

The Raider’s Hammer has the effect that all of the items from the Marauder set have as well. It gives the enemies killed by your ranged attacks 40% chance to drop Mirian.

You can get a little extra Mirian every time you kill enemies with the Hammer, but you can also get more damage and health if you’re wearing the rest of the Marauder set. Hammers are a pretty good way to kill a lot of enemies quickly and collect their Mirian afterwards.

19.Raider’s Sword


Raider’s Sword has the same effect as the Hammer, but it’s whenever you kill an enemy in melee combat. 

You’ll be getting a lot of kills from melee in most situations, so getting them to drop Mirian right in front of you is a very good effect for the Marauder set. This is the most crucial part of the Marauder set and it will generate the most Mirian in combat for you.

18.Arcane Bow


The Arcane Bow as part of the Mystic set, makes your Wrath Chain consume 40% less focus. This can pair well with a lot of daggers that have effects that activate when you execute a stealth attack.

Also, Wrath Chain is a very useful upgrade and getting to use more of it, to execute a couple of enemies before the combat begins is good in-and-of itself. Also this bow has 15 Elf-Shots, and that’s a nice way to quickly remove a few grunts from combat as well, letting you focus on the Captain.

17.Isildur’s Ring


Isildur’s Ring increases the radius of Raise Dead and it also increases their damage by 65%. This increases the usefulness of the Raise Dead ability by a lot, and it also makes your Undead Captains even stronger as a bonus.

By increasing the radius of Raise Dead you get more followers whenever you use it and additional damage dealt by both your Captains and undead grunts, is a huge bonus, and it’s crucial for the Necromancer build.

16.Threshing Hammer


The Threshing Hammer makes the heads of your enemies hit by it explode! Is there really anything else that you can need from a Hammer in Shadow Of War?

It generates a lot of AOE ranged damage and can even make the other grunts flee. It can be used in many builds whenever you need to do a lot of damage from a range.

15.Hammer Of War


The Hammer Of War is a great hammer because of the chaotic AOE burn damage that it can cause. When you use a charged ranged attack, while using the Hammer Of War, you will also cause a fiery explosion at the place you aimed.

It goes well with the rest of the Warmonger gear, because it’s a fairly simple way to easily set enemies on fire and heal yourself up. AND, it looks cool as hell to boot.

14.Dagger Of Horrors


Using the Dagger Of Horrors lets you explode the heads of your targets causing nearby enemies to flee whenever you use the stealth drain. It’s not the best piece in the Terror set, but it certainly has its uses.

If you’re planning to re-enter combat from a vantage point, you can take out a single orc with the stealth drain, recover your health for the combat, and make the orcs around him flee so that you can easily wipe them out if you’re wearing the rest of the Terror set. It gives you a much needed way to heal-up and regroup in tougher battles.

13.Sword Of Horrors


The Sword Of Horrors as part of the Terror set has an effect that sets it apart from the other gear.  While the rest of the set has effects that make the enemies flee from you, the Sword Of Horrors gives your melee attacks the ability to inflict curse after a brutal execution.

Curse is a bit harder to inflict than Fire and Poison so it’s interesting to be able to use it so easily. While it doesn’t synergize so much with the rest of the Terror set, it’s a fun pick in any build that can give you the ability to inflict curse.



Urfael is another part of the Ringwraith set that gives you the chance to resurrect killed enemies. This time it’s 25% chance on every melee kill.

Since you’re in melee combat so often, and you can use your perfect parry to instantly kill grunts that approach you - Urfael is going to let you focus on the Captain while the grunts you’re killing resurrect around you to protect you. 



Acharn is the Nazgul dagger that you get when you get to the 3rd act of the game. It has the effect that resurrects grunts 50% of the time. That gives you a quick way to create some allies before the start of the combat with Wraith Chain.

You can do that whenever you want to re-engage into combat, and quickly bolster your ranks. It combines very well with the rest of the Ringwraith set.

