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A true liege always dresses to impress

9. Anno Online (2013)

Anno Online invites you to survive on a new continent

Developer: Ubisoft Blue Byte

Genre: Real-time strategy

Anno, Anno Online, Stratrgy, City, City Building, Game, Cathedral, Online, Browser

A well-planned city is the key to success

Driven from your homeland by the plague and other maladies, you and your people set across the ocean looking for a new place to settle. Eventually, you manage to do just that, and so the game begins.

Starting out with a very small settlement, you are tasked with expanding as much as you possibly can. Building more houses gives income, while other necessities are gained by building the appropriate buildings (for instance a stone mine). Eventually, you take over the entire initial island and expand, now having to manage both settlements, and so it goes on and on.

The game is free to play and supported by microtransactions, but don’t let that turn you away. For a casual city-building and expanding game, Anno Online is pretty damn good.

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