Civ 5 best multiplayer mods

Try out some of the most interesting multiplayer mods for Civilization 5
Here are some mods that will make your multiplayer experience even funnier

1.Faster Aircraft Animations

Don't you hate it when the animations are so slow? And when the animations are so many that you have to wait 5 min just for the round to finish, it can be a real pain in the ass. 

    Thanks to Faster Aircraft Animations you don't have to worry about it anymore, now the animations are faster allowing you and your friends to enjoy the game by playing it rather than waiting for the rounds to end.

Try out Faster Aircraft Animations yourself: 

Why Faster Aircraft Animations is fun:

  • Faster rounds
  • Waiting time cut in half
  • More time for playing and less time for waiting

2.City-State Diplomacy Mod

See diplomacy mod in action: 

Playing the base game is very fun and interesting, but sometimes you want more, especially when it comes to interacting with the city-states around the world.

    Well, thanks to the City-State Diplomacy Mod you now have a more in-depth interaction with them. Now you and your friends will have to put in real work to be able to please and maintain a good relationship with the city-states. Moreover, this mod adds a ton of stuff to make the world more real and feel more alive, having stuff like diplomatic units,  new great persons, new specialists, buildings, and much more.

Try out City-State Diplomacy Mod yourself:  

Why City-State Diplomacy Mod is fun: 

  • A lot more interesting interactions with the city-states
  • Makes multiplayer games more intense
  • Has the potential for special scenarios 

3.Enhanced UI Interface

See Enhanced Ui Interface in action: 

 Civilization V has a lot of interesting features and good optimization, but sometimes the Ui is just what we would expect.

So with the adding of an Enhanced UI interface, you can now easily navigate through the tons of information the game offers you. Moreover, now you can get faster information about the other players, terrain, and units. 

Try out Enhanced UI Interface yourself: 

Why is Enhanced UI Interface fun:

  • Gives you the ability to find important information more easily
  • Grants access to a new and improved UI
  • Perfect for fast-phased multiplayer



Try out InfoAddict yourself: 

Try out InfoAddict yourself: 

InfoAddict is a great addon for the previously spoken mod (Enhance UI interface). InfoAddict allows you to see what the other players have or are interested in. Furthermore, you gain the ability to see the number of troops, their luxurious resources, and much much more. It is a great mod for players who want to keep track and plan a tactical attack on others.

Why is InfoAddict fun:

  • Makes the game more interesting by seeing special information of other players
  • Can give you an advantage by seeing less powerful nations and gives you an upper hand in fighting 

5.The Elder Scrolls Civilization V Pack

See The Elder Scrolls Civilization V pack in action: 

Try out The Elder Scrolls Civilization V Pack yourself: 

If you want a change in the way of how you are playing the game, this is a great mod for that. This pack changes the way some things look like: buildings, units, and civilizations. Furthermore, it adds new nations to play with and new wonders, not to forget that now the world conference is called the Elder Council and if you are the first to found it you can become the Emperor of Tamriel, which is AWESOME!

So if you want to play a different scenario with your friends, I recommend playing this mod.

Why is The Elder Scrolls Civilization V Pack fun:

  • 13 new civilizations that will make a more interesting multiplayer session
  • Play a new and special multiplayer scenario with your friends
  • Try out the new units and buildings


6.R.E.D. Modpack

See R.E.D Modpack in action:

Try out R.E.D Modpack yourself: 

This mod creates a more visually appealing look of the units you and your friends are playing with. Thanks to this mod units are looking different from each other, making them more realistic and special. Moreover, this mod adds diversity among units with hundreds of new unit models for diversity. 

WHY IS R.E.D Modpack fun:

  • Makes the units more visible
  • Rescaling of the units make them look more realistic
  • Changing the texture of some units granting them a more pleasing look

7.Play the World Extended

Try out Play the World Extended yourself:

If you and your friends don't like the maps from vanilla, well you are in luck thanks to the Play the World Extended mod. Moreover, it adds new nations and a ton of new wonders around the map which are put manually for a better and realistic view of the map, not to forget the new variety of scenarios and gameplay options this map adds making a multiplayer session more interesting and fun.

Why is Play the World Extended fun:

  • Featuring new nations
  • Makes the map bigger
  • Can choose a variety of gameplay options

8.Future Worlds

See Future Worlds in action: 

Try out Future Worlds yourself: 

 Ever wanted to play more of the game and upgrade your civilization to an even further point in technology? Well thanks to this mod, NOW YOU CAN! This mod extends the Information Era of Civilization V by adding near-future technologies, improvements, buildings, and units! Furthermore, it includes 2 new UN resolutions, brand new wonders, and a ton of improvements. Overall, it is the perfect opportunity for a multiplayer session with your friends.

Why is Future Worlds fun:

  • Adding new and interesting technologies that will make multiplayer more special
  •  A bunch of new buildings for a new and fun experience
  •  Discover new wonders with your friends

9.Trading Posts Grow into Towns

Try out Trading Posts Grow into Towns yourself: 

This mod adds economic variability. With this mod enabled, Trading Posts come in 4 varieties: Trading Post gives you 1gold, Hamlets give you  2 gold, Villages gives you 3 gold at cost of 1 yield, and Towns gives you 4 gold but at cost of 2 yields. Only the first can be built; starting now with Trapping instead of Guilds, and each version will grow over an increasing number of turns into the bigger version. While Trading Posts can be built anywhere, including Snow, and all Trading Posts will eventually grow into Hamlets; Villages and Towns require tiles with at least 1 and 2 yields respectively, and that is because once a Hamlet becomes a Village, the tile will gain 1 gold, and lose 1 production or 1food depending on the tile type. Overall, it is a great new little mod that gives you more opportunities economically.

Why is Trading Posts Grow into Towns fun:

  • Gain the upper hand in multiplayer thanks to the new buildings special grants
  • Free policies 
  • New look for the buildings


Try out PerfectWorld3 yourself: 

Thanks to the scripts that are implemented into the map, the world can be formed and generated in special ways giving you a brand new and entertaining map every time. Moreover, it generates climate based on a simplified model of geostrophic and monsoon wind patterns. Rivers are generated along accurate drainage paths governed by the elevation map used to create the landforms. Overall, it a great mod for playing the game in a constant new different scenario.

Why is PerfectWorld3 fun:

  • Modifies the map for special landmasses
  • Creates special wonders
  •  Can create interesting scenarios in multiplayer

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