10.Bright Lord’s Sword


The Bright Lord’s Sword gives you 20 might each time you do an Ice Storm finisher. Ice Storm is a great way to apply Ice to your enemies and to quickly kill a grunt. Getting 20 might each time you do it, helps you rely on Elven Rage more often.

While not the most crucial item in The Bright Lord’s Set, it synergises great with it. But it can also be used in other builds that don’t get as much might and want a little more. 

9.Armor Of War


Armor Of War is a part of the Warmonger set. Its effect lets you heal up for 10 HP per second while you are on fire. It’s the primary way for you to use the second part of the Set effect effectively.

If you want to constantly explode fire around yourself with the effect of the Warmonger set, you’ll want to easily heal up. While the Warmonger set does that by itself, it’s greatly aided by the effect of Armor Of War, letting you worry a little less about your HP.

8.Bright Lord’s Hammer


Brighit Lord’s Hammer is one of the harder items to obtain in Shadow Of War. To get it, you have to beat all of the Shadow Of The Past quests with the gold rating. And the effect it has is worth grinding for it.

Bright Lord’s Hammer lets your Charged Ranged attacks freeze nearby enemies. This is a great effect that lets you easily wipe out a group of grunts with a single charged ranged attack and a few melee attacks afterwards. It pairs amazingly with the rest of the Bright Lord set and it makes you feel like a boss.

7.Rune Of Horrors


The effect of Rune Of Horrors is to make your Consume attacks explode the consumed enemy’s head and cause orcs around them to flee. This is good, by itself, but you lose out on dominating new grunts during combat with Consume.

BUT, wearing the rest of the Terror set makes this Rune really useful because you can make really quick work of fleeing enemies, and the Rune Of Shadows is the easiest way to make enemies flee in combat.

6.Bright Lord’s Bow


Bright Lord’s Bow is a shortbow with 9 arrows that can freeze targets you headshot and gives you 15 focus per ranged attack hit. This is good both because the rest of the Bright Lord’s set works with freeze attacks and being able to recharge your focus while shooting is a great effect in and of itself.

It pairs perfectly with the rest of the build, and it’s a really good and effective way to quickly kill grunts around you. If an enemy captain doesn’t have Arrow Proof, you can deal a lot of damage without worrying about your focus running out.

5.Threshing Sword


Threshing Sword as part of the machine set, explodes things around you. In the case of this Sword, each glaive attack you make cause explosions. This pairs very well with the Deadly Striker Upgrade, which lets you attack quickly with the glaive after charging it.

It works wonders when you’re fighting against a group of grunts since you can swing around and cause explosions that knock them back. And you can even stunlock hard-to-deal-with Captains in a corner with your Glaive explosions.

4. Mask Of The General


Mask Of The General is a mask that you can obtain during the ACT IV Shadow Wars in the story. It serves as a cloak and it makes your lethal consume and drain attacks create a Curse explosion.

By doing a simple Drain attack during combat, you will also inflict Curse to all orcs in a radius around you. Curse is a really good effect, and this is the best way in the game to apply it by yourself. 

3.Servant’s Blackened Armor


Using the Servant’s Blackened Armor bolsters your armies in combat significantly. Allied Grunts have a 40% chance to be revived whenever they get killed. 

This is amazing for sieges, where you have a lot of grunts always running around, it helps you have the strength of the numbers, by not losing the grunts as much. This pairs very well with the rest of the Ringwraith set that’s heavily focused around siege combat as well.

2.The Darkest Rune


The Darkest Rune is the most crucial part of every poison build. It makes all the poison that you’ve caused last 77% longer. Which is exactly what you need to get the best of the Dark set.

Having 77% longer poison is always useful, but if you’re using the Dark build, you’ll do significantly more damage with all of your attacks and you’ll get a LOT of might to help you dish out even more damage to your enemies.

1.Mask Of The High King


Another one of the masks that you can get in Shadow Wars, The Mask Of The High King will allow you to summon Gondorian Wights instead of your grunts with Raise Dead.

Besides looking absolutely epic, it’s also VERY useful. The Gondorian Wights are extremely strong. If there’s no fire, they are way tankier than a normal orc you would summon instead and they deal way more damage. 

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