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Stronghold, Game, Medieval, Lord, Knight, Armor, Castle, Strategy
A true liege always dresses to impress

8. Banished (2014)

You do what you have to do to survive

Developer: Shining Rock Software

Genre: City building, strategy

Banished, City, Build, Game, Winter, Snow, Strategy, Simulation

The snow looks nice, but complicates everything

Banished lets you manage an isolated community of outcasts, and whether they survive or die is up to you.

The primary resource in the game are the villagers themselves, which must be managed properly in order for everything to be covered. Occasionally your people will reproduce, or travelling nomads might join in, giving you more to work with. As always, the villagers must be kept happy or they will be nothing but dead weight.

Your people being so valuable, every death hits you directly in the heart, both mechanically and emotionally. That way, Banished does a great job at making you attached to the people you are charged with taking care of.

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