Top 10 Best Upcoming Strategy Games of 2018

Upcoming Strategy Games 2018
The best strategy games for the intellectual gamers

Best Upcoming Strategy Games 2018

The strategy game genre has become a hard genre to find in recent years, however, there are still hidden gems to be found every year if you know where to look. This will be a list of the top 10 strategy games being released this year. Some will be large AAA titles while others may be ones that slip under people’s radar if they  are not diligent.  The goal here is bring a good mixture of 4x, RTS, and simulation games that makeup the strategy genre.

10. Railway Empire

Kicking off the list, Railway Empire comes from Kalypso, the makers of the Tropico series.  This game company is one that tries to make a complex simulation game approachable with easy to use controls and AI assistance for casual gamers while keeping enough depth to keep the hardcore simulation fans entertained.  Railway Empire is set in the 1800s, where the player must run a train network including building and maintaining the trains, tracks, and buildings that will be needed to get the business going.  Players must not only take care of their own railway, but also duke it out between up to three competing railway companies who will try to thwart each other at any opportunity.  Keeping up with a massive railway empire is demanding work, but one of Kalypso’s specialties is providing intelligent AI that will help players manage their empire.   Some hardcore strategy enthusiast may be happy about the sometimes oversimplification of the game.  It is meant to bring a fun and energetic vibe that will appeal to more people than its normally niche player base.

9. Age of Empires: Definitive Edition

Age of Empires Gameplay

This one may have been higher on the list, but considering it is just a revamped version of an already existing game it felt right to be at number 9.  A remastered version of Age of Empires II was released a while ago and since then fans of the classic game series have been begging for a re-release of the original Age of Empires.  The remake touches up the visuals and fixes any sort of compatibility issues that may have made the original copy of the game unplayable on Win10.  Not much has changed in the gameplay, so fans of the original will love what they get here.  It's all the same content with a better AI to fight with and a re-energized multiplayer that should be full of life for competitive players. 

8. Software Inc.

Software Inc. Gameplay

Software Inc. is a lesser known title as compared to many on this list, but it is still worth a look.  The game is based around players running their very own gaming company.  Challenges that players must overcome include making a game that profits the company, keeping up public relations, and balancing employee satisfaction, pay and productivity.  There is a lot of depth to this simple game.  Software Inc. has expanded much upon Dev Tycoon from which the game drew its inspiration on.  Better graphics, more features, and more options are to be found in software Inc. making it a great simulation game for all audiences.

7. Tropico 6

Tropico 6 Trailer

Another Kalypso game makes it on the list with the much-anticipated sequel to the Tropico series.  The Tropico series is about players becoming a third world dictator on a tropical island and rising their country to power.  The game requires a balance of social policies and economics to make the most profit possible while keeping public order stable. You could also just buy a bunch of tanks and guns to strike fear into the population’s heart.  It is entirely up to the gamer. 

6. Warhammer 40k: Gladius

Warhammer: Gladius Trailer

Warhammer 40k has now had many video game releases.  To keep things fresh, the latest release for this universe is Warhammer 40k: Gladius. This also is the first Warhammer 40k game to be set in a 4x gameplay style.  Four factions (Orcs, Space Marines, Necrons, and Astra Militarum) will face off in this epic turn-based strategy game for absolute control over a single planet called Gladius Prime.  It is exciting to see some of people’s favorite universe branch out into new and exciting games rather than just another installment of the successful Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War series.

5. Battletech

BattleTech Trailer

Battletech is a turn-based strategy game filled with features that allow players to completely customize their mech warriors in a variety of ways.  Players will get to use over 30 different mechs to fight their enemies in all out tactical warfare.  This game will have similar feel as games like X-Com in battles, but Battletech offers a lot more variety in units, weapons, and accessories for the player’s disposal.  The game is set in 3025 where the galaxy is in chaos.  Players will get their very own mercenary outfit and base to control, upgrade, and conquer with.  Players will also have to negotiate or fight other mercenaries and feudal lords for the few resources left across space.

4. Anno 1800

Anno 1800 Trailer

Anno is a game series by Ubisoft that has had a cult following since its first release.  The game is about taking a destitute colony and leading them to greatness.  The previous two releases were set in a futuristic setting, but this time Anno returns to its roots to make its next release in the Victorian Era of the 1800s.  Many fans were disappointed with the futuristic Anno games so this is no doubt a call back to their fans and going back to what the developers know.  Ubisoft knows they have to go all in on this release to restore the Anno name, so it is likely to see some major improvements to the limited and somewhat suffocating style of their latest releases.  The original Anno games that Anno 1800 is using as its inspiration left a great amount of freedom for players to run their colony however they saw fit.  A deep level of statistics and calculations are found behind the pretty aesthetics that the game is known for having.  A player must be ready to dive deep into the numbers in order to truly excel at this game, but watching a small colony turn into a beautiful and thriving city is a sight like no other.

3. Age of Empires IV

Age of Empires IV Trailer

It is impossible to have a top 10 release without the new Age of Empires on it.  AoE is one of the most popular strategy games if not the most.  It is the series that many strategy gamers found their love for genre in.  This time Age of Empires will be developed by Relic, owners of the esteemed Company of Heroes franchise.  Age of Empires built the classic base building and resource gathering RTS we all know and love.  Players will get to select from different factions and battle it out across large maps. There will most likely be the same core game modes such as supremacy that focuses on proper resource gathering before attacking and kings where players must defend their king unit or lose the game. The trailer shows many different time periods insinuating that players will get to wage war across many different timelines.

2. Total War: Thrones of Britannia

Total War: Britannia Trailer

The Total War series is one that has now amassed many followers.  Total War takes the best out of every category in the strategy genre.  It has epic battles that force players to think tactically about how to plan troops movements and attacks as units can run out of stamina or lose morale in sustained combat.  Players must also manage vast empires by controlling finance, public order, internal feuds, and fighting the empire’s enemies in 4X turn based strategy.  Simulation, RTS, and turn based lovers will all have something to enjoy in this series.  Total War Britannia is about the time when Norse tried to invade the British Isles.  This is similar to the Britannia expansion for Medieval II: Total War and will appear to be its successor.  The battles fall in the 870 AD timeframe. The game boasts 10 playable factions such as England, various Norse factions, Welsh, and Scottish.  The only thing keeping this game from the number one seat is the concerning number of DLC in its last two releases in the series.  It feels like half of the game is locked even after buying it, but hopefully the developers will ease up on that in their newest release.

1. They are Billions

Yes, an indie developed game beat all the other impressive titles out there, and here’s why.  It is unique, plays well, packed with content, and does not make players pay a horrendous amount extra for DLC that should have been in the game on its release.  They are Billions is a zombie survival strategy game that has players controlling a pack of survivors to fend of the zombie apocalypse.  As the players advance through the game they will get to build more bases and houses for more units.  Players will have to start expanding their initially easily defendable base as resources are depleted adding depth to the game.  Expanding means players must thin out their troops and leave vulnerable spots that the zombie AI is surprisingly quick to find.  There is a good campaign, but the main feature is survival mode in which the only goal is to see how long the survivors can last against the zombie horde.  The game is still in early access but is playable now.  That means more features are coming as players leave their suggestions for the developers.  At under $30, the game is no doubt the best deal and fully accessible to almost anyone looking for a good game.  It will not stress computer specs too much and will not break the bank.  There is no reason not to give this game a shot.  It is a hidden gem for anyone who enjoys the strategy game genre.

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