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6. Anno 2070 (2011)

An overview of the game’s factions

Developer: Related Designs, Ubisoft Blue Byte

Genre: City-building, real-time Strategy

Anno, Anno 2070, Eden, Island, Mountain, Game, City, Build, City-building, RTS

Visually impressive and environment-friendly

In the future, global warming has melted the icecaps, covering the world in water and turning former mountaintops into the only habitable places. Two factions wrestle for supremacy over this new world: The environmentally friendly Eden Initiative, and the greedy Global Trust.

Besides the two main factions, you can hire the services of a third one called the Techs, whose contribution is necessary in order to unlock the highest upgrades. As in all Anno games, you need to find the right balance between economics, population management and military might. Politics and the environment are also important, and can severely hinder your progress if ignored.

Whenever you feel like managing your own futuristic city, give Anno 2070 a go. You won’t be disappointed.

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